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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Psychology1, 361:thinkers in the New Age, whilst for the rest of humanity, brotherhood will be the keynote of theirPsychology1, 365:influences. One of the first lessons that humanity will learn under the potent influence of thePsychology1, 365:- all of these impose a rhythm upon humanity, whether this is recognized or not. Of these rhythmsPsychology1, 368:time of that end rests in the hands of awakened humanity. The margin of difference will also bePsychology1, 371:ray activity will concern the relation of humanity to the animal kingdom and the establishing ofPsychology1, 371:the physical bodies of the animals and those of humanity have been more closely investigated therePsychology1, 377:called by names which indicate their relation to humanity. When active in the other kingdoms ofPsychology1, 378:and subsequent [378] radiation, so that, through humanity, light may eventually reach all forms ofPsychology1, 380:the recognition of one world faith in God and in humanity as the major expression of divinity inPsychology1, 380:It should be remembered that (for advanced humanity) the sequence of the recognition of thesePsychology1, 381:parallels the spiritual unfoldment of advanced humanity. This can be seen going on today on a largePsychology1, 385:when released upon the world and revealed to humanity, will bring about harmony in the form aspect,Psychology1, 392:genius of the French intellect into terms which humanity can understand and the true soulPsychology1, 395:individual are, to him, of momentous import; to humanity, as a whole, they are of small concern. ItPsychology1, 398:nothing at [398] all. He was the first of our humanity to achieve, and was a direct descendant ofPsychology1, 398:Their history (and incidentally the history of humanity) is embodied in that dramatic ritual. ThePsychology1, 399:much of beauty in the world, and giving to humanity many of its greatest men, but he has (at thePsychology1, 399:in himself, symbolically, the history of humanity. The ancient tendency of the Jews to grasp andPsychology1, 401:preserved any measure of racial integrity. When humanity awakens to the fact of its common origin,Psychology1, 424:first sees clearly the glory which lies ahead of humanity. Magnetic radiation. The blending of thePsychology1, 429:Rays that must be considered in Connection with Humanity The ray of the solar system itself. ThePsychology2, 6:shall express divinity." All that concerns humanity at this time is the necessity for a steadilyPsychology2, 11:destiny. This is the deep foundational belief of humanity. The first developed evidence of thePsychology2, 15:and the constant spiritual aspiration to serve humanity, will indicate the nature of thePsychology2, 16:carried to its consummation, as far as humanity is concerned, produces the liberated Master of thePsychology2, 23:within the time cycle. Such is the program for humanity, as it concerns the unfoldment of the humanPsychology2, 23:soul has no age from the standpoint of time, as humanity understand it. It is timeless and eternal.Psychology2, 25:by the calls of the instinctual life. Our earth humanity is still [26] in the Atlantean stage,Psychology2, 30:be lies beyond the grasp of our present advanced humanity, and is only known in its truePsychology2, 35:it is to this realization that the teachers of humanity seek to stimulate the Sons of God.Psychology2, 41:the part and not the whole, Identification with humanity, the fourth Creative Hierarchy, UnduePsychology2, 44:of the work and activities of other disciples. Humanity as a whole, needs silence at this time asPsychology2, 51:points of crisis. I am here speaking in terms of humanity as a whole, as mankind expresses what wePsychology2, 67:of the work being done today by advanced humanity. It now becomes possible to consider the processPsychology2, 85:them, have been occupied with imparting to humanity an understanding of the nature of thosePsychology2, 86:and the slowly appearing virtues of humanity are only indications of hidden potentialities, whichPsychology2, 96:immanence of God. It is that also which drives humanity forward into its wild struggle for materialPsychology2, 100:When this takes place, the consciousness of our humanity will then merge with that underlyingPsychology2, 101:psychological types coloring the bulk of our humanity, and the ray of active intelligencePsychology2, 109:or successful, and all of them come and go. But humanity remains. All of them are in evidence ofPsychology2, 112:kingdoms. Owing to the major part which humanity has to play in the great scheme or Plan of God,Psychology2, 112:as a soul. Then, under obedience to this law, humanity will act as a transmitter of light, energyPsychology2, 113:that it will reach those Lives Who brood over humanity and our civilization, and Who work throughPsychology2, 114:yet, only dimly sensed by the thinking public. Humanity itself must apply the necessaryPsychology2, 114:The Christ. The New Group of World Servers. Humanity. You will note that the Buddha focuses inPsychology2, 115:unison with all other servers, the salvaging of humanity will go forward with much greater speedPsychology2, 118:to the fore in the New Age, and which will lead humanity from the unreal to the real, and fromPsychology2, 122:a kind is constantly and readily being rendered. Humanity is on its way to a right understanding ofPsychology2, 122:and disciples. Enable emotionally polarized humanity to focus intelligently in the mind. TransferPsychology2, 123:rendered is based upon a mental response to humanity's need, then the whole