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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HUNG

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Autobiography, 24:arranged for and even today I can see the chart hung on the wall of [25] our schoolroom, indicatingAutobiography, 260:as would some exquisite masterpiece in oils hung upon the wall of a private art gallery. TheBethlehem, 219:for perfected humanity. Christ, the perfect Man, hung upon the Cross for "three hours," and in thatBethlehem, 221:suffering and of death into the kingdom. Christ hung pendent between heaven and earth, and althoughDiscipleship1, 528:of the wall. A bell-rope leads to a bell hung in the arch. There is also a light, which shines atExternalisation, 537:for us at the Crucifixion when the Savior hung pendant between heaven and earth. These adjustmentsPsychology2, 170:of thought was lost... Pendent he seemed. He hung with naught below, before, behind, above. To him,Psychology2, 173:knew it finally at the Crucifixion, where He hung, symbolically pendent 'twixt heaven and earth,Psychology2, 374:here to note that the Master Jesus, as He hung upon the Cross, experienced (on a much higher turnRays, 354:symbolically by the three Crosses and those who hung upon them. The implications emerging out ofRays, 354:side and to the relationship between those who hung upon them. In the three figures humanity itself
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