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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Healing, 425:change in this condition, owing to the fact that humanity - on a much larger scale than ever knownHealing, 432:Because of this wholesale destruction, humanity has made a very rapid advance towards a more sereneHealing, 434:is the goal of the evolutionary process where humanity is concerned. After the third initiation,Healing, 435:of the "occult commands" of their own souls. As humanity becomes soul-conscious (and this will beHealing, 438:inevitably will be seen to have new meanings to humanity and many of the old ideas will vanish.Healing, 440:These are the vital factors in the life of humanity. The death of the physical form is a negligibleHealing, 448:as regards the third great planetary center, Humanity, when He said (and He was speaking as theHealing, 472:ends. Death in these cases is normal, and this humanity needs to grasp with greater patience,Healing, 478:been loved or hated, which has been useful to humanity or a liability, which has served the race orHealing, 480:and cancer - inherent in the individual man, in humanity as a whole, and also in our planet. I haveHealing, 481:of mistakes, faulty diagnosis and much error, humanity cannot do without its doctors, its surgeonsHealing, 481:this statement is no cause for discouragement. Humanity cannot be brought into a condition ofHealing, 489:as it will be the combined light of the soul of humanity (as a whole) which will dissolve finallyHealing, 497:the technique of the eliminative process. Humanity is at so many different stages - intermediateHealing, 510:mediator of soul life between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Again - ponder on this. Healing, 516:the solar light can pour for the helping of humanity. This is true to a certain degree, but is onlyHealing, 519:in order to carry on the work of salvaging humanity. Students would find it of value to study theHealing, 519:at the sepulchre - symbolizing His contact with Humanity. To the two disciples on the way to EmmausHealing, 522:Laws of Nature, are the highest laws to which humanity [523] (the highest kingdom in nature atHealing, 528:of a large group out of the ranks of average humanity on to the Path of Discipleship is inevitable.Healing, 530:and almost clairvoyant perception of developing humanity. One of the outstanding results of theHealing, 531:In the sincere investigator and lover of humanity in both groups will be found the future hope ofHealing, 531:medical science as it seeks to meet the need of humanity - a humanity which is becomingHealing, 531:as it seeks to meet the need of humanity - a humanity which is becoming increasingly sensitive andHealing, 545:the individual and his soul and the soul of humanity is becoming more direct and unimpeded.Healing, 546:will be slowly emerging. A new perspective upon humanity will be thereby attained. The nature ofHealing, 549:it is the keynote to the general well-being of humanity. The economic ills of mankind closelyHealing, 564:imposed and recognized as a law, governing humanity predominantly, by initiates working in theHealing, 564:the Atlantean. Curiously enough also, when humanity can function with its consciousness centeredHealing, 587:a fresh impulsing sense can also flow through humanity into the subhuman kingdoms in nature. ThisHealing, 598:parts of the Plan which have nothing to do with humanity. If they are among those who are occupiedHealing, 598:the Hierarchy, plus the scientific knowledge of humanity itself. In this connection also (and IHealing, 607:is owing to the rapid spiritual development of humanity, which enables men, for the first time andHealing, 610:hundreds of years ago. The consciousness of humanity is awakened everywhere; the most undevelopedHealing, 611:What is all this but the effort of the soul of humanity to kill out disease, restore unhealthyHealing, 612:process. This is not an easy point for humanity today to grasp. It is not possible or advisable forHealing, 615:between an angry God and a pitiful and ignorant humanity. Such was by no means the intent of HisHealing, 615:with the New World Religion. (The Problems of Humanity, Chapter VI; The Reappearance of the Christ,Healing, 615:itself is the intermediary between Shamballa and Humanity; the etheric plane (and by this I meanHealing, 616:and transmitted four qualities of this aspect to humanity, and consequently to the other kingdomsHealing, 616:other kingdoms in nature - the only four which humanity could absorb. Only one of these four is asHealing, 619:The second aspect The energy of love. 3. Humanity The ray of active intelligence The third aspectHealing, 621:to the entire world; He was the first of our humanity to arrive at this point in evolution, andHealing, 629:concept of great systems, conditioning humanity as a whole, which can be energized by the inflow ofHealing, 629:new life and health to the entire body of humanity via the planetary centers of divine livingnessHealing, 641:dominant note in the substance of the bodies of humanity; it is responsible for the universal illHealing, 647:at Shamballa are to us. They are not a menace to humanity but are not readily reached, except at aHealing, 661:with the spiritual nature or with the soul of humanity, and that - to the Master - the form isHealing, 662:of the steady inflow of material goods. Humanity has made this mistake for untold ages, and hasHealing, 663:teeth or bodily ills of some [663] nature - so humanity