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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUMOR

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Autobiography, 13:woman got up - elderly, smart and twinkling with humor. "I am sure you have a wonderful testimonyAutobiography, 59:of humanity and also for her rippling sense of humor. I loved her most, I believe, because IAutobiography, 90:had and this in spite of a very real sense of humor which has often saved my life. I've alwaysAutobiography, 94:because, as she told me, she liked my sense of humor, she recognized my basic integrity and whatAutobiography, 100:I am conscious of the fact that my sense of humor temporarily failed me, and when that happens toAutobiography, 100:circumstances it is rather terrible. When I say "humor" I don't think I mean a sense of fun but anAutobiography, 100:can never remember a joke; but I have a sense of humor and have absolutely no difficulty in makingAutobiography, 226:was highly intelligent; with a strong sense of humor and a well developed investigating spirit. SheAutobiography, 279:judgment. Given these, plus a sense of humor, an open mind and no fanaticism, the disciple willDestiny, 40:of proportion (and consequently their, sense of humor) and who deem themselves capable ofDiscipleship1, 240:light and - dare I say it? - with a sense of humor!) disappear. Go forward with fresh courage.Discipleship1, 356:work can be increased if you deal with firmness, humor and perseverance with the vehicle whichDiscipleship1, 414:and the other is to develop a sense of humor, a real (not forced) capacity to laugh at oneself andDiscipleship1, 500:to crystallize. Preserve, my brother, a sense of humor and a tendency to play, bearing in mind thatDiscipleship1, 655:about yourself which (if you handle it with humor, detachment and sincerity) will end by enablingExternalisation, 699:applied wisdom, of high good nature and humor, and of normalcy. They may indeed be so normal thatHercules, 131:life may be transformed by a beneficent sense of humor. Much of what people regard with grave andInitiation, 197:of the true occultist. When a real sense of humor exists likewise, many dangers will be avoided.Intellect, 247:beyond belief. They certainly lack a sense of humor at least. The point that every student ofIntellect, 253:common sense. So many aspirants lack a sense of humor, and take themselves far too seriously. TheyMagic, 309:here to true merriment nor the proper sense of humor, but to those hysterical outbreaks of hilarityMagic, 635:distressing lack of proportion, and no sense of humor whatsoever. I urge upon you to cultivate bothPsychology1, 174:and the attempt to deify a race. Without humor and real understanding, one race is preparing toPsychology1, 207:He will generally talk well and have a sense of humor, but he varies between brilliantPsychology2, 456:balance, no sense of proportion and no sense of humor, the thought form can become so potent thatPsychology2, 465:can be developed, and a happy sense of humor. Where, however, these are not present, there will be
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