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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Bethlehem, 157:they behold their Master in all His divine humanity." - The Mystery Teaching in the West, by JeanBethlehem, 157:life before it can be defined or explained. When humanity as a whole learns to transform the fleshBethlehem, 158:process whereby God is revealed through humanity. The great and natural phenomenon which humanityBethlehem, 158:humanity. The great and natural phenomenon which humanity will some day - through self-expressionBethlehem, 159:climb the mountain, furthering God's work for humanity; and Christ's example is rapidly bearingBethlehem, 160:that was all. At this Initiation, God commanded humanity to pay attention to this particular crisisBethlehem, 167:of the great Intuitives, and the history of humanity is essentially the history of ideas - theirBethlehem, 176:ideal social structure, based on perfected humanity, are discernible. It is this perfection whichBethlehem, 176:and its results concern the masses of humanity, and do not concern specifically the individual. WeBethlehem, 180:will more readily and adequately meet humanity's need. But it is no new thing, and Christ neverBethlehem, 180:is only today beginning to see a world and a humanity ready for the new revelation - a revelationBethlehem, 181:and the Cross of Christ are as old as humanity itself. Both are symbols of the eternal sacrifice ofBethlehem, 183:in the heavens had a definite relation to humanity and to the evolution of human souls. Clement ofBethlehem, 187:walking on earth. To the very deeps of its being humanity is tired of death. Its only rest lies inBethlehem, 187:Our Christiantity, by Arthur Weigall, p. 152.) Humanity will accept the thought of a God who soBethlehem, 188:it is to meet the need of the deeply spiritual humanity of today. "Nations, like individuals," weBethlehem, 191:difference lay in the point in evolution which humanity itself had reached. The cycle which ChristBethlehem, 191:there had always been those who, having achieved humanity, had then passed on to demonstrateBethlehem, 192:Christ incarnated when, for the first time, humanity was a complete whole, as far as the form sideBethlehem, 192:arcanum or temple, but Christ revealed them to humanity as a whole, and enacted the whole drama ofBethlehem, 193:abject attitude to the Creator, producing in humanity that strongly marked inferiority complex withBethlehem, 196:of achievement; they become aware of God and humanity, of the world, of the flesh and the devil,Bethlehem, 197:pay a price. The germ of mind, even in infant humanity, gives rise to this realization, but it tookBethlehem, 199:of human frailty and ignorance. Thus humanity gives a purpose to pain, and thus evil is eventuallyBethlehem, 199:the original and basic idea. Originally, infant humanity offered sacrifices to God to appease HisBethlehem, 201:- if they too are to share in the life of humanity and become, in their turn, saviors of theirBethlehem, 205:to God, and very little sense of relationship to humanity. It is this sense of separateness, thisBethlehem, 206:this basic concept of Deity is beginning to grip humanity. Christ's major task was the establishingBethlehem, 206:upon earth. He showed us the way in which humanity could enter that kingdom - by subjecting theBethlehem, 206:cross - such are the rewards of the man who puts humanity first and himself second. But having doneBethlehem, 207:the law of the past, emphasized the type for the humanity of the future, and entered for us withinBethlehem, 208:the Baptism initiation, He started out to serve humanity, and to teach and preach the good tidingsBethlehem, 210:for the good of the world, and the service of humanity instead of the service of one's own desires.Bethlehem, 211:and what Christ was destined to [211] do for humanity down the ages, and the attitude of GodBethlehem, 219:the union of these two produces the son. This is humanity's problem and humanity's opportunity. TheBethlehem, 219:produces the son. This is humanity's problem and humanity's opportunity. The fourth Word from theBethlehem, 219:It stands for divinity, and also for perfected humanity. Christ, the perfect Man, hung upon theBethlehem, 220:the sensed void. He seemed deserted, not only by humanity, but by God. That upon which He hadBethlehem, 222:themselves to the world of men and stay with humanity, working for the salvation of human beingsBethlehem, 223:service of the Cross, which is the service of humanity. "When I... turned from that world-appealingBethlehem, 224:must be ours if the world is to be saved and humanity as a whole is to pass into the kingdom. TheBethlehem, 231:little to any of us. The crucial initiation for humanity to understand at this time is the fourth.Bethlehem, 234:had risen, and by His Resurrection proved that humanity had in it the seed of life, and that thereBethlehem, 237:before the world at large, thus giving to humanity a demonstration of divinity centered in oneBethlehem, 238:date, and that God has always held before humanity, through the Mysteries and through His illuminedBethlehem, 239:of, and the urge towards divinity, which humanity so constantly exhibits. Because of the presenceBethlehem, 245:altitude on the evolutionary ladder, and His humanity was lost to sight in the divinity which HeBethlehem, 250:triumph. Down the ages, man has asserted this. Humanity has evolved many theories to account forBethlehem, 251:of the kingdom of God appearing on earth because humanity is spiritually civilized, and theBethlehem, 253:and amalgamation is