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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Discipleship2, 19:significance will indicate relationship to humanity. Then there will be a still higher meaningDiscipleship2, 20:with it the implications of service and work for humanity. Discipleship2, 20:IV. I shall, therefore, endeavor to interpret humanity to you (and to disciples everywhere) so thatDiscipleship2, 22:the foundation for what could be given out when humanity reached its present stage. Now theDiscipleship2, 24:of the present cycle and the outstanding need of humanity. Many are still too preoccupied with whatDiscipleship2, 29:of the soul as it participates in the pain of humanity as a whole, in the agony of humanity'sDiscipleship2, 29:the pain of humanity as a whole, in the agony of humanity's separation from God (a separation basedDiscipleship2, 29:not on actuality) and upon the desperation of humanity's reaching forth towards what appears to beDiscipleship2, 31:on the Threshold. To share - as a group - in humanity's effort to confront the group Dweller on theDiscipleship2, 31:of the evil desires of all mankind, of humanity's mistakes and weaknesses, thoughts, [32] distortedDiscipleship2, 36:about definite changes in the consciousness of humanity. This you do not as yet do, nor have youDiscipleship2, 38:so as soon as the war is over. When the needs of humanity are changed, and they will then beDiscipleship2, 40:forget easily, and besides this ancient habit, humanity is very tired. Get ready to deal with this,Discipleship2, 40:the noise of explosion, and the cry of suffering humanity. This will create a curious false peace,Discipleship2, 40:in the task of preventing the relapse of a tired humanity into the state of mind of [41] whichDiscipleship2, 41:we are seeing the slow domination of the good. Humanity has been the battleground for a majorDiscipleship2, 41:time, my brothers) of the evil group will leave humanity relieved but bewildered, beaten to theDiscipleship2, 41:changes in the hierarchical relation to humanity. There is, as a result of the war, a much closerDiscipleship2, 42:to service; the plans of the Christ for humanity's release are more matured for these had to waitDiscipleship2, 44:you are that!) must be given to the lifting of humanity's heavy load. No definite assignments wereDiscipleship2, 47:whole, an appreciation of the next step which humanity must take in the imminent Great ApproachDiscipleship2, 47:on pure reason; it is based, as far as humanity is concerned, through its disciples, on intuitiveDiscipleship2, 48:in all Ashrams consider these days what humanity's problems are, what they mean and what theirDiscipleship2, 48:act and live so that others too may understand. Humanity has never really lived up to the teachingDiscipleship2, 51:between the objective and subjective life of humanity. 3. This leads to a Technique of Approach,Discipleship2, 53:and understanding, and a closer approach by humanity to the Hierarchy. In the past, the religiousDiscipleship2, 53:the emphasis will be upon the united approach of humanity (as represented by an increasing numberDiscipleship2, 54:Hierarchy. This was intended to be symbolic of humanity's future contact. The three days succeedingDiscipleship2, 55:It concerns the relation of the Hierarchy to humanity and consequently, of the subjective world toDiscipleship2, 55:day be superseded by the organized approach of humanity as a whole. This third stage can (like theDiscipleship2, 56:is possible for individuals, for groups, and for humanity as a whole, as a unit. Realization two:Discipleship2, 56:formation. Thus the individual, the group and humanity are enriched and vitalized. 2. That theDiscipleship2, 56:of the Hierarchy, a Technique of Approach to humanity will also be employed, and thus we have anDiscipleship2, 56:out) the Science of Approach. It is one in which humanity can now consciously share, for theirDiscipleship2, 57:by a group dedication; and, finally, that humanity (symbolized by the group) and the HierarchyDiscipleship2, 59:than the group development and the service of humanity. You will all awaken some day to theDiscipleship2, 59:to be made all over the world, as to whether humanity moves forward into a New Age of cooperationDiscipleship2, 61:as a whole, and the consequent reaction upon humanity, again as a whole, is not a thing lightly toDiscipleship2, 61:the potency of the relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity, and therefore of the second divine aspectDiscipleship2, 61:of the second divine aspect to the third. Can Humanity take this increased potency correctly andDiscipleship2, 61:however, the relation between the Hierarchy and Humanity is thus strengthened and there is freerDiscipleship2, 62:you." Such is the word for them at this stage in humanity's history. Once they have realized that,Discipleship2, 64:physical plane and working desperately to aid humanity. Their spiritual desperation is what isDiscipleship2, 64:more to an unjust appraisement of the quality of humanity. All these things are at this timeDiscipleship2, 66:following: The astral or emotional vortex which humanity has inevitably set up as a result ofDiscipleship2, 66:energies set in motion by the uprising cry of humanity itself, which inevitably shapes and mouldsDiscipleship2, 67:reality of the time lost - lost in the moment of humanity's greatest need. Yet he will retrace hisDiscipleship2, 68:demand and the point in evolution of the mass of humanity, working through their representatives,Discipleship2, 68:overlooked by well-intentioned disciples. It is humanity which determines its own destiny.Discipleship2, 71:of success in either case is dependent upon humanity as a whole. Classically the