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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Discipleship2, 288:men and, in their turn, become the saviors of humanity. Then they know him to exist. From theDiscipleship2, 288:Sanat Kumara is non-existent. In developed humanity, prior to moving on to the Probationary Path,Discipleship2, 288:the reward of souls salvaged, lives rebuilt and humanity led onward upon the Path of Return. TheseDiscipleship2, 293:and this ability is the common possession of humanity in varying degrees of availability. Later,Discipleship2, 294:to you anent the approach to discipleship that humanity is making and the approach to initiationDiscipleship2, 295:to some increased realization along these lines. Humanity - as has oft been said - is now the worldDiscipleship2, 296:for that purpose. But the [296] mentally focused humanity of today cannot be reached by emotionalDiscipleship2, 296:and later of a definite and clear purpose for humanity as well as modes and methods of developingDiscipleship2, 297:development. 3. The sense of orientation to humanity. I presume you will recognize the truth ofDiscipleship2, 297:opinion that your individual or personal love of humanity and the focus of your attention uponDiscipleship2, 297:soul, and at the same time to be oriented to humanity and your fellowmen. But the time will comeDiscipleship2, 298:that new world and that new type of humanity which the future will inevitably demonstrate. On thisDiscipleship2, 299:recognize not only that which is hovering over humanity on the point of revelation or of karmicDiscipleship2, 301:most difficult period in the entire history of humanity - a period in which the whole of humanityDiscipleship2, 301:of humanity - a period in which the whole of humanity is passing through the reorientation requiredDiscipleship2, 302:leading to renewed activity) have to do with humanity and not with the individual man. This is aDiscipleship2, 307:of this divine Intention, Purpose and Plan upon Humanity, and this because the Plan - emanatingDiscipleship2, 310:disciple in his contribution to the salvaging of humanity. These three are Penetration,Discipleship2, 311:and those new energies and forces for which the humanity of any particular period waits, and whichDiscipleship2, 312:all the seven rays. It is therefore, as far as humanity is concerned, free from all evil, becauseDiscipleship2, 314:of the chaos of the world war (precipitated by humanity itself) there is developing a structure ofDiscipleship2, 315:too far away to be considered; when, however, humanity precipitated the war, they automatically andDiscipleship2, 316:widespread contact between the Hierarchy and humanity. The revelation of the true significance ofDiscipleship2, 316:secret of initiation. Note well what I say here. Humanity had reached a stage where it could do theDiscipleship2, 316:safety so that, in its avidity for pure truth, humanity could be simultaneously trusted? RevelationDiscipleship2, 316:of "Growth through Sharing," and that advanced humanity can now share the work, the responsibilityDiscipleship2, 317:hierarchical life. This involves, for advanced humanity, a noticeable increase in vitality and inDiscipleship2, 320:now, for the first time, it is being entered by humanity itself and as a whole. This is the resultDiscipleship2, 320:result of the experience of the war, 1914-1945. Humanity, entering this circle, will be confrontedDiscipleship2, 323:and the desire which each human being and humanity as a whole have created, and (note this well)Discipleship2, 323:and (note this well) the setting in motion by humanity and in relation to its own destiny, the LawDiscipleship2, 327:descend on Earth" he is invoking something which humanity will have to learn to handle; this is oneDiscipleship2, 327:absorption of light - on a worldwide scale - by humanity, with a subsequent reflex action on theDiscipleship2, 327:three subhuman kingdoms. Nothing which affects humanity or which stimulates it to a forward-movingDiscipleship2, 331:common as the spiritual inspiration to which humanity is now subjected and reacting brings farDiscipleship2, 336:it is, however, apparent to those who view humanity with greater disinterestedness, deeperDiscipleship2, 337:unfoldment of the spiritual consciousness in humanity, an unfoldment which demonstrates - no matterDiscipleship2, 342:needed changes where the task of influencing humanity is concerned? This would involve aDiscipleship2, 350:and a part of the recognized consciousness of humanity as a whole. This, being a relatively newDiscipleship2, 350:Karma and the appalling situation with which humanity has confronted itself. I would have you hereDiscipleship2, 351:conditions the Hierarchy as it conditions humanity and all else in the manifesting universe. ThereDiscipleship2, 352:in group form, and which is present between Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. It is thisDiscipleship2, 352:divine centers (Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) so that the flow of divine energy will beDiscipleship2, 352:Hierarchy and one much more closely linked to Humanity by the principle of intelligence -Discipleship2, 352:A fusion or establishing of relationship within humanity itself, producing right human relationsDiscipleship2, 353:impelling and compelling use by the enemies of humanity and by those who work constantly againstDiscipleship2, 356:of the Ashram, as it exists as the servant of humanity. If you will endeavor to arrive at thisDiscipleship2, 357:Change governs the Hierarchy just as it governs Humanity. That the disciple who functions underDiscipleship2, 358:and thus keep pace with the rapidly developing humanity with which he has to deal. One of the ideasDiscipleship2, 358:same time he is a part of struggling, unhappy humanity. Therefore, he