a sign of the advanced stage humanity has reached. It is a portent of promise,Bethlehem, 253:have testified, is now a general possibility. Humanity today, as a whole, faces towards lifeBethlehem, 254:assured, and nothing car arrest the progress of humanity's entrance into life. Hence the worldBethlehem, 254:now, as it has been realized already by those of humanity who have been made Divine. The kingdom ofBethlehem, 254:Let us understand the upheaval and the chaos, as humanity breaks out of the tom of selfishness andBethlehem, 254:the darkness with what light we have, and see humanity stirring, the dead bones coming to life, andBethlehem, 259:entrance into something utterly new, as far as humanity as a whole was concerned. Bethlehem, 259:Our Immediate Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom Humanity had also reached a unique stage in itsBethlehem, 259:much more limited. Because of this development, humanity (regarding it as a kingdom in nature) hasBethlehem, 260:the Mysteries so that they have become known to humanity as a whole, and are not only the secretBethlehem, 260:transcendent and of God immanent. The past of humanity culminated in Him; the present finds in HimBethlehem, 261:us that death must end, and that the destiny of humanity is the resurrection from among the dead.Bethlehem, 262:Therefore the question of importance facing humanity today is, just what must be done in order toBethlehem, 262:new world, and the problem of immortality. That humanity is on its way to great and vital events isBethlehem, 263:of the world federation of nations, of humanity as a body corporate, of community living and ofBethlehem, 264:sense of God immanent in ourselves and in all humanity. The need for this revaluation is beingBethlehem, 265:themselves to aid in the right orientation of humanity? How can they become the leaders so sorelyBethlehem, 273:of the coming kingdom will think in terms of humanity as a whole; and as long as they areBethlehem, 276:Founding of the Kingdom Yet there is innate in humanity the sense of belonging elsewhere; there isBethlehem, 277:something of far greater perfection than humanity, and if the life which pours through the naturalBethlehem, 277:to do about it, and the time has come when humanity as a whole must apply itself to the fosteringBethlehem, 278:by the entire race and is expressed by humanity as a whole, shall we achieve that for which we haveBethlehem, 278:progress of every sort in the circumstances of humanity and of the objective world. This mentalBethlehem, 280:that He gave us an example of perfected humanity such as the world had never previously seen isBethlehem, 280:at illumination, and blazed the trail for humanity up to and through the portal of initiation. ButBethlehem, 280:death and opened the gates of immortality to all humanity is likewise true. But since the firstDestiny(rays, in other words) as they play upon humanity in its many varying stages of evolutionaryDestinystages extend all the way from those of primeval humanity to our modern civilization; all that hasDestiny, 4:These energies are ceaselessly playing on humanity, producing changes, expressing themselvesDestiny, 4:and so do nations and races as a whole. Humanity has reached a point today where there is a mostDestiny, 5:the ray type of the bulk of the manifesting humanity. Today these ray types are predominantly theDestiny, 5:first ray influence for the desperate need of humanity is evoking the will aspect and that rayDestiny, 5:and is - for the first time in the history of humanity - being invoked on a large scale. ThisDestiny, 6:has been but little expressed and understood by humanity up to the present, but the time has nowDestiny, 8:of ideas. It is in this realm of [8] ideas that humanity is not a free agent. This is an importantDestiny, 8:point to note. Once an idea becomes an ideal, humanity can freely reject or accept it, but ideasDestiny, 8:planetary progress) will depend the rapidity of humanity's progress or its retardation for lack ofDestiny, 8:or its retardation for lack of understanding. Humanity is today more sensitive to ideas than everDestiny, 9:inclusively-minded few, for which many regard humanity as yet unready. Towards this the entireDestiny, 11:see the purposes of God for the planet and for humanity assume right direction and proportion. InDestiny, 14:through human activity. The ways in which humanity itself is affected by this ray energy, as itDestiny, 17:of the Plan as well as from love of humanity, is sending forth this dynamic energy. It is formDestiny, 17:From this display of energy, unthinking humanity draws back in fear and likes it not. When full ofDestiny, 18:making one of its major cyclic Approaches to humanity. The energy flowing through the Hierarchy atDestiny, 19:correctly and also to use it for the benefit of humanity. Now the experiment is being attempted ofDestiny, 19:are not discouraged over the initial results. Humanity is responding unexpectedly well. There hasDestiny, 19:and of true creative work. The temple of humanity in the New Age is rising rapidly but its outlinesDestiny, 20:by the Hierarchy, is playing upon modern humanity in a more intimate and close manner than everDestiny, 21:major center on the planet; this center, we call Humanity. The evocation of a loving intelligentDestiny, 21:at this time: Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity. You will thus gain a more synthetic [22]Destiny, 22:reaction - to the energies playing upon humanity from the two higher major centers? I would like to
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