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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IBID

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Bethlehem, 62:are shortest and the nights are longest..." - Ibid. p. 157. Bethlehem, 103:is the way to the revelation of Messiahship!" - Ibid., p. 223. Christ's entire life was one longBethlehem, 114:or by the incidents of the terrestrial life." - Ibid., pp. 284, 285. If these words are studied inBethlehem, 125:for by evolution from other experience." (Ibid., p. 88.) But perhaps that too is simply phenomenal,Bethlehem, 161:although he had never appeared in that role." - Ibid., pp. 217, 218. This evokes in its entiretyBethlehem, 195:were made actual and given a direct meaning." (Ibid., p. 166.) But His death was also theBethlehem, 195:with the Fountainhead of all goodness." (Ibid., p. 166.) Bethlehem, 274:and effort the understanding of their union." (Ibid., p. 399.) The kingdom of God is not divorcedFire, 472:births; the store of former actions preserved. Ibid., question 35). Prarabdha: - The actions ofFire, 472:which give pleasure or pain in this life alone. (Ibid., question 36.)" - The Theosophist, Vol.Hercules, 139:leads between the two great lines of force." (Ibid. pp. 251, 261). [140] Hercules, 217:the twelve constellations rise and set once." Ibid, p. 167 The second thing, therefore, to rememberIntellect, 128:forms of spiritual experience." - Otto, Rudolf, Ibid., page XVII of Translator's Preface. HisIntellect, 128:also felt as 'the within' man." - Otto, Rudolf, Ibid., page XV of Translator's Preface. ThroughSoul, 36:or in connection with, the ductless glands." (Ibid., p. 189) Dr. Rubin says "we are now rapidlySoul, 37:will discover how to modify temperament." - Ibid., pp. 11, 12. In regard to this matter ofSoul, 45:or of the post-pituitary, if emotional." - Ibid., p. 236. From a study of these comments, itSoul, 47:no exhibition of sex tendencies thereafter." - Ibid., p. 55. We are also told that "Sensitivity,Soul, 47:the stimulus damages his nerve apparatus." - Ibid., p. 180. The thyroid like the pituitary, hasSoul, 47:(reading, studying, thinking) and concepts." - Ibid., p. 182. Soul, 63:very subtle and not a little diffused." - Ibid., pp. 182, 183. Coming again to modern times Sir
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