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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMBLY

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Autobiography, 272:so far as the disciple-leader is consciously and humbly in touch with the Master and His AshramAutobiography, 273:to the spiritual requirements. He tries to teach humbly and with no claim-making; he is aware thatBethlehem, 115:perfected divinity and His mission, and the more humbly do they seek to follow in His steps,Discipleship1, 80:love. Just simply that, my brothers - simply and humbly that and no more than that at present. CanDiscipleship1, 95:R.S.U. is a case in point and needs to walk humbly in the spiritual life which involves a correctDiscipleship1, 618:this will be dependent upon your ability to walk humbly and to recognize the fact that ancientDiscipleship1, 655:I have it? Did I speak of myself to them? Then, humbly, gratefully and happily, make the followingDiscipleship2, 555:it is desirable that you should live. Think humbly, speak wisely and work ceaselessly. TheDiscipleship2, 704:and correctly applied, will enable you to walk humbly on the Way. No true leader can be anythingDiscipleship2, 729:[729] of glamor. Live practically, sweetly, humbly and lovingly for the remainder of this life, andInitiation, 212:uttermost compassion, prostrate themselves and humbly bend, waiting the Word to rise. When soundsRays, 258:advanced aspirants can form part if they "walk humbly with their God." This, my brother, is one of
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