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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Externalisation, 190:will-to-good and patience on the part of humanity. Certain major and spiritual premises should lieExternalisation, 190:has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by theExternalisation, 192:and patience - they can be solved. Assuming that humanity will not rest until the aggressor nationsExternalisation, 193:that the new world order should develop in humanity a sense of divinity and of relationship to God,Externalisation, 193:acting; this is a definite possibility because humanity, in its upper brackets, has alreadyExternalisation, 194:races what they are today. Essentially, however, humanity is one - the heir of the ages, theExternalisation, 195:and separation. Such a time will surely come. Humanity will master the problem of right humanExternalisation, 195:that they disappear. The world is one world. Humanity is one unit in the evolutionary process.Externalisation, 196:and the flowers are all offering themselves to humanity. Man is the controller of it all, and theyExternalisation, 197:has come to its climax and must either destroy humanity or be brought intelligently to an end.Externalisation, 199:surging towards self-rule and self-mastery by humanity as a whole. There is also the communisticExternalisation, 201:themselves, such as the state, an ideology, or humanity itself. In this expression of the spirit ofExternalisation, 203:as never before has been possible. It is for humanity to solve its serious problems on the basis ofExternalisation, 203:and the right protection of the state. Humanity will then be free for the experiment of spiritualExternalisation, 204:not be easy. The work of healing the wounds of humanity, of rebuilding the shattered civilization,Externalisation, 205:of the one family, the one life, and the one humanity. [206] The new group of world serversExternalisation, 206:spiritual, scientific and physical rebuilding of humanity be held before them, inspiring them toExternalisation, 206:world war, are the joint errors and mistakes of humanity as a whole. This recognition will lead toExternalisation, 207:is not yet as strong as it should be in humanity - the attribute of forgiveness. It is stillExternalisation, 207:nations, based upon a recognition of our common humanity. Germany, under her misguided and evilExternalisation, 210:human beings and in the future resurrection of humanity, with an exalted recognition of God, withExternalisation, 212:from what you call bias. I speak in terms of humanity - without distinction of race, color orExternalisation, 213:than at any previous time in the history of humanity; secondly, that it is the muddled thinking ofExternalisation, 213:if the issue was to be presented with clarity to humanity, thus enabling a basic choice to beExternalisation, 214:who embody the three major views of the whole of humanity, plus the unthinking masses, swayed byExternalisation, 217:One of the things which the spiritual leaders of humanity have sought to do is to bring clearly toExternalisation, 217:the spirit of goodwill, and who would stand to humanity (as far as they could) as the Hierarchy ofExternalisation, 218:analysis of the spiritual objectives of humanity will enable you to answer these questions. If youExternalisation, 218:essential significance of the issues with which humanity is faced. Hence the emphasis which I amExternalisation, 219:dualism is necessary prior to the shifting of humanity's consciousness away from its majorExternalisation, 219:the good of the individual and the good of humanity. The state becomes almost a divine entity inExternalisation, 219:and the sacrifice of the individual and of humanity in large numbers to the individual state willExternalisation, 221:Materialism are today fighting. For this reason, humanity is swept into a vortex of conflict, andExternalisation, 222:of the wish-life of the people - this time of humanity as a whole, for the first time in racialExternalisation, 223:becomes a mediating factor, constructed by humanity but animated by the will-to-good of some greatExternalisation, 223:emotionally through the work of the lovers of humanity, the well-meaning efforts of the emotionallyExternalisation, 224:of love, wisdom and skill in action, or for ages humanity has suffered [225] from hallucinations;Externalisation, 225:with the Buddha - links the Hierarchy with Humanity? Is it quite impossible that when humanityExternalisation, 225:with Humanity? Is it quite impossible that when humanity awakens to the fact of this mediatorshipExternalisation, 226:have to learn to carry forward their work for humanity in spite of personality stresses, strainsExternalisation, 227:Christ, embodying love-wisdom, and also between humanity, focused in consciousness through theExternalisation, 227:through the Buddha. Owing to the stress of humanity today and the urgency of the response whichExternalisation, 228:the Buddha and the Christ, and of the Hierarchy, Humanity and Shamballa, will form part of theExternalisation, 228:constructively related to the future faith of humanity. Bear this also in mind. You will note thatExternalisation, 228:personality in relation to your soul and to humanity; it involves the recognition of the work whichExternalisation, 228:to life, but I do seek to aid you to see humanity and its welfare - not only in terms of your ownExternalisation, 229:change with such rapidity at this time, as humanity takes action or refrains from action (whichExternalisation, 229:by those people who today think in terms of humanity as a whole, [230] and not in terms of aExternalisation, 230:and anti-social. This judgment day is now upon humanity, and the final decision will be [231]Externalisation, 232:mind, unbiased thought and a true love of humanity? This last quality, a true love of