problem is lifted outPsychology2, 124:by the New Group of World Servers, will lead humanity into the world of true meaning and of realPsychology2, 125:of the success of the evolutionary process in humanity will be at fault. Service is a lifePsychology2, 126:laws are beginning to have a group effect in humanity itself, and to influence the race of men as aPsychology2, 136:the importation of ideas. Such is the Plan for humanity. As the force pours through the personalityPsychology2, 140:principles which must be assimilated by humanity. These ideas, when grasped by the aspirant bringPsychology2, 140:subsequent grasping by the minds of intelligent humanity. These ideas embody great [141]Psychology2, 141:who can "carry" the idea deeper into the mass of humanity. We should not forget that the work ofPsychology2, 142:at this time in stimulating the intellect of humanity, sharpening it and inspiring it. They work,Psychology2, 143:which changes can eventuate, nor the reaction of humanity to any given point of revelation. Psychology2, 143:the past two thousand years, has been to train humanity in the [144] art of recognizing ideals,Psychology2, 144:is to capitalize on the developed tendency of humanity to recognize ideas, and - avoiding the rocksPsychology2, 145:as much of the idea of God as the period and humanity can evidence and produce in form upon thePsychology2, 145:a mantram has been brought to the attention of humanity. Psychology2, 149:as it expresses itself in the individual or in humanity as a whole. Let us never forget that unlessPsychology2, 154:itself specifically with the major problem of humanity. We shall, however, touch upon it mostPsychology2, 154:Underlying the entire psychological problem of humanity as a whole lies that major attitude towardsPsychology2, 154:of this dominant activity as the "wish-life" of humanity, and account for all allied characteristicPsychology2, 155:in some form or another, and by these urges humanity is governed and controlled; I would say mostPsychology2, 158:are negated in the interest of the wider life of humanity, and of God Himself. God is the GreatPsychology2, 158:divine life through the Love of His heart for humanity. Yet, when these simple truths arePsychology2, 159:smell, the last of the five senses to emerge in humanity) has been adequately developed in thePsychology2, 178:even though this will not be realized by humanity for a long while yet. It will bring into activityPsychology2, 179:in group formation will tend to raise humanity still more rapidly. Hence this law is called that ofPsychology2, 179:the Path of Probation have attempted to raise humanity and have failed. Those who have passed uponPsychology2, 180:to bend every effort to raise the dead body of humanity. A great and possible achievement of thePsychology2, 180:energy can flow, unimpeded, for the helping of humanity. The work to be done is very largely uponPsychology2, 185:circulates energy emanating from some mind. With humanity in the mass, response is madePsychology2, 194:tentative and experimental effort to see how far humanity is ready for such an endeavor. IV. TheyPsychology2, 197:linking is stronger and is based upon love of humanity; on the mental plane the major linking takesPsychology2, 198:the individual and consequently increasingly in humanity. Then too the "forces of creative life"Psychology2, 198:The Red Cross and allied activities Love of Humanity Sympathy Compassion Mental Unity - ThePsychology2, 199:but at this time, the conscious awareness of humanity is such that only in five instances can thePsychology2, 200:We stand today on the verge of great things. Humanity is on its way with renewed impetus. It standsPsychology2, 200:and which is not based upon what present humanity defines as peace. The peace which lies ahead ofPsychology2, 201:and comparison, we shall divide our earth humanity into the following groups: Lemurian Egos - ourPsychology2, 201:following groups: Lemurian Egos - our true Earth Humanity. Egos which came in - on Atlantis. MoonPsychology2, 205:emotional. They constitute the bulk of modern humanity at this time. They are the average citizensPsychology2, 210:a low order as far as the lowest of our present humanity is concerned, but somewhat higher than thePsychology2, 210:to note that Christ was the first of our earth humanity to achieve the goal, whereas the Buddha wasPsychology2, 210:the Buddha was the last of the moon chain humanity to do so. As far as the development of these twoPsychology2, 212:period, [212] constitute the bulk of our modern humanity, plus some rare egos which drift into ourPsychology2, 212:the emergence of a new form, that of infant humanity. It was the reaction of that kingdom, asPsychology2, 213:energy, vitalizing, transforming, and rendering humanity creative. Initiatory work becomes possiblePsychology2, 215:in two questions: How can the consciousness of humanity be expanded so that it can be developedPsychology2, 217:aim is to establish, through the medium of humanity, an outpost of the Consciousness of God in thePsychology2, 217:potency and a focal point of such energy that humanity - as a whole - can be a factor in the solarPsychology2, 218:But it is not so for that greater whole of which humanity is only a part. Those great Sons of God,Psychology2, 218:and broader sweep, and Their objectives involve humanity only as an item in the Plan of the GreatPsychology2, 221:a light-bearer, and which will eventually enable humanity, (as a whole) to constitute a station ofPsychology2, 222:of the [222] Hierarchy which works with humanity. The higher phases of planned activity are many
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