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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Psychology1, 142:Nine: The mode or method of development for humanity is self-expression and self-realization. WhenPsychology1, 163:or modifications of life, for it is not to humanity only that these rays apply, but to the sevenPsychology1, 171:definite attempt to expand the consciousness of humanity and to institute a sort of forcingPsychology1, 173:constitutes a barrier to the true development of humanity. The people must be taught that thePsychology1, 175:of the inner Brotherhood which is guiding humanity towards an outer Brotherhood, these greatPsychology1, 181:ambition and selfishness, animated by love of humanity and by a desire to help the race. Such a manPsychology1, 183:I refer, and in their hands lies the training of humanity so that men may use that true vision andPsychology1, 185:so that you can understand and cooperate. Humanity is intended to act as a power house throughPsychology1, 187:of the one family, the one life, and the one humanity. I ask for no sentimental or devotionalPsychology1, 187:you that hatred and separateness have brought humanity to the present sad condition. I would add toPsychology1, 195:through the collective response apparatus of humanity as a whole, to the mechanism of awareness ofPsychology1, 203:ray of the Buddhas and of all great teachers of humanity, - those who, having attained wisdom forPsychology1, 222:the lower kingdoms is beginning to be felt, then humanity must be prepared for such changes as arePsychology1, 232:the new ideas which influence the pioneers of humanity, become the inspiration of the thinkingPsychology1, 233:consciousness down into the animal forms of humanity as we would find it hard to project ourselvesPsychology1, 233:first sees clearly the glory which lies ahead of humanity: Magnetic radiation. The blending of thePsychology1, 240:at this time, for instance, in connection with humanity, not only is the first Initiator, thePsychology1, 243:aura, though unrecognized as a whole by humanity. You isolate a perfume. Yet the perfume of anPsychology1, 243:round, the monadic ray of the advanced units of humanity will be so powerful that there will be aPsychology1, 244:They will express themselves in [244] advanced humanity as "aspects of the psyche," and thereforePsychology1, 248:psychology lie hidden in this expression of God. Humanity is an expression of two aspects of thePsychology1, 248:the soul of God, and it is only when we divorce humanity from that process of revelation that wePsychology1, 250:mystery we need not enlarge. The sufferings of humanity are primarily personal; of God, they arePsychology1, 256:the mindless animal (so-called) and infant humanity was scarcely appreciable. In those distantPsychology1, 256:and cunning began to assert themselves, that humanity became more powerful than the animals and inPsychology1, 257:rapidly developed. To offset the fear found in humanity as a whole (as far as the animal world wasPsychology1, 257:relation, that of the mind. The mental power of humanity will, in the last analysis, be thePsychology1, 262:upon the three subhuman kingdoms. Through humanity, when the great experiment of individualizationPsychology1, 262:kingdoms were focused and the great function of humanity began, which is the transmitting of thePsychology1, 262:objective. But we find the rays pouring through humanity as a whole, and through the five races ofPsychology1, 264:springing forth - we live." Then in relation to humanity, the Old Commentary says: "The Lords ofPsychology1, 267:world of forms. As the rays play their part with humanity and bring man forth into manifestation asPsychology1, 267:and inevitably. Scarcely knowing how or why, humanity will play its part in the work of building.Psychology1, 269:secondly, the threatening of the very life of humanity itself, as it is embodied in the familyPsychology1, 270:we should have a gradual disappearance of humanity itself, if enforced sterility should become aPsychology1, 271:the mind, and animated by desire for the good of humanity. In between these two approachingPsychology1, 276:minds control their daily acts is the glory of humanity. But many of them, living in another worldPsychology1, 277:problem? Which of them can see the way out for humanity at present? Which of them understands thePsychology1, 278:the old, and the impact of the new forces upon humanity, awaken in man a desire for that which is,Psychology1, 279:in the realm of physical desire which is not for humanity the line of progress. As the world ofPsychology1, 280:necessarily an effect upon the sacral centers of humanity, and hence the sex life of mankind isPsychology1, 282:this will be brought about through the medium of humanity and the Christ spirit. Steadily the lovePsychology1, 283:from the dead," and the [283] emergence of humanity out of the tomb of matter. The hidden divinityPsychology1, 284:to which I have earlier referred - we have in humanity itself a unique attainment. For the firstPsychology1, 288:was born, - the guarantee of the divinity of humanity and the demonstration of the fact. IndividualPsychology1, 292:their true nature to take over the guidance of humanity in the New Age. Psychology1, 292:made, and through these discriminating decisions humanity will enter into its birthright. ThisPsychology1, 298:conditions will come as a growth from within humanity itself, and not as the imposition of a rulingPsychology1, 298:of people who will be well equipped to lead humanity out of the present impasse. This fact warrantsPsychology1, 302:Law of Rebirth and the Law of Love) would save humanity and rebuild our