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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Magic, 382:there to have further lessons just as infant humanity when passing out of the animal kingdom wasMagic, 384:seven types, there are corresponding types of humanity, you say doubtless that that is clear andMagic, 388:to undergo the processes of manifestation as humanity does. He can then construct, for the work,Magic, 390:control which is steadily waxing stronger. All humanity is striving towards the fourth plane ofMagic, 396:have therefore in the sequential development of humanity the following stages: That of the animalMagic, 400:no Master save the group they seek to serve, and humanity whom they deeply love. They have noMagic, 400:their fellow workers in the work of salvaging humanity. It does not matter if their terminologiesMagic, 403:as now, possessed aspiration, a desire to serve humanity, devotion and occasionally a fair mentalMagic, 403:one as the plan of evolution or the plan for humanity which we call by the somewhat unmeaning termMagic, 403:is the production of a subjective synthesis in humanity and of a telepathic interplay which willMagic, 405:age could profitably be employed. First of all, humanity must have its consciousness elevated toMagic, 406:part in the work of world evolution as far as humanity is concerned. Magic, 407:Through their activities we [407] now have a humanity in close relation, though not at-one, and aMagic, 407:in close relation, though not at-one, and a humanity characterized by three things: An amazingMagic, 409:of the Hierarchy are aware that the heart of humanity is sound and that out of the present chaosMagic, 412:itself with mankind, with the varying types of humanity, the mechanism employed, and man's urges,Magic, 413:lines, and set them the task of elevating humanity and expanding the human consciousness, so now itMagic, 414:part of the inner group of workers for humanity, and of the world mystics, whether they know it orMagic, 415:their quota of energy to the forward urge of humanity, but they have for the most part done thisMagic, 424:emphasis laid upon the essential oneness of all humanity. It will [425] be the result of theMagic, 427:consciousness of mankind and the initiation of humanity into the spiritual realities will soMagic, 428:to the idea of service and the uplift of humanity. Also the schools referred to in Letters onMagic, 430:are numerically few in relation to the masses of humanity, and also to their tendency to beMagic, 431:and is energized into activity by the need of humanity itself. It is composed of living consciousMagic, 432:the general trend of the impulses influencing humanity in this great cycle are the attractiveMagic, 440:horoscope of the fourth kingdom in nature, of humanity, will eventually be cast, but it will beMagic, 440:sign. These fall into two categories as far as humanity is concerned. There is the key word for theMagic, 461:solving of human problems and the guidance of humanity will have to find its outlet in otherMagic, 462:personalities, and achieve true realization. Humanity must be more diligent and more intelligent inMagic, 465:itself. This is the experience through which humanity is now passing - again a group activity on aMagic, 476:a part of the emerging activities of a humanity which is on the verge of real creative work, [477]Magic, 477:of the radio to reach all classes and races of humanity in an effort to mould public opinion andMagic, 477:to speak those mystical words which will enable humanity to see the vision. Thus will be dispersedMagic, 479:could not respond to that newer creative sound. Humanity was still swept entirely by longing andMagic, 479:the waters". Desire for form still forces upon humanity the constant process of rebirth until suchMagic, 503:The Elder Brothers of the race who have guided humanity through long centuries, are now busyMagic, 519:the planet" and the work to be done with them. Humanity at this time is passing through a cycle ofMagic, 520:be to keep such a close link with the soul of humanity - made up of all souls on their own level ofMagic, 521:itself, and to restore the mysteries to humanity to whom they truly belong. If the attempt is toMagic, 521:should rededicate yourselves to the service of humanity, should pledge yourselves to the work ofMagic, 524:that, in the light of the future knowledge of humanity, all that is here conveyed is like a fifthMagic, 525:of the human family. We will use the word humanity, and speak of its mission and function in theMagic, 525:and the working out of the plan. We will infer a humanity which is composed of all the sons of men.Magic, 525:- Rule Twelve - The Prisoners of the Planet Humanity constitutes a center of energy within theMagic, 525:capable of three activities. I. First of all, humanity is responsive to the inflow of spiritualMagic, 525:This emanates from God the Father and reaches humanity from the level of what is technically calledMagic, 526:natural world, including the physical form of humanity itself. In the terminology of the AgelessMagic, 526:by Life which pervades them all." S.D.I. 80. Humanity, being the meeting-place for all the threeMagic, 527:work which he is seeking to carry forward. Humanity is intended to be the medium wherein certainMagic, 527:inspiration of the Universal Mind, can impress humanity with the purposes of God and produceMagic, 