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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMANITY

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Rays, 161:greater Life what Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity are to our planetary Logos. "The group mustRays, 165:as regards the third great planetary center, Humanity, when He said (and He was speaking as theRays, 167:One directed will (of the [167] individual, of humanity, of the Hierarchy) and the great Lords ofRays, 167:the three major centers (head, heart and throat; Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa), therebyRays, 167:of the Three (Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity) and ignores them, for they must no longerRays, 169:of nature. They do very little work with humanity, except with certain advanced members of humanityRays, 169:except with certain advanced members of humanity who are on the scientific line, drawing to theirRays, 169:on all the rays) Who work in particular with humanity, are mostly to be found upon the buddhicRays, 170:and the Hierarchy and between the Hierarchy and Humanity. Will you gain some insight into theRays, 170:if I state that His work of mediating between humanity and the Hierarchy was perfected by Him andRays, 180:upon the levels of the etheric planes known to humanity in the three worlds. The Law ofRays, 181:are, however, only the reaction of humanity to the activities of the deva evolution, rightly andRays, 181:with the human intelligence, the effect upon humanity (before mastery is gained) is to compel menRays, 181:of the deva evolution. It definitely affects humanity; this is due to the fact that it is anRays, 185:energizing. In Atlantean days, the plane whereon humanity received its major direction orRays, 186:then a third and most potent force, generated by humanity, was beginning to make an impact upon theRays, 186:a barrier between the lowest planetary center, Humanity, and the "middle point" or center, theRays, 187:drawing a form of life from the massed desire of humanity. Human development along astral lines,Rays, 188:supplied with personnel from the ranks of humanity itself, as one by one men achieved initiation. Rays, 188:the astral plane, and to this thickening glamor humanity steadily contributed and responded. ThenRays, 188:of Initiation became apparent to the advanced humanity of the time. These distinctions had alwaysRays, 188:great potency of intellectual choice confronted humanity and the Aryan race (as that name isRays, 188:is correctly used to denote modern intelligent humanity) came into being. As the ages slipped away,Rays, 188:to dissipate glamor and to dispel illusion. Humanity responded more and more sensitively to impactsRays, 191:the veils of maya) and the New Age (wherein humanity itself will consciously function upon theRays, 192:is the expression of divine law as adapted for humanity and as needed in the projection of thoseRays, 193:could now penetrate into the consciousness of humanity in a new and direct manner, as the brain ofRays, 194:can today form a true part of the realization of humanity. Law, Love, Union or Synthesis - allRays, 194:possible. This fourth major rent will be made by humanity itself, standing with "massed intent,"Rays, 195:individual cases. Their service was rendered to humanity and They made rents in the veils whichRays, 196:as the World Savior, outside and independent of humanity; He was free from the aura of the humanRays, 201:voices the Word, the OM, and God incarnate in humanity appears on earth; He it is Who utters theRays, 203:of realms of advancement of which even advanced humanity has no faintest idea; we are touching uponRays, 204:you have sought the true esoteric attitude: That Humanity exists as a great center of intelligentRays, 205:the Christ demonstrated - for the teaching of humanity - the at-one-ment of love and intelligence,Rays, 207:hundred year intervals, and as far as our modern humanity is concerned, these Councils have beenRays, 207:to the human. This is a hard saying for humanity to accept. It is these great goals which slowlyRays, 208:seven initiations only five concern average humanity. The remaining two initiations concern onlyRays, 208:was inevitable, if the evolutionary growth of humanity proved in any way satisfactory, was earlyRays, 210:you will discover that it is not divine love of humanity that has enabled you to find your way intoRays, 211:of the Ashram, and a united service given to humanity. There comes a point of freedom in the groupRays, 213:can establish, a close connection with ordinary humanity in the life of everyday. A group ofRays, 221:and are the flower of the processes to which humanity has been subjected. This is a vitalRays, 229:you know by Mercury), and to enlighten advanced humanity. It is through intuitive human beings thatRays, 229:beings that knowledge of the Plan is given to humanity and the work of restoration can be carriedRays, 229:illuminating power of Taurus, with the rest of humanity still under the influence of Pisces. YouRays, 229:raincloud of knowable things" hovering over humanity, just as the Hierarchy over-shadows the NewRays, 229:the nurturer of all illumination, and you have humanity, at the same time, conditioned and madeRays, 233:realize its mission and recognize the demands of humanity upon it. What are these demands? Let meRays, 233:an intermediate