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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Problems, 149:down the ages, God drew nearer to His people and humanity at the same time made great, though oftProblems, 149:in the past largely unconscious, forced upon humanity by the tragedy of circumstances, by desperateProblems, 150:we are told, when the mental powers of the early humanity warranted it, another Approach betweenProblems, 150:God and man, between the spiritual Hierarchy and humanity, became possible and the door into theProblems, 151:spiritual effort. The opportunity, presented to humanity, to take a great step forward and undergoProblems, 151:is now possible and will take place when humanity has put its house in order. A new revelation isProblems, 151:it the previous four Approaches have prepared humanity. A new heaven and a new earth are on theirProblems, 152:will - were entirely new when first presented to humanity. What this fifth Approach will bring toProblems, 152:humanity. What this fifth Approach will bring to humanity we do not and cannot know. It will surelyProblems, 152:of our planet has been drawing nearer to humanity and its approach is responsible for the greatProblems, 152: Problems of Humanity - Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches IV. The Regeneration of theProblems, 153:midst of discouraging conditions. The heart of humanity is sound; God in His very nature and, withProblems, 153:The salvation of the churches rests on the humanity of its representatives and on their innateProblems, 154:the moving forward into the Kingdom of God. Humanity must progress; stage by stage and cycle afterProblems, 154:progress; stage by stage and cycle after cycle, humanity approaches closer to divinity, discovers aProblems, 155: Problems of Humanity - Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches V. The New World Religion In whatProblems, 156:are already drawn. The inner attitude of humanity and a few outer happenings indicate a true innerProblems, 156:manifestation and so it is today in this case. Humanity is recognizing the need for a more vitalProblems, 157:supersede the earlier techniques. The whole of humanity is moving forward into the area of mentalProblems, 158:of the future will account for the progress of humanity by its recognition of a divine Plan,Problems, 158: Problems of Humanity - Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches The keynote of the New WorldProblems, 158:the task ahead of the churches is to prepare humanity, through organized and spiritual movements,Problems, 159:prayer, meditation and ritual have prepared humanity will train its people to present - at statedProblems, 160:centers of energy or groups - the Hierarchy and Humanity itself - will begin to work in completeProblems, 160:methods of prayer and of meditation have brought humanity to the various spiritual recognitionsProblems, 161: Problems of Humanity - Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches There are also many forms of energyProblems, 162:need, because of [162] the crisis through which humanity has just passed and is now passing, menProblems, 162:power. is this too much to expect and to ask of humanity in the hour of man's need? Cannot theProblems, 162:stand expectantly waiting to come to the aid of humanity. At present the Christian religion has itsProblems, 163:the love of God is fully expressed and through humanity whose task it is intelligently to work outProblems, 164:keep the festival of the Buddha. The Festival of Humanity. This will be the festival of the spiritProblems, 164:This will be the festival of the spirit of humanity - aspiring to approach nearer to God, seekingProblems, 164:has for nearly two thousand years represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy as theProblems, 165:where the will of God is known, would bring humanity to the point of resurrection and to aProblems, 165:of their understanding. It is for this that humanity waits; it is for this that the churches mustProblems, 165:not belong to any person or group but to all Humanity. The beauty and the strength of thisProblems, 166:finally the self-evident truth that only through humanity itself can the Divine Plan work out. TheProblems, 167: Problems of Humanity - Chapter VI - The Problem of International Unity CHAPTER VI The Problem ofProblems, 168:for the future happiness and progress of humanity that there should be no return to the old ways,Problems, 168:out the wrong conditions which have brought humanity to its present state of almost cataclysmicProblems, 168:hands of a relatively few men, while the rest of humanity struggle for a bare subsistence; and ofProblems, 168:things in terms of the spiritual welfare of humanity and a truer interpretation of the meaning ofProblems, 169:minded and of the enlightened worker for humanity, is a sign of progress and an indication of theProblems, 169:will be realized that - politically speaking - humanity, as a whole, is of far greater importanceProblems, 170: Problems of Humanity - Chapter VI - The Problem of International Unity The world today is full ofProblems, 171:along these lines. It is primarily interested in humanity, realizing that the steps taken byProblems, 171:in humanity, realizing that the steps taken by humanity in the immediate future will condition theProblems, 172: Problems of Humanity - Chapter VI - The Problem of International Unity World Disunity What at thisProblems, 174:he gave of his best and died in the service of humanity. There are enlightened educators, writersProblems, 174:of the earth belong to no one nation but to humanity as a whole, there