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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Healing, 180:animal nature and functions of average humanity. There is necessarily much more that I could add toHealing, 183:initiate and the service of the Hierarchy and of Humanity. The spinal column (from the angle of theHealing, 192:all the major and minor difficulties to which humanity seems heir. In undeveloped humanity, theHealing, 192:to which humanity seems heir. In undeveloped humanity, the conflict (from the angle ofHealing, 193:through nations and great planetary areas. As humanity develops, diseases become more personal (ifHealing, 220:cure of the bulk of the diseases now troubling humanity. We have, therefore, studied to someHealing, 220:with those which emanate from the group life of humanity and from the karmic liabilities ofHealing, 221:those which concern our Aryan race and modern humanity; these are largely astral in origin andHealing, 222:on the physical plane of the basic synthesis of humanity which will be - in its better form - soHealing, 223:the sixth root-race, and which will be in fact Humanity without any racial or national barriers,Healing, 224:initial stages. Inevitably a more homogeneous humanity will appear during the changes of the nextHealing, 224:various kinds, particularly afflicting advanced humanity. Insanities. [225] Cancer, so widelyHealing, 225:To the trained occult observer, it is as if humanity - as a whole - is walking partly in a denseHealing, 226:will require all the factors mentioned to lift humanity out of the darkness of disease intoHealing, 226:Causes Emanating from Group Life 1. Diseases of Humanity, Inherited from the Past History, asHealing, 226:historian and scientist may extend the story of humanity to millions of years, there is naughtHealing, 227:borne in mind that the physical bodies in which humanity now dwells are constructed of very ancientHealing, 228:as I have told you elsewhere, to teach infant humanity the nature, meaning and significance of theHealing, 228:and spheres to aid animal-man and primitive humanity. Healing, 229:today to refrain from certain physical habits. Humanity then knew well what was evil, because theHealing, 230:the soil of the planet. As the ages passed away, humanity entered into the Atlantean stage ofHealing, 231:driven back into retreat and are inaccessible to humanity; neither can I indicate to you theHealing, 235:have both been tried in the effort to salvage humanity. Today, death by fire is the appliedHealing, 235:to the great Lemurian and Atlantean crises, humanity is now far more mentally alert, the causes ofHealing, 235:planetary life itself and the heritage of all humanity, for in all, the breaking of certain lawsHealing, 236:disappear for three reasons: The orientation of humanity towards the light is steadily changing andHealing, 236:and clairaudience will eventually tend to strip humanity of the privacy in which to sin. The powersHealing, 236:the psychic state and physical condition of humanity, its quality and consciousness, are alreadyHealing, 237:beginning to show [237] themselves in advanced humanity. People will sin, commit evil deeds andHealing, 238:affecting very largely the advanced types of humanity who - through interest in business andHealing, 241:diseases and obscure complaints which plague humanity. The open-minded investigator, however, whoHealing, 248:as to disease and death in relation to humanity: Law VIII Disease and death are the result of twoHealing, 249:after the consequent epidemic has spent itself. Humanity, particularly in Eastern Europe, had notHealing, 249:Time alone will demonstrate how successful humanity is in offsetting the penalties which outragedHealing, 250:of the Law of Karma to disease and death and to humanity as a whole. In the consideration of racialHealing, 251:their quota to the general ill health of humanity. These conditions are universally recognized andHealing, 254:among people, to empty our sanatoriums, to rid humanity of the basic diseases, of lunacy andHealing, 254:and can work together for the release of humanity from disease, we shall then arrive at anHealing, 255:groups striving for the physical well-being of humanity which makes it almost impossible for me toHealing, 257:emotional, mental and spiritual - of which humanity is capable. Orthodox medicine is more open toHealing, 261:of selfishness and fear. The Liberation of Humanity by the United Nations. We are participating inHealing, 261:through the symbolic liberation of a section of humanity (the remnants [262] of the first twoHealing, 262:in the lives of nations and in the life of humanity? A tremendous move to put right most ancientHealing, 262:which have produced the effects under which humanity today suffers. Healing, 262:incontrovertible fact in the consciousness of humanity everywhere. They may not call it by thatHealing, 262:world today and which is so potently affecting humanity - things of beauty and of horror, modes ofHealing, 263:artistic expression and the many ways in which humanity throughout the planet colors existence -Healing, 263:which Man - the Heavenly Man in whom we live, humanity as a whole, mankind in groups as nations,Healing, 264:factually and symbolically, they are humanity; factually and symbolically, they stand as they haveHealing, 264:forgetting their symbolic role and that it is Humanity which is the chosen people and not one