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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Atom, 143:we called a planetary atom; then we extended the idea still further to the atom of the solarAtom, 147:means of it. Finally we carried forward the same idea in connection with the solar system itself. Atom, 150:solar Logos; but we might be able to get some idea of the general purposes by the study of raceAutobiography, 15:his daughter-in-law, my sister, had the faintest idea of the friendly and happy relationship whichAutobiography, 35:and for many years after, I had not the remotest idea Who He was. I was scared stiff at theAutobiography, 52:everywhere for some word expressing the same idea, it eluded us. And there were German professorsAutobiography, 58:at them and say: "Goodness, I haven't the least idea." Autobiography, 68:as smug and holy as I looked and that he had an idea that I would some day discover that I was aAutobiography, 68:I knew no real evil and had not the faintest idea what kind of things could happen to girls. Once,Autobiography, 80:power and my platform eloquence. I have an idea now that it was because I was young and gay and hadAutobiography, 84:theologian, Jonathan Edwards. Have you any idea how abominable some of his sermons are? They areAutobiography, 90:lived a very intense thought-life. I have an idea that in a previous life I failed the MastersAutobiography, 92:Gospel meetings up to the end but I have an idea that I had lost my punch. All I can remember wasAutobiography, 97:back to my job and did it, having no faintest idea how my life would work out; making up my mind toAutobiography, 98:to him terrified over my headaches. I had an idea that I had a tumor on the brain, or was goingAutobiography, 103:left the slightest impression on me. I have an idea now that I left behind me a group of veryAutobiography, 110:me that people naturally helped me. I have an idea that I was not a bit charming. I was rather "Autobiography, 134:a feeling of guilt and of disloyalty to God. The idea of the world being nineteen million years oldAutobiography, 175:wonder if the general public has the faintest idea of the literally appalling number of letters IAutobiography, 184:for me to understand them. I had a very exalted idea of what the relationship between mother andAutobiography, 184:and children should be. They had no such exalted idea. I was just somebody who could be expected toAutobiography, 186:schools in New Jersey. I was accustomed to the idea of coeducation but only among an exclusive setAutobiography, 193:over to the other side. We had not the faintest idea how to handle such work. We had none of us -Autobiography, 196:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter V This idea of status and position has been the curse of the T.S. andAutobiography, 217:as a collaborator with us. She suggested the idea that with our help she should start a spiritualAutobiography, 219:to know the people themselves, so we gave up all idea of an academic college training for the girlsAutobiography, 221:I had made for the girls on board the boat. The idea was most unoriginal, for the dresses were theAutobiography, 221:that could be visited. I told her that my main idea was that the girls should imbibe some of theAutobiography, 235:to promote right human relations and spread the idea of goodwill amongst men. Foster and I haveAutobiography, 235:in the world have been occupied in spreading the idea of peace, piling up mailing-lists of peopleAutobiography, 235:up mailing-lists of people who endorsed the idea of peace - and who doesn't - and in spreadingAutobiography, 235:between World War I and World War II the idea of peace made great [236] strides. Millions of namesAutobiography, 236:demanding peace. The Axis nations welcomed the idea of peace propaganda for it represented aAutobiography, 240:initiations held before them, an entirely new idea and vision. The physical disciplines are noAutobiography, 248:consequent harm which has ensued, lowering the idea of the Hierarchy and the nature of adeptship inAutobiography, 267:At the same time, the beginner is given no true idea of discipleship or its responsibilities. TheAutobiography, 275:that such teachings were dangerous; today, this idea is exploded and scores of people throughoutAutobiography, 279:The student has, first of all, to gain a general idea of the esoteric teaching; he will then knowBethlehem, ix:also a Divine desire for man. God is the supreme idea, the supreme concern and the supreme desireBethlehem, ix:the supreme desire of man. Man is the supreme idea, the supreme concern and the supreme desire ofBethlehem, 38:from a book by Dr. Bosanquet expresses the idea in terms which link it up with individualBethlehem, 38:with the life of the absolute on the other. Our idea has been throughout... that the soul is aBethlehem, 49:quite clearly in the development of the God idea. First, God was a far-away, anthropomorphic Deity,Bethlehem, 68:the whole world is occupied with the Bethlehem idea, with bread. In this subtle implication thereBethlehem, 71:This epistle is: "...penetrated through by that idea of a living union with Christ, and indwellingBethlehem, 82:of the Mother. But the acceptance of this divine idea and the orientation of the life in order toBethlehem, 82:the orientation of the life in order to make the idea a fact are the first and immediate steps.Bethlehem, 83:following Methodius, teaches that the very idea of the Incarnation includes the union of the LogosBethlehem, 91:thinks through into being some great and dynamic idea based on truth. He formulates it into suchBethlehem, 91:be no