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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Glamour, 199:begin to carry forward this work. Only thus can humanity be helped to leave behind the errors, theGlamour, 200:in response to the aspirational nature of humanity and which provide the enticements which lead theGlamour, 202:desire as an incentive, thus demonstrating his humanity and his distinction from the animal,Glamour, 203:of Good in the individual, in the group and in humanity. Then dualism and the desire for that whichGlamour, 206:which is slowly unfolding before the eyes of humanity. The light of the personal lower self revealsGlamour, 214:successfully clear away the glamors which darken humanity's way to its goal, through the power ofGlamour, 221:from the lower aspect of the human unit and from humanity as a whole, meet at a point of tensionGlamour, 224:formula to be used by those who seek to serve humanity by deliberately breaking up and dispersingGlamour, 224:person loves - with an all round appreciation of humanity, an understanding heart, plus a criticalGlamour, 225:of piercing the glamors which dim the vision of humanity and of dissipating them will be the firstGlamour, 225:of holding back the glamors until such time as humanity was ready to destroy that which it hadGlamour, 226:as a major hindrance to the progress of humanity be one of the first handled by the group. I wouldGlamour, 227:who can face the same facts in connection with humanity, and can stand serene and unafraid in theGlamour, 229:national, and also its widespread influence over humanity as a whole. The experience of the groupGlamour, 229:and more widely dispersed glamors which trouble humanity as a whole. This preface to the work isGlamour, 230:the long limbed Cross of the Christ or of divine humanity. The Cross is not, as you well know,Glamour, 235:the individual angle and as an act of service to humanity. That all the groups may learn toGlamour, 241:this is true of the life of the individual or of humanity as a whole. Illumination reveals first ofGlamour, 245:fully developed on Earth, through the agency of humanity. The will and the breath, my brother, areGlamour, 246:is, as you know, a part of the etheric body of humanity and this, in its turn, is an aspect of theGlamour, 260:to the great symphony which the Hierarchy and Humanity are playing, and playing now. EveryGlamour, 266:brings to an end the path of development for humanity and inaugurates a cycle of existence of whichGlamour, 266:with the Plan and occupied with the salvaging of humanity and, secondly, as a disciple of SanatHealing, 5:upon the physical body of the condition of humanity as a whole. A human being is an integral partHealing, 5:as a whole. A human being is an integral part of humanity, an organism in a greater organism.Healing, 10:of their beliefs in the real freedom of humanity from ordinary ills of the flesh, are they notHealing, 12:intended union, we call the soul, the self where humanity is concerned, and the integratingHealing, 12:in their effects, and must be so regarded by humanity if the right attitude towards disease is toHealing, 13:and techniques of alleviation are peculiar to humanity and are the result of man's mental activity.Healing, 14:and put a premium on suicide. Fortunately for humanity, the whole tendency of life is againstHealing, 15:laws and principles which will indicate the way humanity may gain release from the formHealing, 16:much good and constructive work, and the debt of humanity to the wisdom, skill and unselfishHealing, 23:cancer are the most important where our present humanity is concerned; they are inherited and alsoHealing, 24:the most numerous, owing to the fact that humanity cannot as yet deal with [25] these en masse. TheHealing, 28:profession is great, and the service rendered to humanity by the profession does largely offset theHealing, 29:[29] nature, and are consequently inherent in humanity itself. Just as the insect world devastatesHealing, 32:Definite methods of healing are peculiar to humanity, and mental in origin. Disease is a fact inHealing, 38:the vital or etheric bodies of the masses of humanity are governed primarily and swept intoHealing, 44:for the bulk of the physical ills which attack humanity. A right grasp of their preponderatingHealing, 45:Causal body Creative Artists - All advanced humanity - The Intelligentsia 4. Throat center ThyroidHealing, 45:Knowledge petals Mental body Average humanity - Ordinary people 5. Solar plexus Pancreas StomachHealing, 49:is inherited from the past. Disease inherent in humanity as a whole. There are certain diseases toHealing, 55:predispositions that are the dubious heritage of humanity as a whole, and to those difficultiesHealing, 55:From the general racial heritage of humanity. From the condition of the planetary life. TheseHealing, 57:any statements anent the situation possibly help humanity. [58] One generalization I can, however,Healing, 58:is a gift to modern man from the Atlantean humanity, and the scourge of this disease was the majorHealing, 61:interest. I have said that these taints to which humanity is prone are found in the soil, and thatHealing, 65:clearest to define. The other diseases to which humanity is heir are sometimes not so easy toHealing, 66:would only consider the ills to which advanced humanity, the aspirants and disciples of all degreesHealing, 66:with the whole gamut of diseases which affect humanity as a whole, or down the ages. The