group between the Hierarchy and humanity, receiving light and power and then usingRays, 234:holds within its silence other modes of saving humanity. The cup of sorrow and the agony of theRays, 234:as an intermediary between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and it has also developed the sensitiveRays, 234:it has also developed the sensitive response of humanity to contacts, and to such a degree ofRays, 236:of steel, unshatterable and immovable between humanity and the forces of evil. This has been anRays, 237:have again arisen and have gone on arising until humanity itself ended it once and for all upon theRays, 237:of the previous evolutionary cycles wherein humanity mastered certain lessons? All the postwarRays, 238:Plan for the immediate cycle with which They and humanity are confronted, are being brought to aRays, 239:have proved so successful that the intensity of humanity's response is such that hundreds are nowRays, 240:of the evolutionary process as applied to humanity. This "shift" was initiated by the ChristRays, 240:men very frequently through others, reaching humanity through the medium of His twelve Apostles,Rays, 240:or of enlightened enthusiastic will, is reaching humanity direct, via the New Group of WorldRays, 243:Evolution; for this the five initiations open to humanity (as today constituted) prepare the humanRays, 243:The capacity to suffer, which is distinctive of humanity, is the outstanding conscious reaction toRays, 243:an aspect and characteristic peculiar to humanity. This aspect was not found in the previous solarRays, 243:and suffering. The Jews, as a product of the humanity of the previous solar system, and asRays, 245:apt to forget that with each forward advance of humanity, the demands upon the Hierarchy change,Rays, 245:as it is created and brought into being by humanity, acting as the medium for ideas from theRays, 253:group as intermediate between the Hierarchy and Humanity. The nature of their work as it influencesRays, 253:of communication between the Hierarchy and Humanity, and the forming simultaneously of the networkRays, 255:of the work which I had undertaken to do for humanity - under instruction from the Hierarchy. TheRays, 255:of man's living, to reconstructing the form of humanity's life, to reconstituting the newRays, 258:which has no relation to the salvation of humanity in any sense at all. It is related to an activeRays, 271:fringes of this highest of all revelations for humanity. When, for the first time, they succeed inRays, 271:the Ashrams as a whole to Shamballa, and not to Humanity. Can you grasp something of what I amRays, 271:the Hierarchy, but not between the Hierarchy and Humanity. It concerns the purpose and the plan asRays, 272:and that it is a necessary stage whereby humanity learns the price of self-interest. TheRays, 273:will. Within the body of the planetary Logos humanity is slowly building that which they call theRays, 273:is little that I can do to make it clearer. As humanity builds or creates the triangles of lightRays, 273:aspect, and the One Who works through love in humanity, intelligently applied. Forget not thatRays, 273:are well established in the consciousness of humanity. Then the activity of all the three BuddhasRays, 282:is the effect upon Him, as He works on behalf of humanity or on behalf of the other kingdoms inRays, 289:centralizes at Shamballa. It is not the fault of humanity that it is only now possible for theRays, 289:a vision of the emerging divine intention for humanity and (through humanity) for the planet as aRays, 289:divine intention for humanity and (through humanity) for the planet as a whole. In the hierarchicalRays, 289:relation and interplay between the Hierarchy and Humanity, between the heart center of theRays, 294:the Ashram has planned for the exact moment of humanity's presented need, correct as to timing andRays, 294:as to timing and placement. This may not be what humanity believes it needs; it is essentially whatRays, 294:at any specific moment in time. For instance, humanity believes today that its major need is peaceRays, 294:truths in such a manner that the recognition of humanity may be so sound that right action can dulyRays, 295:form, appropriate to the registering capacity of humanity at this moment. Rays, 298:who represents the Ashram, must reveal to humanity the essential unity underlying all creation.Rays, 299:the spiritual world and towards the service of humanity), of methods and of ideas; and all this inRays, 299:disciples of the world are seeking to bring to humanity? What aspect of this essential unity areRays, 301:the all-inclusive approach of divinity to humanity. These working disciples and initiates regardRays, 306:and not with the relation of the Hierarchy to Humanity. This is a formidable esoteric statement andRays, 307:the ages have conditioned or may [307] condition humanity. These ideologies produce potent effectsRays, 314:and of energies coming from Shamballa and from Humanity. From the standpoint of true esotericism,Rays, 316:The first two initiations - oft regarded by humanity as major initiations - are in reality minorRays, 318:and most important revelation which is coming to humanity, and which will lay the basis for the newRays, 318:one great planetary center to another - from Humanity to the Hierarchy and from the Hierarchy to
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