is not alone or isolated; heDiscipleship2, 359:of direction"; he sees them in terms of humanity's immediate purpose and becomes aware of the tinyDiscipleship2, 361:Plan. He grasps eventually that in relation to humanity, the planning of the Hierarchy falls intoDiscipleship2, 367:creativity, of the world of thought-forms which humanity as a whole has created and the setting inDiscipleship2, 367:whole has created and the setting in motion - by humanity and in relation to its own destiny - ofDiscipleship2, 371:a planetary center is directed in the service of humanity at this particular time. The centers ofDiscipleship2, 372:or manifests. That is a platitude today, and humanity is increasingly aware of the subjective powerDiscipleship2, 374:of disciples and aspirants and of advanced humanity, working - consciously or unconsciously - inDiscipleship2, 376:they earnestly seek to know the right way for humanity, and desire to ascertain the will of God;Discipleship2, 378:not demonstrate as it does with average advanced humanity, as applied goodwill, but it expressesDiscipleship2, 379:he must fulfil and the next immediate step which humanity must take - through one or other of itsDiscipleship2, 380:every form, and peculiarly active in the form of humanity, and therefore capable of joyous andDiscipleship2, 380:of the Spiritual Triad (in order to liberate humanity) is never noted. Nevertheless, these threeDiscipleship2, 381:in the reactions of life and of events upon humanity. The steady tendency towards decentralization,Discipleship2, 382:a soul-infused personality, As a worker for humanity, he is blending always more closely with theDiscipleship2, 382:slowly being integrated into the very heart of humanity; this puts him in touch with the Heart ofDiscipleship2, 391:the recognition of the stage reached by average humanity and the immediate aspects of the PlanDiscipleship2, 391:what he sees of extended evil, what he notes of humanity's striving towards the good, and theDiscipleship2, 392:upon the mental plane so that its acceptance by humanity is intelligently progressive and is notDiscipleship2, 396:expressed it. When he so defined space, he gave humanity one of the most important hints it hasDiscipleship2, 403:seep downwards into the consciousness of humanity, and the new world religion will be founded uponDiscipleship2, 406:also by the point of evolution reached by the humanity of that time. We will leave the fifth pointDiscipleship2, 407:for the first time in the long, long history of humanity. The effect of this radiation or magneticDiscipleship2, 409:withdrew into a subjective expression and humanity was - under the Law of Evolution - left to itsDiscipleship2, 409:long interim) have not come forth to contact humanity on any large or group scale; many of theirDiscipleship2, 411:Christ; this will embody your life service to humanity and to the Hierarchy. With these ideas onDiscipleship2, 412:to the point attained in the evolution [412] of humanity, the hint was practically and invariablyDiscipleship2, 418:is working out today in the consciousness of humanity as a whole: the reason for this is that theDiscipleship2, 419:at present in his creative throat center, Humanity - is reverberating to the orchestral effect ofDiscipleship2, 419:i.e., the center which we call the race of men, Humanity, in which the energy of intelligence isDiscipleship2, 426:of Sacrifice." The invocation now mounting from humanity to that high Place where dwells the ChristDiscipleship2, 426:and the motivation of the united Hierarchy and Humanity; this Invocation cannot consequently beDiscipleship2, 428:about. In this unique moment in the history of humanity, this moment of potency is appropriated byDiscipleship2, 428:and the importance of this statement. Because humanity has passed through a great cleansing processDiscipleship2, 428:preparedness, evident in the consciousness of humanity, the penetration of energies which haveDiscipleship2, 429:the Masters and the occult Hierarchy. Humanity was not ready, and the Hierarchy is not as it hasDiscipleship2, 429:men, anxious to establish happy relations with humanity. In this, the Members of the Hierarchy areDiscipleship2, 431:how to make them available in his work for humanity. At the same time, the Initiator "polarizes"Discipleship2, 439:process has been summed up, as far as planetary humanity is concerned, in the words of the fifthDiscipleship2, 443:inspiring many to active work in the service of humanity, or sponsoring your own activities andDiscipleship2, 448:in your group relation, and in your service to humanity? A general answer will not suffice, for youDiscipleship2, 448:a desire to create, or is it impelled by love of humanity and, therefore, an automatic intelligentDiscipleship2, 449:contribution to the group need and to humanity. Take the three words which I have given you andDiscipleship2, 452:life of any related group, and in the life of humanity itself. They are also closely related, asDiscipleship2, 459:you have ever done) to render their relation to humanity inclusive and they struggle to bring aboutDiscipleship2, 459:and suffering of bewildered and sorely tried humanity. It includes also its joys and aspirations.Discipleship2, 460:for treading this path of aiding and salvaging humanity, you have to learn (through intenseDiscipleship2, 461:not of a refusal to meet and contact suffering humanity upon the physical plane. I refer to anDiscipleship2, 461:the hallmark of the salvaging Elder Brothers of Humanity. Such is your basic problem. Because ofDiscipleship2, 462:should produce increased creative output for humanity. In the following interlude, afterDiscipleship2, 468:of the Christ, who was the first of our humanity to achieve the complete realization. This point is
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