history. In the enunciation of a cosmic idea, and in the capacity to make that idea an idealBethlehem, 91:a cosmic idea, and in the capacity to make that idea an ideal of dynamic force, Christ standsBethlehem, 91:stands alone. Through His life, He gave to us an idea which became in time the ideal of service, soBethlehem, 92:and beauty that as yet we can form no faintest idea of their possible outline. Otherwise God wouldBethlehem, 101:is simply a recognition. It is a false idea, current in many schools of the mysteries and ofBethlehem, 138:We might list five of them in order to gain an idea of what must be done and in order to understandBethlehem, 167:Keyserling, p. 213. Christ gave us a great idea. He gave us the new concept that God is Love, noBethlehem, 168:is determined, and eventually the new and unique idea becomes the popularly and publicly acceptedBethlehem, 168:Schweitzer, p. 82.) Christ embodied a great idea, the idea that God is Love, and that love is theBethlehem, 168:p. 82.) Christ embodied a great idea, the idea that God is Love, and that love is the motivatingBethlehem, 170:Religions, edited by A.E. Haydon, p. 106.) This idea of service is of course in complete conflictBethlehem, 192:with a person, and from that person the idea has spread out into the world, gathering adherents asBethlehem, 193:of the Lamb' is undoubtedly a reflection of this idea, the reference thus being clear in the wordsBethlehem, 195:upon the blood sacrifice of Christ and upon the idea of sin? It would appear that two causes areBethlehem, 195:are responsible for this: 1. The inherited idea of blood sacrifice. As Dr. Rashdall tells us: "TheBethlehem, 196:over His own incarnate Son in exchange." - The Idea of At-one-ment, by H. Rashdall, p. 248. In thisBethlehem, 196:minds and preconceived notions color them. The idea becomes the ideal, and serves a useful purposeBethlehem, 196:serves a useful purpose and leads men on (as the idea of sacrifice has always led men nearer toBethlehem, 197:himself. It has passed through many phases. The idea of a God Whose nature is love has battled forBethlehem, 197:is love has battled for centuries with the idea of a God Whose nature is wrath. The outstandingBethlehem, 198:habits of thought were too strong for the new idea which He came to give. Sin and sacrifice oustedBethlehem, 199:tomb of matter. It is interesting to trace the idea that men must suffer in this world as theBethlehem, 199:evil is eventually defeated. The thought and idea of sacrifice for the sins of the people was notBethlehem, 199:of the people was not the original and basic idea. Originally, infant humanity offered sacrificesBethlehem, 200:hurt mankind. Thus little by little [200] the idea grew until, at last, the salvation concept mightBethlehem, 226:and there is today a natural revolt against the idea of individual salvation through the bloodBethlehem, 227:of the best minds of the age have repudiated the idea. Individual salvation is surely selfish inBethlehem, 238:and its significance has been the central idea of the Masonic Fraternity down the ages, forming theBethlehem, 244:A modern Christian poet has expressed the same idea in the following beautiful words: "Death is toBethlehem, 246:none of us are pleased to contemplate the old idea of a sugary heaven wherein we pass our timeBethlehem, 251:by W. Y. Evans-Wentz, p. 12. Here we have the idea of the kingdom of God appearing on earth becauseBethlehem, 264:building must be somewhere understood, and some idea must exist as to subsequent reconstruction.Bethlehem, 278:it." A book earlier quoted states that this idea of a personal Christ must be eclipsed andDestiny, 8:This is an important point to note. Once an idea becomes an ideal, humanity can freely reject orDestiny, 9:State or for the so-called general good. [9] The idea, neither old nor particularly new, ofDestiny, 9:represents the will of the people. The idea of a world state, divided into various great sections.Destiny, 9:is such that understanding will be possible. The idea of a spiritual Hierarchy which will governDestiny, 21:to your attention as the underlying, motivating idea behind all the work which you are called uponDestiny, 23:in tabular form we can get the general idea more clearly in mind: I. SHAMBALLA The Holy City. WillDestiny, 30:They feel entirely lost, are gripped by the idea that life holds for them no desirable future, allDestiny, 41:what I mean? I question it. Have you any true idea of what is intended by these two words? I doubtDestiny, 57:should be remembered that each ray embodies an idea which can be sensed as an ideal. The rays inDestiny, 111:have been thus built around an embodied Idea, Who, in His Own Person, expressed the immediate idealDestiny, 111:then the reason for the potency of the religious idea, as expressed in theological dogma andDestiny, 113:in such a form that unfortunately the original idea is lost, the primal ideal is destroyed and theDestiny, 113:his ideal than by the ideal itself. Thus the idea is lost in the ideal and the ideal, in its turn,Destiny, 113:in the interest of his peculiar and formulated idea. Under the immediate expression of the sixthDestiny, 113:sons of God have ever been ready to die for an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally readyDestiny, 113:ready and have done so, whether it is the idea of a superhuman state, empire or nation, or someDestiny, 115:this, there will unfold in your consciousness an idea of the developing process and of the emergingDestiny, 119:I wonder whether any of you have the faintest idea what will happen to humanity when the inner
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