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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Externalisation, 137:(the threshold of divinity, my brothers) is humanity itself with its ancient habits of thought, itsExternalisation, 137:habits of thought, its selfishness and greed. Humanity today stands face to face with the Angel ofExternalisation, 137:these two great agencies of life will determine humanity's future and indicate the way whichExternalisation, 137:humanity's future and indicate the way which humanity will decide to go. The issues at stake areExternalisation, 139:beings (which constitute the astral body of humanity as a whole) are today in a state of chaos, andExternalisation, 139:I have referred earlier in this article. This is humanity's [140] joint responsibility because ofExternalisation, 140:humanity's [140] joint responsibility because of humanity's general mistakes, and the ancient wrongExternalisation, 143:them bring about the healing of the wounds of humanity which will be greatly needed and for whichExternalisation, 146:to use it, could reorient the consciousness of humanity, stabilize men in spiritual being, disruptExternalisation, 148:through the medium of a conscious and awakening humanity. Such a humanity (and it is rapidly comingExternalisation, 148:of a conscious and awakening humanity. Such a humanity (and it is rapidly coming to this state ofExternalisation, 149:relatively an untried experiment on the part of humanity and the formulas unknown. Of what use wasExternalisation, 149:Of what use was it to impart the formulas to humanity when it was as yet controlled by the lowerExternalisation, 149:activity which will bring the Hierarchy and Humanity into conscious and direct cooperation, as wellExternalisation, 150:about the manifestation on earth of the soul of humanity and the qualities of the subjective andExternalisation, 150:is threefold: 1. To invoke the soul of humanity and so bring about its freer expression upon theExternalisation, 150:and peace. The setting up of a vibration within humanity itself of such potency that it willExternalisation, 150:the two planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. This is called the invocation of the GreatExternalisation, 151:form of spiritual energy has only reached humanity (as I have before told you) via the Hierarchy.Externalisation, 151:warrant a direct inflow of that higher energy to humanity, thus producing upon the physical plane aExternalisation, 152:measure with the Hierarchy. When the note of humanity and the note of the Hierarchy areExternalisation, 152:correct use of the Great Invocation (as far as humanity is concerned) is acceleration. As I haveExternalisation, 153:be sent direct to the waiting planetary center, Humanity. Two effects of an immediate nature areExternalisation, 153:evoked the inflow of this higher dynamic energy. Humanity awaits this and its arrival is dependentExternalisation, 154:to the [154] Hierarchy and from the Hierarchy to Humanity, but this has meant no direct interplayExternalisation, 154:but this has meant no direct interplay between Humanity and Shamballa. If the Great Invocation canExternalisation, 154:the Great Invocation can be rendered effective, humanity can then set up a direct relationship withExternalisation, 155:present Christ consciousness on a large scale in humanity. Jupiter also, exoterically and from theExternalisation, 158:than that. Owing, however, to the unreadiness of humanity to cooperate in its use, the results haveExternalisation, 158:if right cooperation can be extended by humanity, and such cooperation now seems immediatelyExternalisation, 158:great Individualities mean to you and to average humanity? Nothing at all and this is necessarilyExternalisation, 159:service, He definitely linked up our planet and humanity (in particular) with the Source of theExternalisation, 159:Light, which is the intermediate center between Humanity and Shamballa. It serves then to emphasizeExternalisation, 159:established relation between the three centers: Humanity, Hierarchy and [160] Shamballa. ThatExternalisation, 160:established; the inflow of light and love to humanity is now possible if the disciples andExternalisation, 160:the sick. The Angel of the Presence, the soul of humanity, as embodied in the Hierarchy and thoseExternalisation, 160:of Civilization, the Master R -, representing humanity, the Christ representing the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 161:its import will be immediately recognized by humanity as a whole, leading them to take all theExternalisation, 161:plane. The personality or the form aspect of humanity is thereby pervaded and illumined. Thus theExternalisation, 161:Thus the third great planetary center, Humanity, becomes creative and magnetic, and two divineExternalisation, 161:first aspect and the will of God (understood by humanity as the Plan) to be consciously carriedExternalisation, 161:right time comes, vitalize the responsiveness of humanity, via the influence of the Hierarchy, toExternalisation, 161:understanding of the will of God as it affects humanity and works out divine intent. It is for thisExternalisation, 162:history a [162] contact between the Hierarchy, Humanity, Shamballa and the Spirit of Peace in HisExternalisation, 162:by man. This achievement enabled Him to put Humanity in touch with the Spirit of Peace. He thusExternalisation, 162:festival at which three factors of importance to humanity are brought into relation: The Buddha,Externalisation, 162:and that which They seek to transmit to humanity can be consciously appropriated. The Christ, theExternalisation, 162:the Spirit of Peace, can also be contacted and humanity can be trained to appropriate thisExternalisation, 163:energy. [163] Through the Christ and the Buddha, humanity can now establish a close relationshipExternalisation, 163:by the