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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Externalisation, 351:from the Secret Place, will be primarily with humanity and will be for their relief and salvation.Externalisation, 351:and to respond on the part of Those invoked by humanity, but handicapped by the lack of sensitivityExternalisation, 352:human evolution, take any step vitally affecting humanity unless released into this activity byExternalisation, 352:humanity unless released into this activity by humanity itself. From April 15th till June 15th areExternalisation, 353:action for which the Hierarchy asks today. If humanity does its part, it will find that HierarchyExternalisation, 353:consistent, persistent effort are needed by humanity and the Hierarchy. My brothers, I haveExternalisation, 354:work for your country and for your fellowmen in humanity's hour of need. There must be steadiness,Externalisation, 355:powerful assault upon the [355] consciousness of humanity is dependent not only upon the responseExternalisation, 356:nations, in organized forms and in religion, in humanity as a whole and in the planetary LifeExternalisation, 356:as a whole and in the planetary Life Itself. Humanity is today (and has been for ages) battlingExternalisation, 357:plus their clear insight. The educating of humanity in the distinction between Spirituality andExternalisation, 357:the three spiritual energies which will sweep humanity into an era of comprehension, leading [358]Externalisation, 360:must now be intelligently carried forward by a humanity wise enough to recognize its dharma. MenExternalisation, 360:and deglamored (if I may use such a term), humanity awaits the coming revelation. This revelationExternalisation, 361:therefore, of the individual is true also of humanity as a whole, and today humanity (havingExternalisation, 361:is true also of humanity as a whole, and today humanity (having reached maturity) can "enter intoExternalisation, 361:Earth. It indicated the approaching maturity of humanity. The process has been slowly gatheringExternalisation, 361:the contact between these two great Centers and Humanity has been more firmly established. At theExternalisation, 362:and the use of a special Invocation (one which humanity itself may not use), but the success orExternalisation, 362:the Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focused through the world disciples, the worldExternalisation, 363:and economic - until 2025 A.D. Today, as humanity awaits the revelation which will embody theExternalisation, 363:in the New Testament, "Every eye shall see him"; humanity as a whole will recognize the RevealingExternalisation, 363:for His message to penetrate into the hearts of humanity. The stress of the times also and theExternalisation, 364:that the issues involved had to be settled by humanity itself and it was not then possible toExternalisation, 364:then possible to foretell with any accuracy what humanity would do. Even the most enlightened ofExternalisation, 366:are not the basic motives which would restore humanity to self-respecting and secure living. TheyExternalisation, 366:be the task to restore new life and happiness to humanity, and it is for them I write. Please bearExternalisation, 367:what lay ahead for mankind. The selfishness of humanity was even more deep seated than was grasped,Externalisation, 367:are as steadily dying out. The plight of humanity everywhere, as the result of Axis aggression, isExternalisation, 368:sacrifice lives, nations and the future of humanity in order to attain its object. If Gandhi wereExternalisation, 369:normality. The outstanding disaster which faces humanity at this time is a return to the state ofExternalisation, 370:adjustments must be carried out on the basis of humanity itself; the will of free peoples must beExternalisation, 370:civilization which men of goodwill demand for humanity as a whole. 4. The dangers growing out ofExternalisation, 371:men of goodwill in every nation - men who see humanity as a whole and all men as brothers - is theExternalisation, 372:behind the Evolutionary Process 5. The danger to humanity of the effects of war upon the childrenExternalisation, 374:for the benefit of all other states and for humanity as a whole. Other nations, such as the AxisExternalisation, 375:recognition is widespread; the emphasis upon humanity as the important unit is little heard. ThoseExternalisation, 375:any form, except as contributory to the good of humanity as a whole, it will throw the world (afterExternalisation, 376:must end. At the same time he realizes that if humanity is to get rid of these evil products ofExternalisation, 376:of the past will have prepared the people. Humanity itself must be the goal of interest and effort,Externalisation, 377:overwhelming psychological problems confronting humanity, in spite of political machinations andExternalisation, 379:in my own country, not to speak of other lands? Humanity is so immense, its numbers so vast and itsExternalisation, 379:by those who do not have the best interests of humanity at heart. It has been used for selfish andExternalisation, 381:It seeks to aid all movements that benefit humanity and are in line with the new incoming era. ManyExternalisation, 387:a more beautiful life, and restore that which humanity itself has destroyed. The best is yet to be.Externalisation, 388:faith which will serve the need of [388] humanity for a long time to come. All I ask of you todayExternalisation, 388:249), thus testifying greatly to the fusion of humanity into one great group of invocative appeal.Externalisation, 388:you are voicing the unified will and desire of humanity itself. I will enlarge upon this in myExternalisation, 388:by pointing out that the invocative cry of humanity and of the Hierarchy, jointly sounded at theExternalisation, 390:of the spiritual Energies and the goodwill of