body is notDiscipleship2, 72:will eventually form part of the mechanism of humanity, viewing it as a whole and as the fourthDiscipleship2, 74:Hierarchy itself does not know what decisions humanity will make in world affairs, or if mankindDiscipleship2, 75:outlined, the distribution of the Problems of Humanity, the spread of the Invocation, the TrianglesDiscipleship2, 78:Teaching anent the Etheric Body. The Problems of Humanity. The Externalization of the Ashrams. YouDiscipleship2, 87:that all paths lead to God and that "the One Humanity" governs all their thinking. The fundamentalDiscipleship2, 88:be likened to the antahkarana which connects humanity with the Hierarchy and provides a channel ofDiscipleship2, 91:and devotion to either the Hierarchy or Humanity are still to be found in them, the affiliationDiscipleship2, 93:of view in place of her limited approach to humanity's problems; she must give up her assuranceDiscipleship2, 96:will thus greatly increase your usefulness to humanity, to the Ashram, and to me. The Science ofDiscipleship2, 97:helping of a deeply suffering and overburdened humanity. The six questions are intended toDiscipleship2, 103:demonstrate certain aspects of life to demanding humanity and a definite ray expression of qualityDiscipleship2, 108:as you see, on the point in evolution which humanity has reached. There are many millions today -Discipleship2, 109:work of the Masters and their freedom to serve humanity as they desire have been greatly hinderedDiscipleship2, 110:they are productive along the line of service to humanity, and become increasingly factual in yourDiscipleship2, 113:pledged disciples, dedicated to the service of humanity. They can then be trusted. (Page 87) TheDiscipleship2, 117:out and towards. The Soul. The Hierarchy. Humanity. These three recognized factors now constitute aDiscipleship2, 119:potency of its future work" in the service of humanity. Discipleship2, 123:reactions and a steadily deepening love of humanity will safeguard disciples at this stage - theDiscipleship2, 124:moving and scintillating, and thus serving humanity through its focused radiation. This radiationDiscipleship2, 133:disciple himself, with the square representing humanity, the fourth kingdom in nature. This isDiscipleship2, 135:the physical plane, whilst the square represents humanity; that this is frequently spoken of as theDiscipleship2, 136:Shamballa and the will of the Lord of the World. Humanity has now reached a point of developmentDiscipleship2, 137:and creatively and constantly impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the humanDiscipleship2, 142:as a functioning soul) must be oriented to humanity in a more definite manner; the purpose of suchDiscipleship2, 145:affairs, its usefulness and spiritual value to humanity as a whole. Holding the mind in the light,Discipleship2, 146:your friends, to those you seek to help and to humanity - when opportunity offers. Think the ideaDiscipleship2, 146:a daily dedication of yourself to the service of humanity; renew your pledge to your Master and sayDiscipleship2, 147:in some endeavor, necessitated by the need of humanity or by some planetary emergency. The Masters,Discipleship2, 150:of years and of brief cycles (though long to humanity), but in terms of events and the expansion ofDiscipleship2, 150:what this exactly means has naught to do with humanity. Men today must learn the lessons of theDiscipleship2, 157:interesting to us to note that the evolution of humanity is in line with the indicated timing. ThisDiscipleship2, 158:aspects of divine energy, plus a reference to humanity itself in which the three meet, areDiscipleship2, 158:any other differentiation of the divine Life. In humanity all lines and aspects meet. This is aDiscipleship2, 158:The subhuman kingdoms find their consummation in humanity, and the superhuman kingdoms theirDiscipleship2, 158:which we regard as the "over-shadowing" soul of humanity. It is an aspect of the divineDiscipleship2, 159:reach the hearts of men and which must fecundate humanity with the quality of loving-understandingDiscipleship2, 159:as it draws its impulse towards service from humanity. You well know that there is indication inDiscipleship2, 159:that there is indication in these lines that humanity itself cannot as yet grasp the purpose ofDiscipleship2, 159:of the anchoring of all these powers in humanity itself, in "the Center which we call the race ofDiscipleship2, 159:God demonstrate its effective goodwill. Through humanity, alone and unaided (except by the divineDiscipleship2, 159:comes. It is struggling, aspiring and suffering humanity to whom the task is committed and, myDiscipleship2, 159:to whom the task is committed and, my brother, humanity is adequate to the task. This statement isDiscipleship2, 159:kingdom. That is their task. From that point, humanity takes over the undertaking. This InvocationDiscipleship2, 160:- the Will of God. Average instinctual humanity, the men and women of goodwill, and the disciplesDiscipleship2, 161:Spiritual Sun, working through Shamballa, and humanity itself, working hitherto through appeal toDiscipleship2, 161:condensation awaiting precipitation, but to humanity that will form a "raincloud of unknowableDiscipleship2, 162:the physical plane. By the steady progress of humanity, en masse, towards the light. This in timeDiscipleship2, 162:towards the light. This in time produces in humanity itself a quality and a vibration which makeDiscipleship2, 162:and force could be contacted and utilized by humanity. The first indication of this massed andDiscipleship2, 163:seething emotional and psychic turmoil in which humanity today finds itself. The third indication
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