moreHealing, 71:for it is not true. Things are not well and humanity and the planetary life are not well. This, theHealing, 78:- the major cause of difficulty for the bulk of humanity or of those people whom we esotericallyHealing, 83:however, so real that only little by little can humanity grasp the situation and come to theHealing, 88:of trouble, owing to the fact that the bulk of humanity is astrally focused, just as the bulk ofHealing, 90:the outer forms of malignant disease. When humanity regains an understanding of the right use ofHealing, 93:for disease. It antedates the arrival of humanity upon the planet. There is disease in the mineralHealing, 94:of disease to wrong thinking. But in reality, humanity must some day learn that it is only theHealing, 107:lies hidden in the emotional body wherein humanity at this time is polarized. The circulatoryHealing, 112:which are indigenous to the matter of which humanity has chosen to construct its physical vehicle,Healing, 112:are paramount factors, yet with the bulk of humanity still in the Atlantean stages ofHealing, 113:- of this we are learning much. [113] That of humanity as a whole - this is beginning to beHealing, 114:inherited in common with all the rest of humanity. Planetary evil, incident to the point achievedHealing, 116:are unique and confined primarily to advanced humanity) will be the result of over-stimulation orHealing, 117:There are many conditions prevalent in humanity [118] at this time which can be subjected to theHealing, 120:disease. They are attempting to be one with all humanity, and this includes, therefore, all theHealing, 121:it to say that the three major diseases of humanity to which reference has been made take theirHealing, 122:all disciples are energy centers in the body of humanity and are in process of becoming points ofHealing, 127:culture and civilization. The entire focus of humanity's consciousness is being changed; theHealing, 127:to the race. Once the individual disciple, and humanity as well, symbolizing the world disciple,Healing, 128:is needed to all parts of the great framework of humanity. The blood is the life, and freeHealing, 128:Today these conditions do not exist, the body of humanity is diseased and its internal lifeHealing, 128:the terrific crisis of the present to arouse humanity to its diseased condition, to the extent ofHealing, 128:be so great, and the diseases of the "blood of humanity" (symbolically understood) so severe thatHealing, 128:and aspirants share in this universal disease of humanity which must take its toll psychologicallyHealing, 129:and with a consequently intended freedom of humanity from the ills and problems of the past. ThisHealing, 131:bring about the bulk of the problems to which humanity falls heir. These are lack of love, lack ofHealing, 148:The eye of the Mother - the personality - HUMANITY. The third aspect of intelligence. Related toHealing, 151:powerful and well developed center where average humanity is concerned. It is interesting to noteHealing, 152:to the Path. It is called an initiation, by humanity, because in Lemurian days, it was then theHealing, 153:center through which the intelligence aspect of humanity focuses creatively. It is therefore theHealing, 154:energy of that great planetary center called Humanity flows. The three major planetary centers areHealing, 154:planetary centers are Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. When perfection has been achieved, theHealing, 154:flow through the heart center, and the energy of humanity will focus through the throat center,Healing, 154:the new heavens and the new earth. Then humanity will have reached the summit of its evolutionaryHealing, 156:(given the blind selfishness of the bulk of humanity) because it had become necessary to do awayHealing, 156:religion and of the crystallized social order. Humanity has now reached a point of group awarenessHealing, 157:brings about two results: The regeneration of humanity through love. The relationship, firmlyHealing, 157:firmly established, between a rapidly developing humanity and the Hierarchy. In this way two greatHealing, 157:two great planetary centers - the Hierarchy and Humanity - are brought into a close contact andHealing, 161:to the heart of all things which, as far as humanity is at present concerned, is the Hierarchy. HeHealing, 161:He is drawn into close service relationship with humanity. His growing sense of responsibility, dueHealing, 161:and he thinks in terms of the group and of humanity. These two relationships on his part areHealing, 162:energies we can trace much of the discomfort of humanity in its various bodies; it is the inabilityHealing, 169:the most active - generally speaking - in humanity as a whole, is still the sacral center; the mostHealing, 170:factor in the life of the personality for all humanity below the grade of probationary disciple. AtHealing, 171:and of desire impulses and energies and, because humanity is today becoming active in a group senseHealing, 171:the center in the etheric vehicle through which humanity (average, unenlightened humanity) [172]Healing, 171:through which humanity (average, unenlightened humanity) [172] lives and moves and has its being.Healing, 172:[172] lives and moves and has its being. Humanity is conditioned by desire - good desire, selfishHealing, 174:and these set the pace for the rest of humanity. This they achieve through the pressure of life
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