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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Externalisation, 611:may be fundamentally true where the mass of humanity is concerned, and that the purely intellectualExternalisation, 612:faith is, if the objective is love of God and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left HisExternalisation, 616:and anxious publicly to appear to His loved humanity only adds to the sense of general frustration,Externalisation, 617:and effort by the Forces of Evil - unless humanity itself has first sealed "the door where evilExternalisation, 618:may be - infringe upon the [618] divine right of humanity to achieve freedom by fighting forExternalisation, 621:the time which could be given to the service of humanity. I ask those who are seeking to tread theExternalisation, 622:goodwill, seeking to enlarge the horizon of humanity, and thus prepare the way for the One WhomExternalisation, 622:alike of angels and of men. Thirdly, there is humanity itself, "the center which we call the raceExternalisation, 623:full of chaos, [623] turmoil and confusion, a humanity full of pain, bewilderment, disturbance, yetExternalisation, 623:that it must be the one world for the one humanity. They desire simply emotional peace, security inExternalisation, 625:and ideologies, the true assistance of the One Humanity is overlooked. The fact remains that hadExternalisation, 625:vision of the spiritual realities, of the one humanity and the one world, and had their objectiveExternalisation, 626:which they all create. Yet all the time, the one humanity - no matter what the place of residence,Externalisation, 627:terms of resources and finance. In the meantime, humanity starves, remains uneducated, is broughtExternalisation, 628:though not yet "sealed" behind the door where humanity can put them and which the New TestamentExternalisation, 630:the third prerequisite is the service of the one humanity. The fourth prerequisite must be theExternalisation, 630:fifth prerequisite: a vital and sure belief in humanity as a whole. There must be no pessimism asExternalisation, 630:and not some outer divine intervention. Humanity is sound and rapidly awakening. We are passingExternalisation, 631:to this physical outer world, if the need of humanity for right human relations, and theExternalisation, 631:out of the esoteric teaching) in order to aid humanity and the work of the Hierarchy, to both ofExternalisation, 632:it was my task to bring to the attention of humanity everywhere throughout the world have beenExternalisation, 632:effective group of workers, intermediate between Humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy of theExternalisation, 632:which will then be established between humanity and the Hierarchy. The work of hierarchicalExternalisation, 632:is at present largely internal and concerns not humanity at this time. I have made it entirelyExternalisation, 635:is the teaching given by the Christ which saves humanity - not any symbolic death upon a cross. MenExternalisation, 636:were essential to the future of mankind. But humanity had not learned the needed lessons. As I haveExternalisation, 636:because of the divine principle of free will in humanity - cannot foretell how men will act inExternalisation, 637:what form it takes, but is ever on the side of humanity. The spirit of evil which animated GermanExternalisation, 638:relations. This super-world and this unified humanity is a true ideal, but is not a feasibleExternalisation, 638:will eventually take place which will destroy humanity as once before it was destroyed, accordingExternalisation, 639:world, one in which it will be found that humanity has learned very little as the result of theExternalisation, 639:distant creation of the One World, and the One Humanity. This will some day be seen, but the timeExternalisation, 640:I am a member, are drawing steadily nearer to humanity; in the past I have used the statement toExternalisation, 641:prayer and focuses the invocative demand of humanity. 2. Enlarge the work of the Triangles so that,Externalisation, 642:bound up, as they are, with the concerns of humanity, and this by His Own choice. Many today in allExternalisation, 643:expression of divine purpose will be fulfiled if humanity (as a whole) stands in steady expectancy,Externalisation, 643:of the different types of people who compose humanity and who are represented in the Ashrams byExternalisation, 644:work than dealing with the consciousness of humanity. Next comes the Master Morya and His Ashram,Externalisation, 645:result of an intensified educational process. Humanity, as yet, does not know how to handle wiselyExternalisation, 645:type of energy is the easiest one for modern humanity to receive - which is perhaps a sadExternalisation, 647:who are completely dedicated to the service of humanity and to the establishing of right humanExternalisation, 648:to fusion and union. The separateness of humanity, and its selfishness, had reached such vastExternalisation, 648:- in response to the massed inchoate demand of humanity - the Hierarchy called for spiritualExternalisation, 649:important results for which the Hierarchy hopes. Humanity is deemed to have reached a point inExternalisation, 650:stirring of this spiritual movement - linking humanity and the Hierarchy. This is due to theirExternalisation, 651:to this that all with true vision and a love of humanity are called today; it means the spreadingExternalisation, 652:a result of the preparatory work done by and for humanity), the Hierarchy is externalized orExternalisation, 652:given. Will this system of working on behalf of humanity come to an end? In what manner will theExternalisation, 652:of these changes and organization will average humanity be aware? These and many similar questionsExternalisation, 653:the thinking of those who are preparing humanity for the reappearance of the Christ must be mostExternalisation, 653:and all aspirants and disciples, is to prepare humanity for two events: The organization of certainExternalisation, 655:"below the threshold of the consciousness" of humanity, and necessarily of the Hierarchy. ItsExternalisation, 655:be in the hands of that great planetary center, Humanity; therefore, to mankind will then beExternalisation, 655:today are reaching down into the very depths of humanity, thus bringing to the surface the mentalExternalisation, 656:was sensed, registered and voiced for humanity by Franklin D. Roosevelt in The Four Freedoms, soExternalisation, 656:the transmutation of the sad and sorry past of humanity into the glorious prospect of the New Era.Externalisation, 656:the reappearance of the Christ. 