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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Hercules, 172:since we are told that the Christ broods over humanity until the last "little one" shall have comeHercules, 172:these if he chooses; and he does, to help all humanity, but that is not where his consciousness isHercules, 172:upon two great universal signs of service to humanity. For it is interesting that, in Aquarius, weHercules, 174:of friends, into exactly the same attitude for humanity, but it has nothing to do withHercules, 178:intentions. It is love of sensation that drives humanity hither and thither to satisfy hunger inHercules, 178:all sun gods are occupied with the problems of humanity and because desolate they go down into hellHercules, 178:desolate they go down into hell alone to save humanity; hence all sun gods are born in the sign ofHercules, 178:initiate in Capricorn, on his way to serve humanity in [179] Aquarius. In that sign he cleans theHercules, 179:the Christ to reappear and also which prepares humanity to recognize him and to be able to endureHercules, 183:of the bull in Taurus? Not the bestial nature of humanity that took the bull as a symbol of theHercules, 184:as the result of subjective forces playing upon humanity, we are now passing into the sign AquariusHercules, 184:five hundred years hence, can you picture what humanity will be like? The animal nature, theHercules, 184:is the prophecy, the thing that lies ahead for humanity in two thousand five hundred years' time.Hercules, 186:in the welfare of the particular section of humanity with which we are associated. It negatesHercules, 188:what is going on in this and other sections of humanity, is that you will see that, in spite ofHercules, 188:It will be, must be, a manifested fact before humanity as a whole can pass into Capricorn. TheyHercules, 190:the Masters would employ a new mode of reaching humanity, but he prepared the way for his own laterHercules, 191:now, in your day and mine, for the first time humanity is a coordinated complete unit with mind,Hercules, 192:larger picture, develop the consciousness of humanity as a whole. As Browning says: "Mankind madeHercules, 194:when the World Savior will again emerge and humanity will learn the next great truth and stepHercules, 198:had a vision of something he has to do. He sees humanity owned by a monster, a three-bodied man,Hercules, 198:and it is said that he saved nine hundred. Now humanity, the human monster, is ready for salvationHercules, 198:being ever an outstanding characteristic of humanity. They are guarded by a shepherd, which is theHercules, 198:men, so we can extend the concept and think of humanity as a whole with all minds held steady inHercules, 198:raise them up into heaven. That is the work of humanity. We are so occupied with our own problemsHercules, 199:fulfiled his [199] function. He had lifted up humanity. That is what all world saviors have done.Hercules, 199:out of the Father's home, called by the need of humanity to do a great work. Down the ages theyHercules, 199:they have sounded the note, the message that humanity needed in order to take the immediate nextHercules, 201:but upon whom is laid the burden of leading humanity. They are starting movements that have in themHercules, 202:have been the ashramic view that the status of humanity would not permit more than anHercules, 202:values, the suffering and the mental growth of humanity had produced an effect which we are toldHercules, 202:It is indeed a momentous thing to realize that humanity could so notably affect the time and mannerHercules, 202:We have repeatedly been told that only humanity could condition these points. Here is a dramaticHercules, 202:these points. Here is a dramatic instance of humanity's potential and responsibility in speeding upHercules, 204:by that Great One whose mission it is to lift humanity out of darkness into light, from .the unrealHercules, 207:revelations which has come almost unnoticed to humanity during the past century has been the slowHercules, 208:aspiration, and from the blindness of infant humanity to the pure vision of those who see God. AHercules, 209:that of the individual disciple and that of humanity as a whole, the great world disciple of whichHercules, 209:he is the prototype. It is possible to regard humanity as having reached, en masse, the stage ofHercules, 213:of reorientation. Turning point in the life of humanity and of the individual. Hercules became theHercules, 219:our planet, and upon the world of ideas. [219] Humanity, it is contended, has been and is affectedHercules, 220:of God make their appearance for the uplift of humanity and the saving of the world. It is alsoHercules, 226:Hydra. After Capricorn, he becomes a server of humanity, consecrated to the work of the Hierarchy,Hercules, 227:supreme test, which is also the supreme test for humanity, and which, if we study the times andHercules, 227:the times and seasons, appears that to which humanity is subjected at the present time. The problemInitiation, 5:for instance, looked at from the standpoint of humanity (using the word "fact" in the scientificInitiation, 24:- The Work of the Hierarchy To set an Example to Humanity The fourth thing that men need to knowInitiation, 25:patience and experience. These elder brothers of humanity are characterized by a love whichInitiation, 29:is the Silent Watcher, as far as our immediate humanity is concerned, although literally theInitiation, 29:very few, until lately, from our immediate earth humanity. Those who