is sick and awaiting healing. The healingHealing, 663:only a very few on earth today. The sickness of humanity as a race, and as a result of aeons ofHealing, 664:and many, many aeons would still lie ahead of humanity before even the present point of humanHealing, 664:activity, it was decided by them but for humanity that the rapid hard way was to be tried. SinceHealing, 665:immortality, whilst ignoring the Law of Rebirth. Humanity is, therefore, progressing rapidly uponHealing, 665:corrected, and when the interest and emphasis of humanity is turned away from material conditions,Healing, 666:been to stand between the Forces of Evil and humanity, to bring imperfection into the light so thatHealing, 666:the Hierarchy has done, with small help from humanity; this situation is now changed and the worldHealing, 666:It marked a world turning point; it reoriented humanity towards the good; it drove back the ForcesHealing, 667:the case - to the Hierarchy and from thence to humanity. According to the type of man or group whoHealing, 668:a mortal blow to material evil, and its hold on humanity is greatly weakened. Confound not evilHealing, 669:the riches of the earth at the expense of humanity. Russia is today singularly free of such men, soHealing, 669:intelligently to use the latent imperfection in humanity and to impose the vast evil of war, withHealing, 669:all its results and far-reaching effects, upon humanity. The Black Lodge is the problem of theHealing, 669:of the White Lodge, and not the problem of humanity; for aeons the Hierarchy has handled thisHealing, 670:the methods and modes whereby They protect humanity from mobilized evil, and are gradually drivingHealing, 670:has relation to the imperfections with which humanity is wrestling, and is difficult for you toHealing, 671:of complete or perfect harmlessness, where humanity and the subsidiary kingdoms in nature areHealing, 671:of history and of the evolutionary progress of humanity would have been altered, and in a dire andHealing, 684:which is valueless, and - from the standpoint of humanity - that means those factors whichHealing, 693:This is the first time in human history wherein humanity is intelligent enough to registerHealing, 712:again the sixth ray comes into manifestation, humanity will have progressed far along the Path andHercules, 6:Hercules worked, and such is the goal before humanity as a whole, whose ultimate group achievementHercules, 7:reflection in our planetary life, in the life of humanity as a whole, and in the life of theHercules, 7:this, history reveals in a small way as far as humanity is concerned, and a larger study of theHercules, 7:God's purposes. There is an immense past behind humanity; aeons and aeons have come and gone; theHercules, 8:that of the individual aspirant and that of humanity as a whole. It is now possible to regard theHercules, 9:in Capricorn and becomes the server of humanity. Competition and selfish objectives have to beHercules, 11:realization and the object of the search that humanity has carried on down the ages. The exponentsHercules, 12:of our planet, is now focused upon leading humanity on to the Path of Discipleship, and trainingHercules, 17:and he likewise represents the point at which humanity now finds itself. His early name wasHercules, 17:spirit and matter. This duality is the glory of humanity and also constitutes the problem whichHercules, 29:test to the life of a disciple and to that of humanity as a whole. In studying the twelve labors,Hercules, 42:polar opposites which have been recognized by humanity as the inevitable laws of nature; theHercules, 73:sight of their spiritual selfishness by helping humanity, there will be a much more rapid gatheringHercules, 73:view the highest aspirations for the welfare of humanity become tainted with selfishness if, in theHercules, 74:the search of Hercules is equally applicable to humanity as a whole. He fell into the clutches ofHercules, 90:the soul into the world center which we call humanity. Capricorn admits the soul into consciousHercules, 101:stands as the symbol of individualization, of humanity, of the human being who knows himself to beHercules, 116:understanding, give us faith in the future of humanity, and strength to cooperate patiently withHercules, 116:origin; indeed is inherent in the duality of humanity and the solar system. To this fact ourHercules, 120:who is coming", the savior in Pisces who frees humanity from subservience to the form. Virgo itselfHercules, 121:the fact that it is "through the medium of humanity that a consummation of 'light' effectivenessHercules, 149:in society to be more important than the common humanity that makes men brothers; it views theHercules, 150:employed by him in this test. This primarily is humanity's problem, but individually we are soHercules, 151:for it is this labor which is engrossing humanity today. The true Scorpio test never takes placeHercules, 153:the red star. Why? Because the problem of humanity in this great solar system of ours is that ofHercules, 161:Well, I am going to tie myself to humanity by service, by love, by disinterested thought. ThatHercules, 161:all, which is what a lot of people do. Stay with humanity as Christ does, or like that great LifeHercules, 168:get service; kindness, kindness; love, love. If humanity is mistreating you, search yourself andHercules, 172:the emphasis on the descent into hell to free humanity (in the figure of the tortured Prometheus).
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