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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Discipleship1, 20:realm and a new dimension has been contacted. Humanity has loosed energies hitherto unknown and theDiscipleship1, 23:a wider objective than just the elevation of humanity. The potent rhythm which animates the innerDiscipleship1, 24:at any time. In sensitivity to the thoughts of humanity as a whole. Can you not see, therefore, howDiscipleship1, 26:bring about a similar happening in the life of humanity as a whole, for humanity is at the crossDiscipleship1, 26:in the life of humanity as a whole, for humanity is at the cross roads and its consciousness isDiscipleship1, 26:and expansion of the idea from the individual to humanity as a whole. Here are the names of some ofDiscipleship1, 27:my Ashram. The times are urgent and the need of humanity so great that there is no "space inDiscipleship1, 28:forces which will lead later to the rebirth of humanity. [29] Little by little, the picture of theDiscipleship1, 32:Hierarchy of souls and the outer world of humanity. This will constitute an actual fusion orDiscipleship1, 39:scientific work which is motivated by love of humanity and its welfare, which relates science andDiscipleship1, 39:the revelation of divinity through the medium of humanity. They will act also as transmitters ofDiscipleship1, 42:tentative and experimental effort to see how far humanity is ready for such an endeavor. IV. TheseDiscipleship1, 49:the group into an instrument for the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Continue with yourDiscipleship1, 53:the Masters who are specifically pledged to help humanity. Thus a vast powerhouse and station ofDiscipleship1, 66:are bringing this about with much rapidity; humanity is coming alive and its consciousness isDiscipleship1, 66:values. The Hierarchy is sore beset to meet humanity's emerging need of guidance. The sensitivityDiscipleship1, 69:upon the minds of their disciples and advanced humanity; it is the problem of humanity itself, as aDiscipleship1, 69:and advanced humanity; it is the problem of humanity itself, as a whole, to work in the worldDiscipleship1, 69:of the aspirants of the world to guide humanity out of the valley of glamor. Men must learn toDiscipleship1, 70:Practice wisdom, my brothers, and thus aid humanity and shorten its astral struggle. Discipleship1, 71:The New Age is upon us and the integration of humanity in the three worlds warrants definiteDiscipleship1, 74:of those who know God's plan will help humanity and aid the efforts of the Hierarchy. These do notDiscipleship1, 74:not know what the immediate future holds for humanity because men determine their own destiny. TheDiscipleship1, 75:spiritually of the etheric body of humanity - as a whole. This is an essential and importantDiscipleship1, 77:then a young man, anxious to help my Master and humanity but, in the last analysis, I was very keenDiscipleship1, 78:I found that I was really serving myself and not humanity. From similar mistakes, I seek to saveDiscipleship1, 78:is a great factor in service. For the masses of humanity, time is not of very great importance; butDiscipleship1, 79:my brothers? I can trust your devotion to humanity, your willingness to learn and yourDiscipleship1, 80:a focal point of energy in the etheric body of humanity itself and eventually in the planetaryDiscipleship1, 82:sympathetic recognition of the unhappy plight of humanity are much needed by many disciples andDiscipleship1, 83:the occult technique of service. His service to humanity determines all his activities andDiscipleship1, 84:to a disciple are: The whole subject of humanity - its present status, its problems and theDiscipleship1, 84:A disciple is one who seeks at all times to aid humanity and to further the processes of evolutionDiscipleship1, 84:with the soul of the group, with the soul of humanity as a whole and with the soul in all forms.Discipleship1, 84:idealist into a man of action on behalf of humanity. Discipleship1, 86:the occultist because he thinks in terms of [86] humanity. The disciples of the world (with theirDiscipleship1, 87:pledged disciples, dedicated to the service of humanity. They can then be trusted. One of the tasksDiscipleship1, 87:of the aspirant's progress will be love of humanity; this will indicate the awakening of the heartDiscipleship1, 88:the heart center into activity. It is love of humanity which is the major lack in the character ofDiscipleship1, 88:assumption, but they do not really love humanity as a whole. There are limits to their capacity toDiscipleship1, 88:at this time; they have to learn that it is humanity which calls for their allegiance, theirDiscipleship1, 88:cause of spiritual unfoldment and the service of humanity. But I would ask each of you to watchDiscipleship1, 97:for more complete and uninterrupted service to humanity at a later date. This occurs quiteDiscipleship1, 98:his time and his resources on behalf of humanity; it requires a new dedication to service, aDiscipleship1, 100:seems in this century to have descended upon humanity; seek to love more than you have everDiscipleship1, 100:I ask you to render this service to me and to humanity. I ask nothing spectacular; it will,Discipleship1, 101:death and pain. We know that this is the hour of humanity's greatest opportunity and that if menDiscipleship1, 101:this very present evil, then the evolution of humanity will be hastened beyond all that wasDiscipleship1, 101:with the Hierarchy to the unhappy condition of humanity makes their task of standing-by one ofDiscipleship1, 101:They understand the depths of the reaction of humanity; they comprehend and understand, for TheyDiscipleship1, 101:as souls who walk