are now the inner group aroundInitiation, 30:schemes, yet those who have triumphed in our own humanity are rapidly increasing in number, andInitiation, 34:could be filled by the members of earth's humanity who qualified. This door is called the Portal ofInitiation, 34:wrong, was enunciated solely for the benefit of humanity, and to enable men to cast off the fettersInitiation, 35:of mind, which is the distinctive quality of humanity, to enable him, through the balancing of theInitiation, 35:against each other, and this for the helping of humanity. The struggle still persists, and theInitiation, 35:are having, and will have a profound effect upon humanity, but the result desired is beingInitiation, 38:and for the furthering of the evolution of humanity. Sometimes they have appeared as beneficentInitiation, 46:the Masters now working in physical bodies for humanity, who is the regent for India, and theInitiation, 51:to those Masters who work in connection with humanity. Were the deva evolution being dealt with,Initiation, 55:of the race for the benefit of the whole of humanity. The Master M. has a large body of pupilsInitiation, 58:the work of healing some of the physical ills of humanity. He it was who dictated a large part ofInitiation, 71:else, is pledged to do three things: To serve humanity. To cooperate with the plan of the GreatInitiation, 80:be trusted to wield it only for the helping of humanity, and wherein - after the fourth initiationInitiation, 84:vehicle, and the rendering of greater service to humanity. After this initiation the initiate isInitiation, 85:souls - sensing the dire and crying need of humanity - are sacrificing all in order to meet thatInitiation, 88:among many brethren, one of the earliest of our humanity to take initiation. Browning brings outInitiation, 90:This refers only to those who stay to help humanity on this globe; we will deal later with some ofInitiation, 103:power, the embodied of ideals, the worker for humanity, who unfailingly brings results whichInitiation, 104:manifestation, over-shadow or stay with our humanity. They are not very many in number, for theInitiation, 105:the Lord of the World, carries to the assembled humanity a dual stream of force, that emanatingInitiation, 159:of an adept producing results for the helping of humanity on the physical plane; and of an ordinaryInitiation, 161:not a "sacred" scheme, and few, if any, of our humanity achieve the eighth and ninth initiations.Initiation, 169:of the unwary. Not thus work the brothers of humanity. The secret of the coherence of the atom isInitiation, 170:entities who wield the law for the benefit of humanity, and thus enable men to become fullyInitiation, 186:and more will be found out as members of our humanity fit themselves to contact the Brotherhood.Initiation, 188:being impossible. The bulk of liberated humanity goes this way, and the prospect holds out gloriousInitiation, 220:system. They took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago,Initiation, 222:of that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits. Permanent atom Those fiveIntellect, 5:factor, representative of only one part of humanity. The widening of our own consciousness oughtIntellect, 11:is that of a "disintegrating personality." If humanity is not potential, if man has reached hisIntellect, 13:time! But, along with this tendency toward pure humanity and the drift away from theIntellect, 21:One of the many factors which have brought humanity to its present point of development has beenIntellect, 27:facts and with his arbitrary environment? Humanity must be led out and into a deeper and widerIntellect, 31:ethical revelation; and that it is possible that humanity is the custodian of an illumination and aIntellect, 31:that the real goal of education is to lead humanity out of the fourth or human kingdom into thatIntellect, 34:and the wonder of the realization that humanity has produced such marvels of comprehensiveIntellect, 35:Have our present educational systems brought humanity, as a whole, to a condition where manyIntellect, 39:those deeper potentialities towards which all humanity tends. The evocation of the will-to-know,Intellect, 42:in the minds of men of the God-Idea, and so led humanity forward along the path of spiritualIntellect, 60:is steadily mounting the ladder of achievement. Humanity, through its vast groups of educated andIntellect, 74:and of interior promptings, which have forced humanity up the ladder of evolution to its presentIntellect, 123:and of synthesis. The entire history of evolving humanity might be considered from the angle ofIntellect, 126:his place as a conscious cell in the body of humanity. He is beginning to get some realization ofIntellect, 172:but the rays of mental light to illuminate all humanity and is therefore the channel for the worldIntellect, 172:world soul. The rays of mental light assist all humanity in its mental growth and expansion... andIntellect, 180:utilized. A few have known them and spoken to humanity about them, but they are only utilized byIntellect, 181:arrived at some understanding of the nature of humanity and the mind, can we not begin to grasp theIntellect, 183:and Spirit. Through that race and through the humanity of the future there will be seen not only aIntellect, 244:training of the advanced thinkers and leaders of humanity, through whom They can work, to spend anyIntellect, 250:many to separate themselves off from the rest of humanity and to regard themselves as the elect of
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