4. The energy of humanity itself, organized and directed by theExternalisation, 658:workers must learn to present to seeking humanity. They concern the creating and the vitalizing ofExternalisation, 658:will emerge later in the historical processes of humanity. 6. The energy of the first divine aspectExternalisation, 658:permitted to make contact with "the substance of humanity" via the Hierarchy. Lately, direct impactExternalisation, 659:resultant effectiveness is due to the fact that humanity is using this mantram in steadilyExternalisation, 661:towards the third great planetary center, Humanity, stimulating the aura of that mass of livingExternalisation, 661:to fail, because the point of sensitivity of humanity makes [662] failure inevitable - if successExternalisation, 663:His work on Earth and bring a new salvation to humanity. The Christ is working, therefore, in veryExternalisation, 664:subordinate them to the good of the whole of humanity. Externalisation, 670:of the synthesis of this hierarchical work for humanity, and thereby give to all men and women ofExternalisation, 670:who is trying to serve? The one thing which humanity needs today is the realization that there is aExternalisation, 670:carrying forward. From the standpoint of average humanity, who think in terms of earthly happiness,Externalisation, 671:himself - as an independent divine unit of humanity - is non-existent, from the totalitarian pointExternalisation, 671:of men? Or would you have the Masters lead humanity itself, through right understanding, to takeExternalisation, 672:all who work and struggle for the good of humanity and under the direction of the Hierarchy, takeExternalisation, 672:but It is approaching daily and yearly closer to humanity. The power of the focused, spiritualExternalisation, 674:In the great Approach of the Hierarchy to humanity and its imminent appearance upon the physicalExternalisation, 679:could be regarded as being also "imposed" upon humanity, and therefore as infringing human freedom.Externalisation, 679:come forth into exoteric manifestation because humanity has, of its own free will, developed aExternalisation, 681:by the units in all ashrams to the needs of humanity, to the quality of the program for theirExternalisation, 681:and with the Christ, on the one hand, and with humanity, on the other. With this as a foundationalExternalisation, 684:sense remains inactive, for only advanced humanity lives constantly in touch with the world ofExternalisation, 684:assumed on behalf of mankind, standing between humanity and the emanations and influences and theExternalisation, 685:of the potent outgoing influence, the Plan for humanity - as a Whole - was imparted with emphasisExternalisation, 685:by them was formulated clearly and presented to humanity. H.P.B. (one of the first workingExternalisation, 685:entire evolutionary process - a process in which humanity (again for the first time) isExternalisation, 685:ancient "sharing of the secrets," and to prepare humanity for a civilization which will beExternalisation, 687:sympathetic and understanding contact with all humanity and with all events that affect humanity.Externalisation, 687:all humanity and with all events that affect humanity. It was prophecy which impelled the Christ toExternalisation, 687:He would walk with Them in the plain sight of humanity. He pictured Them as one with the FatherExternalisation, 688:the two other planetary centers (Shamballa and Humanity), but They are acutely aware of the ForcesExternalisation, 688:are negated by a rapid spiritualizing of humanity, the power of cosmic evil will correspondinglyExternalisation, 688:evil that the Hierarchy stands in protection of humanity. Hitherto it has been the task ofExternalisation, 688:working through the Hierarchy, to protect humanity from the "intention to destroy" of the cosmicExternalisation, 689:been used instinctually and oft unconsciously by humanity for purely material ends, and areExternalisation, 690:in relation both to Shamballa and to [690] Humanity, ushers in the cycle of complete defeat ofExternalisation, 693:that the work to be done is not confined only to humanity, but also to the forms of life in theExternalisation, 695:esoteric possibility, and in their lives love of humanity and love of the Christ is a basic andExternalisation, 697:in their presentation) to the consciousness of humanity. I have also done much to stimulate fromExternalisation, 700:The exoteric training of disciples and of humanity in this new cycle. Meanwhile, what is it thatExternalisation, 701:that infringes human free will and which keeps humanity in ignorance; it applies equally to anyExternalisation, 701:love, and that Christ is coming because He loves humanity. This is the message which you must giveFire, viii:practical usefulness in solving the problems of humanity. Heretofore, advanced esoteric teachingFire, xiii:thought has been a necessary one for humanity, because the mysticism of the Middle Ages had led
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