civilization. They arePsychology1, 302:but he must think in the wider terms of humanity itself, and so bring the Law of Brotherhood intoPsychology1, 309:the animal. It is this aspect which produces in humanity a consciousness of immortality, aPsychology1, 309:the instincts. It is this peculiar property of humanity [312] which confers upon it the power toPsychology1, 312:torn and distracted life of the aspirant begins. Humanity is the custodian of the hidden mystery,Psychology1, 312:wonder of that which he preserves and nourishes. Humanity is the treasure-house of God (this is thePsychology1, 312:has implanted the mystery of manifestation. Humanity, and humanity alone, can reveal the nature ofPsychology1, 312:the mystery of manifestation. Humanity, and humanity alone, can reveal the nature of the GodheadPsychology1, 313:is rapidly gaining ground, and the nature of humanity is being better understood. The Church ofPsychology1, 314:The glory that can be seen faintly shining in humanity, and the dim light which flickers within thePsychology1, 315:greatly hasten the evolution and elevation of humanity, and the unfoldment of the humanPsychology1, 318:period of the balancing of the forces for our humanity. The effect of the other three rays upon thePsychology1, 318:individual man as we know him. We must look upon humanity itself as an integrated entity, as aPsychology1, 318:between the races and the centers in the body of humanity: [319] Races Center Expression 7th andPsychology1, 320:ray is the ray par excellence which governs humanity. There is a numerical relation to be notedPsychology1, 320:responsible for the emergence into prominence of humanity. In other rounds, humanity has not beenPsychology1, 320:into prominence of humanity. In other rounds, humanity has not been the dominant evolution or thePsychology1, 320:souls on the astral level, and the deva kingdom. Humanity now walks in the light of day,Psychology1, 320:Rays I, IV and V predominate in the life of humanity and govern with increasing power man's mentalPsychology1, 321:of the major and minor cycles in the ray life of humanity as a whole. Results: Through the activePsychology1, 322:is a group adaptation to environment, whereas in humanity we have the adaptation of the individualPsychology1, 328:This is the esoteric goal set before humanity. This was the tremendous event which was enactedPsychology1, 328:the tremendous event which was enacted before humanity by the greatest of all the sons of God inPsychology1, 329:and its forty-nine subdivisions. The division of humanity into seven main ray types, which might bePsychology1, 330:"the radiant sons of light." The division of humanity into three types of aspirants: Those watchedPsychology1, 330:divisions into which esoteric psychology divides humanity, and if you study it with care you willPsychology1, 331:be remembered that the secret of the quality of humanity (if I may use so cumbrous a phrase) is thePsychology1, 334:so balanced and blended that, from the angle of humanity, they constitute the major ray, the onePsychology1, 335:information is not at this time good for humanity, which is yet too selfish to be entrusted withPsychology1, 337:factors in unfoldment, and the long agony of humanity commences. Love then is seen in its nakedPsychology1, 338:as "the superconscious." We have therefore a humanity engrossed by a tremendous activity andPsychology1, 339:is to be found in the subjective fact that humanity is with great speed integrating the threePsychology1, 343:two rays or major influences which sweep through humanity as a whole, and drive it forward towardsPsychology1, 344:for the tremendous crisis with which our present humanity is confronted. The conflict aspect of thePsychology1, 344:we remember that they express the long agony of humanity's test, and the opening to man of the doorPsychology1, 346:"force", if you eliminate the number five. For humanity, it is the fifth energy which leads to thePsychology1, 347:will be withdrawn from the major cycle governing humanity, and wisdom and intuitional buddhicPsychology1, 347:intuitional buddhic response will characterize humanity. There is a close interplay in this majorPsychology1, 347:study of the tabulations of the rays affecting humanity will have made it clear that they are soPsychology1, 347:phases or even to recognize the indications of humanity's reactions to these rays. But as mankindPsychology1, 349:of physical violence and the prevalence of war. Humanity is now so much more responsive [350] toPsychology1, 350:and the result of its influence will be to guide humanity into increasing knowledge. Its energyPsychology1, 350:the scenes, and that is the first ray. Where humanity is concerned, the first ray makes itsPsychology1, 351:of the result of the responsiveness of humanity to the ray influences shall we arrive at thePsychology1, 353:of a human being, of the planetary Deity and of humanity as a whole. The application of this truthPsychology1, 353:of the Aryan race. The plan of God that humanity should control matter on the physical planePsychology1, 354:forward. At the time of the individualization of humanity, a third ray, the fifth, was called intoPsychology1, 355:effect of the same ray forces, playing upon humanity again. The initiatory goal is today a mentalPsychology1, 359:and swings them back into control of advanced humanity. This can already be seen working outPsychology1, 360:The sixth ray brought the sense of duality to a humanity which regarded itself as a physical unity.Psychology1, 361:the expression of the same teaching, to advanced humanity. The nebulous ideal of simply "being
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