smallHealing, 265:races, thus demonstrating recognition of the One Humanity. Healing, 265:their high symbolic destiny, and if the rest of humanity would see themselves in the Jewish people,Healing, 265:terms of national and racial units, the karma of humanity would radically change from theHealing, 266:united joint activity to bring about the good of humanity as a whole, and not just the good of anHealing, 268:kingdom. St. Paul summed up the attitude which humanity should assume in the words: "There isHealing, 269:There is neither Jew nor Gentile; there is only Humanity. This war (1914-1945) should be regardedHealing, 269:time, achieved the highest spiritual goal for humanity whilst in a Jewish vehicle. The Hierarchy isHealing, 269:who are endeavoring to fuse all people into one humanity, thus bridging the gap. Again, I say, thatHealing, 270:basic diseases which today take such a toll of humanity and which are not fundamentally beingHealing, 278:of the planet, leading to the herd life of humanity and the consequent economic problem - toHealing, 278:when the fear of death disappears and when humanity learns the significance of time and [279] theHealing, 283:the group of initiates who sought to influence humanity through its agency, and had it developedHealing, 290:to handle rationally. Karma was, for infant humanity and for the undeveloped individual, a groupHealing, 291:become better known in the coming world cycle. Humanity has worked off much evil karma, and theHealing, 291:necessarily punitive and distressing, owing to humanity's ignorance and low stage of development.Healing, 291:appalling world experience, it indicates that humanity has reached a point where consequences canHealing, 293:and can be studied and considered only when humanity has reached such a stage of intuitiveHealing, 298:divinely developed as They are. The problem of humanity in respect to imperfection is complicated,Healing, 301:stomach troubles which devastate [301] civilized humanity - far more than the savage races. CertainHealing, 301:we have a strong indication as to the reason why humanity (the fourth kingdom in nature) succumbsHealing, 301:and such ease to disease. The conflicts to which humanity is so constantly summoned, both in groupHealing, 303:responsible for much of the ills and diseases of humanity which are based upon the misuse of theHealing, 305:Beings Who express a divinity unattainable by humanity at any time upon this particular planet. YouHealing, 305:whereas in this solar system it marks defeat for humanity. This system, including all the planetsHealing, 329:for effective work, owing to the polarization of humanity at this time and to the lack of correctHealing, 329:or occidental bodies. To them I would say: Humanity is one and the same all over the world, andHealing, 331:third aspect of divinity, expressing itself in humanity. There is also the dual energy which theHealing, 333:to the point in evolution reached: Low-grade humanity uses the solar plexus as the point where theHealing, 333:a slight activity in the ajna center. Average humanity works partly through the solar plexus centerHealing, 340:of electric light and the general glare in which humanity now lives, will exact its toll from theHealing, 349:has never been emphasized, and the knowledge of humanity on the subject of karma is veryHealing, 354:from the aggregate of bodily cells in massed humanity may produce in certain types of people anHealing, 362:be sensed and felt; they cannot be approached by humanity as yet through the medium of the thoughtHealing, 374:those new enterprises which will speed humanity upon its way. Among these new enterprises theHealing, 381:of the underlying causes of disease. Behind humanity lies a very ancient past, wherein so-calledHealing, 382:souls, and the coming of the Hierarchy and Humanity into a closer relationship. The blendingHealing, 382:be slowly and correctly stamped out in toto as humanity shifts its consciousness on to the mentalHealing, 384:and nothing yet has ever succeeded in stopping humanity from passing through that door; down theHealing, 384:that subject which has for so long a time driven humanity into the depths of despair and of fear. IHealing, 387:problem of disease and healing and to train humanity in a better and happier sense of proportionHealing, 393:is the Presence of the Christ, indicating to humanity the fact of the soul and that we are saved byHealing, 395:are Death. It will be obvious to you that when humanity attains this outlook upon the fact of deathHealing, 395:will be steadily growing in intelligence, and humanity will be increasingly focused upon mentalHealing, 395:a very serious distortion) is largely based on humanity's wishful thinking, with very little trueHealing, 401:also argue at times that the crowning gift to humanity is a developed and cultured mind, and thatHealing, 402:distinctions and differences which distinguish humanity. It is only tenable upon the theory of anHealing, 404:brain. Where no physical brain exists, what humanity understands by time is non-existent. TheHealing, 410:the light upon the processes of death which humanity is today demanding. Healing, 423:field of [423] glamor (the new field in which humanity must learn consciously to work), have beenHealing, 424:as we can manage. The fear complex of humanity finds its point of entrance into man's consciousness
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