will be no peace. The oil ofProblems, 174: Problems of Humanity - Chapter VI - The Problem of International Unity The true problem of theProblems, 175:the United Nations begin to talk in terms of humanity as a whole and not in terms of boundaries, ofProblems, 176: Problems of Humanity - Chapter VI - The Problem of International Unity World Unity There is noProblems, 177:must be given for the needed adjustments and humanity must learn to be intelligently patient;Problems, 177:humanity must learn to be intelligently patient; humanity must face with courage and optimism theProblems, 177:the resources of the earth free for the use of humanity. This will be a lengthy task but it will beProblems, 177:it is upon their efforts that the future of humanity depends; they exist in their millionsProblems, 178: Problems of Humanity - Chapter VI - The Problem of International Unity There is only one true wayProblems, 179:human relations, standing for the oneness of humanity and for practical, but not theoretical,Problems, 181:on an intelligent understanding of the needs of humanity, on a determination to bring about rightProblems, 181:on the recognition that the problems with which humanity is today confronted can be solved throughPsychology1, xvii:are building and planning for the future and for humanity, and not for the personal unfoldment ofPsychology1, xviii:lie ahead, connected with that two-thirds of humanity who will stand upon the Path at the close ofPsychology1, xix:of the entire personality to the helping of humanity, and the promise to the Higher Self thatPsychology1, xx:band of teachers who were seeking to aid humanity (and incidentally himself), and to give some ideaPsychology1, 4:ancient truths, and a new mode of investigating humanity. In the meantime let us concentrate uponPsychology1, 12:the new knowledge will enter into the minds of humanity. This can be practically demonstrated ifPsychology1, 23:beneficently obstructs and hinders) He provides humanity with a vast field of experiment andPsychology1, 24:couched in terms that can be understood by the humanity which our planet has produced. The work, asPsychology1, 29:This is a most needed stage and has served humanity well; the purpose and intent of ChristianityPsychology1, 29:removed from the consciousness of our present humanity as the idea of collective awareness was fromPsychology1, 29:was from the consciousness of prehistoric humanity. Take courage from this thought. The pastPsychology1, 36:This is the simplest definition for average humanity, being couched in the language of mysticism,Psychology1, 45:has been prostituted to cover the tendency of humanity to crave material things or those pleasuresPsychology1, 49:the great rays has a form of teaching truth to humanity which is its unique contribution, and inPsychology1, 51:actively on the plane of the greatest moment to humanity, being, for man, the plane of the soul,Psychology1, 56:the lower mental apparatus. These three vehicles humanity shares with the animal kingdom as regardsPsychology1, 65:shall confine our attention to the standpoint of humanity. The purpose of the first ray, and itsPsychology1, 74:not the work of black magic, and when ignorant humanity regards Antichrist as working on the blackPsychology1, 76:with the transference of the consciousness of humanity into the fifth or spiritual kingdom.Psychology1, 91:and their ideals. On the planet today we find a humanity at all stages of development, withPsychology1, 92:of the ancient awe and ignorant terror of infant humanity. They saw in all the phenomena of naturePsychology1, 94:tangible world (so-called) of form life? When humanity is assured of divinity and of immortality,Psychology1, 102:be more closely blended, and the result upon humanity and upon the three other kingdoms in naturePsychology1, 106:of such importance, and the opportunity before humanity is so great, and the Masters are soPsychology1, 106:to fulfil his duty, learn his lessons, serve humanity, and lift some of the load of work off thePsychology1, 111:so constitute a good channel for the helping of humanity? First of all, you must see to it thatPsychology1, 111:in spiritual realization and the lifting of humanity is that which is of moment, and not your ownPsychology1, 112:to emerge as part of the general knowledge of humanity only towards the close of this century,Psychology1, 113:that is of moment and its interaction with humanity; it is the Masters' group of disciples thatPsychology1, 113:the outer plane of objectivity - the lovers of humanity which seems to us, the teachers, to be ofPsychology1, 120:seven rays is grasped, and when their effect on humanity in expressing the seven types of men isPsychology1, 121:be found upon the fourth ray. Therefore we have: Humanity - 4th Kingdom - 5th Ray - ConcretePsychology1, 123:The call has gone forth for them to approach humanity, and with their heightened vibration andPsychology1, 123:knowledge unite their forces with those of humanity, for the progression of the two evolutions.Psychology1, 125:will eventually appear to the enhanced vision of humanity to have more substance than it now has,Psychology1, 134:He stimulates the sense of awareness in humanity and nurtures the consciousness aspect in thePsychology1, 134:evolutionary process through the development in humanity of that perfect insight which will makePsychology1, 137:world of meaning which it is the privilege of humanity to reveal, and all true esoteric studentsPsychology1, 142:to the intent and purpose of the whole. Six: Humanity, with which this treatise deals, is an
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