humanity,Externalisation, 232:of humanity? This last quality, a true love of humanity, constitutes a basic test of wrong or rightExternalisation, 232:These are the vital factors in the life of humanity; the death of the physical form is a negligibleExternalisation, 233:are fearlessly and with true insight fighting humanity's battle, and with them the HierarchyExternalisation, 234:wider vision of world affairs and the needs of humanity as a whole. There is no peace, and peaceExternalisation, 235:who for aeons have aided in the preparation of humanity for the coming age of peaceful cooperationExternalisation, 236:the custodian of [236] the best that there is in humanity, and that the spiritual future ofExternalisation, 236:is in humanity, and that the spiritual future of humanity lies in the cherished land of liberty.Externalisation, 236:the prerogative of one nation. I tell you that humanity is everywhere spiritually minded and thatExternalisation, 236:inheritance of the human race. But everywhere humanity is the victim of propaganda - a propagandaExternalisation, 237:accepted, and their reward is the freedom of humanity. I will give you another contrast, growingExternalisation, 237:by cruelty and death, ignoring the needs of humanity as a whole and the rights of all otherExternalisation, 239:out of a widely differing subjective attitude to humanity. It is, however, of value for us all toExternalisation, 239:and its significant implications, have placed humanity in a position of imminent though notExternalisation, 240:the lands outside their own? How shall we free humanity to take its next step forward, without fearExternalisation, 240:holding Their hand, feeling that this time humanity must be encouraged to battle to the end onExternalisation, 240:nature, but not involving clear thinking. Humanity has come of age; the child stage is over, andExternalisation, 241:that this new mode of living hovers over humanity and will materialize when selfishness isExternalisation, 241:whole and as contributing to the significance of humanity. Such distinctions and nationalities willExternalisation, 242:a beauty and a richness which will distinguish humanity as a whole. In this all will share, withExternalisation, 244:right relation is based upon the total good of humanity itself. Thus the individual can play hisExternalisation, 244:to the group of which he is part. Eventually humanity itself is thus swung - again as an integralExternalisation, 244:indication of the larger possibility which faces humanity. It is in truth for this the Allies fightExternalisation, 244:what can the individual do to aid the cause of humanity and arrest the tide of evil? If he isExternalisation, 245:or to sacrifice anything for the cause of humanity. A recognition of our own shortcomings and aExternalisation, 245:of the Nazi regime - with its crushing of all humanity, its emphasis upon pride of race and itsExternalisation, 246:agent of the Forces of Light or of a lover of humanity. You will also learn to keep your mind freeExternalisation, 246:Thus, by thought and word and deed, the lover of humanity will enter the battle against evil; withExternalisation, 246:self-forgetfulness, he will take up the cause of humanity, hiding not behind the sense of futilityExternalisation, 246:his sense of values is adjusted. He knows that humanity has a divine mission which must be carriedExternalisation, 247:- to bring this war to an end. Vast sections of humanity can do no more than acquiesce in theExternalisation, 247:for the building of a bulwark of defense around humanity; then - having fulfiled every physicalExternalisation, 249:up may come that which is needed to release humanity from the thralldom of evil, provided theExternalisation, 250:may be released for [250] the salvaging of humanity and the immediate defeat of the forces ofExternalisation, 250:of your personality life to the cause of humanity, and by the transmutation of your personal willExternalisation, 250:the Hierarchy, and the Intelligent Activity of humanity, thus creating a reservoir of power intoExternalisation, 251:who see only the needs of the form aspect of humanity. That strength and enlightenment may be yoursExternalisation, 251:and the ability to fight for the release of humanity is the prayer and the appeal of your brother,Externalisation, 252:matter; but the laws of nature, the free will of humanity itself and the inevitability of karmaExternalisation, 252:must conform to law; it must not interfere with humanity's right to handle its own affairs, and itExternalisation, 253:who are looking on at the tragic sufferings of humanity and who refuse to be implicated, and thusExternalisation, 253:situation has in it the seeds of release for humanity when the nature of evil is somewhat grasped,Externalisation, 253:grasped, and above all when the oneness of humanity and the rights of human beings are trulyExternalisation, 253:therefore the free will and the will-to-good of humanity which must actively end the presentExternalisation, 254:end, and it is the task of those who guide humanity spiritually to see that out of the surface evilExternalisation, 254:not so much by that which is right for the part. Humanity is only now reaching the point where freeExternalisation, 255:are hindering many people today. Release for humanity will come when the so-called good people ofExternalisation, 255:and when the true, divine purpose is seen and humanity is found to be one indivisible whole. ThenExternalisation, 255:outstanding determination must be the release of humanity from the imposition of fear, fromExternalisation, 255:penalizing rule which is breaking the heart of humanity and causing deep distress and questioningExternalisation, 256:into the good karma which is the true destiny of humanity and will usher in the new era of joy and
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