the lighted Way? The need of humanity for love and light, the need of theDiscipleship1, 108:was - in those days - stronger than your love of humanity and of service. This condition is nowDiscipleship1, 116:the quality of the hierarchical service to humanity must also be expressed by and through you. WhatDiscipleship1, 116:remains unachieved for the majority of advanced humanity. This is the awakening of the ajna center.Discipleship1, 123:will be for you any real consummation, and that humanity is of far greater importance than theDiscipleship1, 130:and their virtues, their divinity and their humanity. Am I not right, my brother? As time goes on,Discipleship1, 132:those who can destroy those glamors to which humanity is prone. These are found in those fields ofDiscipleship1, 135:disciple in the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding help and the Hierarchy isDiscipleship1, 137:in active service of the Hierarchy and of humanity. You can now live for the sake of others andDiscipleship1, 137:and have struggled to retain this love for humanity in the face of disillusionment, disgust at theDiscipleship1, 145:strong souls who, responding to the need of humanity and reacting to the impulse of love (which youDiscipleship1, 150:its compliance to your soul's demands and to humanity's need. This appeal is one that I make to allDiscipleship1, 171:in - should prove of prolonged service to humanity. I would ask you to note the word "prolonged"Discipleship1, 189:compulsion in this work of service which love of humanity and of the Great Ones calls forth. YourDiscipleship1, 190:of bewilderment about the fundamentals by which humanity lives. A questioning of the unanswerableDiscipleship1, 192:of your knowledge; your devotion to the cause of humanity is equally right; your liking for yourDiscipleship1, 205:in the last analysis, the fourth ray governs humanity itself as well as this planet, the earth;Discipleship1, 207:you will bring into your output of service to humanity and for us, a directed synthesis and anDiscipleship1, 211:by your deep seated love of the Masters and of humanity. It is the result of the essentialDiscipleship1, 214:interest and those things which concern humanity as a whole. You are on the first ray where yourDiscipleship1, 215:side also serve and love them; your approach to humanity and to your co-disciples is via those whomDiscipleship1, 219:of devotion to the soul, to the Hierarchy, to humanity as well as to yourself. Your problem ofDiscipleship1, 225:place or surrounded by the surging crowds of humanity, it matters not. The lessons of divineDiscipleship1, 234:above all, to the dominant appealing note of humanity itself and as a whole. Are you strong enoughDiscipleship1, 234:world distress and world awakening? The heart of humanity is now coming to life and that in itselfDiscipleship1, 247:with that Plan. But it is the plan for humanity and not the plan for you as a partner andDiscipleship1, 271:the most devoted disciples. The attitude of humanity to money has been colored by greed, byDiscipleship1, 272:it will be possible to change the thought of humanity where money is concerned so that it will beDiscipleship1, 277:Seek to integrate others into the service of humanity by yourself standing in spiritual being andDiscipleship1, 308:forth in aspiration towards the service of humanity. Retreat still higher and still more inwardlyDiscipleship1, 310:know. You know also that a deeper attachment to humanity, paralleling a finer and more clear-cutDiscipleship1, 330:register their effects earlier than the rest of humanity because their minds are somewhat awakenedDiscipleship1, 341:war will bring to an end and from it will emerge humanity - whole, and able to function in humanDiscipleship1, 347:face as they deal with a constantly changing humanity? Principles remain eternally the same. ButDiscipleship1, 354:both need, however, a closer identification with humanity and release from a glamorousDiscipleship1, 381:the service of the Path, which is the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. This, I think, youDiscipleship1, 382:an individual mind can play in the service of humanity, and whose radiation is love but whose headDiscipleship1, 405:which is, in the last analysis, the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Such is the sequence.Discipleship1, 427:and sixth rays govern the astral bodies of all humanity. This rule varies occasionally in the caseDiscipleship1, 439:with yourself, with others and with erring humanity; dynamic thought, giving you power andDiscipleship1, 450:just as much a part of the expression of humanity as does strength or success, and there can be noDiscipleship1, 450:is incontrovertible but to what avail, if humanity is too [451] worn out and too exhausted and tooDiscipleship1, 451:knows more than you do, tell you today that humanity as a whole (distributed over the entireDiscipleship1, 451:retribution or some beloved ideal) would condemn humanity. I am endeavoring here to give you theDiscipleship1, 451:issues, and who are pledged to the releasing of humanity. It is not force (as applied upon theDiscipleship1, 451:to those who are consciously endeavoring to help humanity and to liberate it, as a whole and not asDiscipleship1, 452:much of danger to the unfolding consciousness of humanity and that is the way of divineDiscipleship1, 463:field of glamor (which is the new field in which humanity has consciously to work), have beenDiscipleship1, 464:friend or claim. You belong to the servers of humanity and to us. [465] I give you no particularDiscipleship1, 469:a solution. Yet the plans for the world of humanity are materializing and maturing; the world
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