humanity itself be brought together and produce thoseExternalisation, 390:the new world religion and the new approach of humanity to God are brought into being? These areExternalisation, 390:spiritually minded people and the workers for humanity make that supreme effort (rendered from anExternalisation, 390:from an adequate "point of tension") so that humanity may be focused in its appeal and bring aboutExternalisation, 391:potent. Alongside of this material activity of humanity is to be found the strenuous endeavor, theExternalisation, 392:intent is to bring about the liberation of humanity and who are to be found everywhere in theExternalisation, 392:the spiritual invocation or the distress of humanity reach the pitch of evocation. The problem isExternalisation, 393:immediate spiritual possibilities which confront humanity if those of you who have vision and loveExternalisation, 393:if those of you who have vision and love humanity are to measure up to the immediate opportunity.Externalisation, 393:existing between the Hierarchy as a whole and humanity as a whole can be summarized in the idea ofExternalisation, 393:in their attitude. By means of these Approaches, humanity has been brought (in consciousness)Externalisation, 394:in moments of crisis and tension, the cry of humanity has evoked response from the Hierarchy whichExternalisation, 395:stands ready, focusing in Himself the desire of Humanity for that "life more abundantly" which HeExternalisation, 395:emerging out of this war is the fact that humanity has now, as a whole, been able to see and graspExternalisation, 395:and are the Custodians of the immediate Plan for humanity. This relationship can be established atExternalisation, 396:and liberation, voicing the "massed intent" of humanity. If both aspects of this one work can beExternalisation, 396:to focus the divine will-to-good as it affects humanity. The work of spiritually minded men is toExternalisation, 397:normal, largely unconscious, invocative cry of humanity. It summed up in itself the desire of allExternalisation, 397:Spirit of Peace. This evocation will bring to humanity that stimulation and active desire toExternalisation, 398:into one united invocation the massed intent of humanity as a whole and the enlightened purpose ofExternalisation, 398:the Hierarchy. This fusion of the two groups - Humanity and the Hierarchy - may then suffice toExternalisation, 398:way: A revelation of light and understanding to humanity as a whole, leading them to knowledge andExternalisation, 398:that light shall we see Light." In that light, humanity will know what to do and how to rectifyExternalisation, 398:at this time. Such is the will of God for humanity and such is the intent and purpose of Shamballa.Externalisation, 399:longing, aspiration, desire and intent [399] of humanity so as to bring about the neededExternalisation, 399:period of reconstruction and help rehabilitate humanity, and lead to a saner, better, truer way ofExternalisation, 399:an act of fusion and of cooperation, thus aiding humanity and throwing your small individual effortExternalisation, 400:you can act as a mediating factor between humanity and the Hierarchy, bridging the gap between theExternalisation, 400:All past divine revelations have brought humanity to the point where (spiritually speaking) man'sExternalisation, 401:of spiritual energy and the protecting of humanity from energies and forces which they are not, atExternalisation, 401:are present: the protection and liberation of humanity and the stimulation of mankind through theExternalisation, 403:who knows the extent of His sacrificial work for humanity, the wonder of the revelation which HeExternalisation, 404:group of disciples, the spiritual leaders of humanity; the way to Christ, the living, lovingExternalisation, 404:of all who truly know and truly love, will bring humanity the new revelation for which they wait.Externalisation, 405:and right human relations. For this we work, and humanity is moving towards that relationship - andExternalisation, 406:down the ages, God drew nearer to His people and humanity (blindly and unconscious of theirExternalisation, 406:have been of a major nature, affecting humanity as a whole, and some of them are of less importanceExternalisation, 407:Hierarchy has been steadily drawing nearer to humanity as men have become more conscious ofExternalisation, 407:center of which we are each consciously a part, Humanity itself. There are, therefore, three greatExternalisation, 407:planet: Shamballa, the spiritual Hierarchy, and Humanity. There is definite Biblical testimony toExternalisation, 408:Hierarchy for the release and the guidance of humanity are evoked by human desire and demand, forExternalisation, 408:there is a spiritual interplay existing between Humanity and the Hierarchy, and between both andExternalisation, 409:of thus invoking the Approach. This attitude of humanity will lead to a new revelation, to the newExternalisation, 409:Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet drew nearer to humanity; the spiritual Way to God was opened forExternalisation, 410:Approaches, and through Their united effort, humanity throughout the world has been prepared toExternalisation, 411:those great Lives Who are waiting today to help humanity. The work of these two Sons of GodExternalisation, 411:The opportunity which was to be presented to humanity [412] to take a tremendous step forward andExternalisation, 413:Approaches and two minor. These have prepared humanity for the third great Approach which willExternalisation, 414:new when first sequentially presented to humanity. Externalisation, 414:What this third major Approach will bring to humanity we do not and cannot know. It will bringExternalisation, 414:the hearts of men everywhere today and for which humanity is now fighting. As the Members of the
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