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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HYDRA

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Astrology, 144:the Sun-God who overcomes the nine-headed Hydra or serpent of desire by being forced to his kneesAstrology, 204:in reality nine tests and hence the nine-headed Hydra or Serpent which is ever associated withAstrology, 217:this problem up into heaven and "elevate the Hydra" of passion and hate, of greed and aggression,Astrology, 260:story of Hercules in Scorpio when he raises the Hydra high above his head into the air. Discipleship1, 508:profoundly discouraged by the cropping up of the hydra of resentment and of suspicion with its manyHercules, 105:There is an immense constellation called Hydra, the serpent, associated with the sign Leo. We findHercules, 106:to overcome, and the bird of prey to eliminate Hydra, the serpent, in the ancient pictures isHercules, 106:that the mark of the Beast is 666, and Hydra, the serpent, lies under three constellations and itsHercules, 106:in nature, whether cosmically or individually. Hydra the serpent, represents the matter aspect, asHercules, 106:This cup forms really part of the body of the Hydra, for the stars at the foot of the cup form partHercules, 107:thirdly, Corvus, the raven, that stands upon Hydra, the serpent, and pecks at it. It has nineHercules, 107:climb the mountain in Capricorn he must slay the Hydra, and knows that he must no longer be theHercules, 108:unaided, and so earn. the power to overcome the Hydra, in Scorpio. Hercules, 140:- Labor VIII LABOR VIII Destroying the Lernaean Hydra (Scorpio, October 22nd - November 21st)Hercules, 140:did, outgushed three crystal streams; but soon a hydra made his dwelling there. "Beside the RiverHercules, 140:stands. Within this noisome bog the monstrous hydra lies, a plague upon the countryside. Nine headsHercules, 141:beast. Within a cavern of perpetual night, the hydra lay concealed. By day and night HerculesHercules, 141:A stirring and commotion there upon ensued. The hydra, its nine angry heads breathing flame,Hercules, 141:foulest thoughts conceived since time began. The hydra sprang at Hercules and sought to coil aboutHercules, 141:aside his club, Hercules knelt, grasped the hydra with his bare hands, and raised it aloft.Hercules, 141:diminished. On his knees, then, he held the hydra high above him, that purifying air and lightHercules, 142:that was immortal. Then Hercules cut off the hydra's one immortal head and buried it, stillHercules, 142:air of the spirit, where by its very nature the hydra could not live, and so drooped and died. TheHercules, 143:Myth Hercules was told to find the nine-headed hydra that lived in a stench-drenched bog. ThisHercules, 143:three things: he recognizes the existence of the hydra, searches patiently for it, and finallyHercules, 143:and quicksand, he was unable to overcome the hydra. He had to raise the monster into the air; thatHercules, 144:a new perspective established. One of the hydra's heads is immortal, we are told. This would implyHercules, 144:futile. The immortal head, dissevered from the hydra's body, is buried beneath a rock. This impliesHercules, 144:of Hercules - Labor VIII The Nine Heads of the Hydra The task assigned to Hercules had nine facets.Hercules, 144:to Hercules had nine facets. Each head of the hydra represents one of the problems that beset theHercules, 145:new angle of vision. By so doing, he breaks the hydra's grip, and eventually subdues the beast. Hercules, 145: The Labors of Hercules - Labor VIII Fighting the Hydra: Modern Version A consideration of the nineHercules, 145:person in this day and age who seeks to slay the hydra, should shed light on the strange forces atHercules, 146:exist, and that he who would subdue the hydra of the passions and the separative mind must solveHercules, 148:falls to his knees as he struggles with the hydra, symbolizing in this posture the spirit ofHercules, 149:than as one world. Hercules had to see the hydra as one monster, not a beast with nine differentHercules, 149:fellow men is a disease. This ugly head of the hydra must be destroyed once and for all before aHercules, 150:unlike Hercules, we have not triumphed over the hydra. Most of us are occupied with the futileHercules, 151:Kurukshetra, and I am going to deal with this hydra in Scorpio, for it is this labor which isHercules, 153:and space and as Hercules struggles with the hydra he looks up, sees the eagle, and is remindedHercules, 167:and fully serve". Draco, the serpent. We met the hydra, the serpent, in Gemini; now we meet Draco,Hercules, 226:in Scorpio, the killing of the Nine-Headed Hydra. After Capricorn, he becomes a server of humanity,
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