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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - HYPOTHESES

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Astrologyand to preserve a willingness to consider hypotheses and to make an effort to weigh a theory orAstrology, 9:side of life, but which must rightly be only hypotheses to you) and the avoidance of detail and ofAstrology, 27:will be open-minded enough to recognize possible hypotheses and then to make fair experiment withAstrology, 114:will have to accept my statements as temporary hypotheses at least, for you are in no position toAstrology, 262:will be developed as astrologers work with the hypotheses which I have presented. Ponder on theseAstrology, 497:facts which must for a while at least remain hypotheses and theories to the average astrologer andAtom, 73:and untenable. Yet even if they are only hypotheses, they may prove interesting and give us aAutobiography, 287:truths, as basic premises or as interesting hypotheses. This attitude or approach to truth we askAutobiography, 296:man instinctively knows them, either as working hypotheses which he feels have no sane oppositionEducation, 4:the forming of subsequent conclusions leading to hypotheses which, in their own turn, lead to stillExternalisation, 57:of science, and will then formulate the new hypotheses upon which the next immediate steps forwardExternalisation, 57:and the spiritual inferences and the scientific hypotheses, they will formulate those forms ofExternalisation, 110:learned, historical retrospection and suggested hypotheses. I seek, however, to foster in you theExternalisation, 156:them as interesting and simply explanatory hypotheses. There is little that you can do (or IFire, 73:and microcosmic, and having laid down certain hypotheses we passed to the consideration of theFire, 116:let us here briefly tabulate certain fundamental hypotheses that have a definite bearing upon theFire, 572:are the interrelations. Certain fundamental hypotheses are assumed, which must form the backgroundGlamour, 105:as reasonable speculations and possibly accurate hypotheses: Causes inherent in substance itself.Glamour, 106:It is useless for men to speculate upon these hypotheses with their present inadequate equipmentHealing, 2:and are ready to accept the new theories and hypotheses, they discover that the old and dearly heldHealing, 159:as investigators accept and experiment with the hypotheses which the occult sciences present, andIntellect, 49:intuitional knower it might be well to state the hypotheses upon which the science of meditation isIntellect, 52:terminology, the at-one-ment. These three hypotheses must be accepted, at any rate, tentatively, ifMagic, 362:the accepting of an hypothesis. Believe these hypotheses possible unless your intuition revolts orMagic, 618:realms of a beautiful idealism, of colorful hypotheses, and of delightful theories; on the otherMeditation, 6:one word of warning I give. Seek not to work out hypotheses of alignment based on the physicalPatanjali, 316:theoretical. It makes a man aware of certain hypotheses, possibilities and explanations. It givesPsychology1, 9:you. These it would be wise to accept as working hypotheses, in order to understand that whereof IPsychology1, 161:least) if they will interest themselves in the hypotheses of the school of esoteric psychology.Psychology2, 73:minds dwell on the unprovable, yet possible, hypotheses for future racial development. They focusPsychology2, 202:The occult teaching accepts all these hypotheses as correct, but as relative in time and space, andPsychology2, 421:open minds and the willingness to accept unusual hypotheses, along a trail which may lead them intoPsychology2, 598:premises I have made were accepted as valid hypotheses and acted upon. The result would open thePsychology2, 614:investigated from the angle of the occult hypotheses and then much progress will take place. ThisRays, 98:and relate to certain broad themes or demanded hypotheses which must govern the consciousness ofSoul, 17:in its many branches and activities upon hypotheses which, correct or incorrect, merit experimentSoul, 95:and reduced, according to current [95] hypotheses, to something which differs profoundly fromSoul, 130:emerged from the speculations and vague hypotheses of the past ages? Has not what was regarded asSoul, 131:with, a willingness to accept an hypothesis, for hypotheses have always been the starting point forSoul, 145:following words: 'The laws of Nature are merely hypotheses devised to explain that ever-shiftingSoul, 146:of Science itself or the extension of its 'hypotheses,' as by a growth and expansion of the human
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