Spirit of Peace, the expression of humanity's will-to-good can emanate powerfully from thisExternalisation, 163:powerfully from this third planetary center. Humanity will then for the first time enter upon itsExternalisation, 163:states and the subhuman kingdoms. Thus humanity will become eventually the planetary savior. If youExternalisation, 164:meet in a Spirit of Cooperation Intermediary - Humanity itself. Self-consciousness Agent - The LordExternalisation, 164:point - The throat center Planetary center - Humanity Thus all the great centers are linked and allExternalisation, 165:first great creative and magical work of which humanity is capable, swinging, as it does, all theExternalisation, 165:two other planetary centers, the Hierarchy and Humanity. I refer to effects which will expressExternalisation, 167:Christ (the living world Savior) Who saves humanity. It is the sacrifice, day by day, in theExternalisation, 168:so today out of the duality of soul and body, humanity is achieving the same ends and the result ofExternalisation, 168:at-one-ment, wrought out in the crucifixion of humanity at the present time. The difference betweenExternalisation, 168:Heart, the Hierarchy; and to the Throat center, Humanity; so the right use of this fourth phraseExternalisation, 168:the ajna center in individual man and in humanity as whole. This center begins to become active andExternalisation, 169:importance to the individual as well as to humanity, invoking as it does great and vital potenciesExternalisation, 169:as the previous one is related to the effect in humanity. This effect in the Hierarchy is aExternalisation, 169:new one and is due to the participation of humanity in the process of invocation, thus producingExternalisation, 169:Hierarchy has struggled alone to help and lift humanity and to stimulate the potency of the humanExternalisation, 169:has at last achieved success. The Hierarchy and humanity are at last en rapport. This is the higherExternalisation, 170:of the Great Invocation. One serves to arouse humanity (as a planetary center) to activity andExternalisation, 170:of the soul of divinity through the medium of humanity. Ponder on this statement. In the esotericExternalisation, 170:life, the same process goes on. The life of humanity as a whole (which is intelligent form life)Externalisation, 173:aggression, which are the three major sins of humanity. All men have hated; all men have beenExternalisation, 173:it. The Spirit of Peace is hovering close to humanity, seeking opportunity to make His PresenceExternalisation, 173:But the door to Their entrance must be opened by humanity itself and it will be opened by a unitedExternalisation, 174:Forces of Peace and Light, so that they may help humanity. I would ask you to get in touch withExternalisation, 175:which the totalitarian powers seek to bewilder humanity. We start with the premise that twoExternalisation, 175:premise that two opposing world visions confront humanity and that two world orders are presentedExternalisation, 176:to defend themselves and the liberties of humanity. The neutral nations, seeing the issues involvedExternalisation, 176:the world still deeper into conflict. Facing humanity today are two major dangers. These are:Externalisation, 176:first, the conflict will be so prolonged that humanity will be completely exhausted, and thus aExternalisation, 177:where the nations at war are concerned. Humanity must face up to these facts. No matter how peopleExternalisation, 178:and recognized their blood brotherhood. Then humanity made its decision to fight, and the war brokeExternalisation, 178:play into the hands of the totalitarian powers? Humanity having decided to fight out the battleExternalisation, 178:on the side of such action as would release humanity through the destruction of the evil forces.Externalisation, 179:and join the struggle for the liberation of humanity from totalitarian ambitions and the intentionsExternalisation, 180:stubborn idealism that loves the ideal more than humanity. They are based also upon an unrecognizedExternalisation, 180:of responsibility for the security of humanity. Thus briefly have I sought to make the position ofExternalisation, 180:the rights of man, for the spiritual future of humanity, and for the new world order. What I haveExternalisation, 181:The causes of this rampant evil are inherent in humanity itself. Ancient and untrammeledExternalisation, 182:- these conditions have been made possible by humanity as a whole. Externalisation, 182:aggressors back to their own place and release humanity from fear and force. We are today reapingExternalisation, 182:recognition of the cause of the problem provides humanity with the opportunity to end it. The timeExternalisation, 183:a vision of the future world policy will help humanity through the present crisis. Externalisation, 183:persisted or disappeared. The sorry history of humanity has been one of kings and potentates,Externalisation, 184:of human life; American isolationism would leave humanity defenceless in its hour of need and handExternalisation, 185:to this situation that the old order has brought humanity. It is to this disaster that man'sExternalisation, 185:our encouragement let us recognize that the same humanity which has brought about these terribleExternalisation, 185:some intelligent or spiritual direction of humanity. I care not by what name they call that guidingExternalisation, 186:of the human spirit and for the freedom of humanity. My use of the word spiritual has nothing to doExternalisation, 187:concepts of life. Through the democracies humanity speaks. Externalisation, 189:is preparing to enforce, and what lies ahead of humanity if the Axis powers triumph. It isExternalisation, 189:mistake. The German is as dear to the heart of humanity, to God, to Christ and to all right
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