527:this point is grasped, the purpose for which humanity exists, the objective before the group ofMagic, 528:words. The point to be grasped is that through humanity on the physical plane, the nature ofMagic, 528:with under this heading. It concerns the use humanity has made of all the energies available withinMagic, 529:of activity which should occupy the attention of humanity, and one as yet little understood, isMagic, 529:prisoners of the planet. This is the goal for humanity as a whole, and when all the sons of menMagic, 532:evil conditions is so different to that of humanity that it is difficult for us to grasp it. TheMagic, 533:and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through the shattering of theMagic, 535:for the "prisoners of the planet"? What can humanity as a whole achieve along this line? What canMagic, 535:line? What can the individual do? The task of humanity falls primarily into three divisions ofMagic, 537:of the Planet In touching upon the work of humanity in releasing the units of which it isMagic, 537:Lights which have illumined the way of humanity and have acted like searchlights, thrown out intoMagic, 542:do not, and from the standpoint of the masses of humanity, it remains unrecognized. That which liesMagic, 544:duality. Beyond that we need not go, for the humanity of the sixth round will be so different inMagic, 557:and embodies some disciple's mode of helping humanity. It underlies group work, regarding a groupMagic, 588:now in all departments of human existence, for humanity now stands, or rather three-fifths of itMagic, 589:which surround the world soul and which keep humanity from its true expression are known andMagic, 589:work directly with the centers in the body of humanity. Thus we have now the formation of the newMagic, 608:which is flowing in. They carry the weight of humanity on their shoulders, and because they areMagic, 608:any terms which the inherited tendencies of humanity or tradition may choose to call them. TheyMagic, 609:not concern ourselves. On the other side stands humanity, torn by the disasters of the past worldMagic, 609:hierarchical plans and consequent usefulness to humanity. When this power to observe has beenMagic, 614:and seemingly without [614] purpose. As far as humanity is concerned, it is the time wherein man isMagic, 614:mind which brings about all the troubles of humanity. It is the sense of I-ness and the spirit ofMagic, 614:of separative individuality which has brought humanity to its present condition, and yet even thatMagic, 618:The world aspiration is now so strong and humanity is now so potently orienting itself towards theMagic, 619:which must eventually mark the intercourse of humanity and produce that "synthesis of all theMagic, 624:itself, and the general condition of unhappy humanity. This subconsciously has its effect on allMagic, 626:and to his preserved condition of being. Humanity persists, as a race and as a kingdom in nature,Magic, 629:the soul in the realm of enquiry, we shall have humanity carried forward into the Hall of WisdomMagic, 629:- A Call to Service Thus the fears which beset humanity, having their roots in instincts, seemMagic, 637:to be found in the astral illusion in which all humanity lives, and its power to glamor evenMagic, 638:renew their vows of dedication to the service of humanity, to subordinate their own ideas andMagic, 638:to sacrifice all they have to the helping of humanity. Now is the need and the demand. The urgencyMagic, 638:working day and night in an effort to relieve humanity and to offset those evils and disastersMeditation, 17:on and up till all is utilized in the service of humanity. When the egoic ray is the attributiveMeditation, 19:to the ameliorating of conditions in the body of humanity, thus making the man a server of hisMeditation, 26:in terms of the solar system and viewing humanity as a unit, all of whose permanent atoms form theMeditation, 36:by the profound conviction that in service to humanity will the dreamed-of goal be reached, willMeditation, 55:root-race. It shows itself in the struggle of humanity to grasp the ideal of harmony and peace, andMeditation, 86:of initiation comes when the would-be server of humanity will stand before his Lord, with purifiedMeditation, 115:development, but his equipping for service to humanity. His own growth and development areMeditation, 116:of his and lays it at the feet of collective humanity, giving of his best for the helping of theMeditation, 136:as pleaded the Man of Sorrows for an erring humanity to rise upward to the light. The Dark BrotherMeditation, 176:of the elemental forces and the helping of humanity. It is not safe for human beings, poor foolishMeditation, 301:in manifestation. You ask, when? That depends on humanity itself and on all of you who work withMeditation, 347:in its three departments, the lover of humanity seeks perfection in action. No magnificent dreamsMeditation, 355:system. They took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planet about 18 million years ago,Meditation, 357:of [357] that invisible host which ever protects humanity within karmic limits. Patanjali, 8:a high spiritual aspect to which each member of humanity must attain, and the same term applied toPatanjali, 72:and attacks primarily the twenty per cent of humanity which can be called mentally polarized. The
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