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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Destiny, 121:follow the same procedure now, thus gaining some idea of the relationship between the sixth and theDestiny, 127:visionary, and by the fanatical devotees of some idea who were, nevertheless, unable to see theDestiny, 131:As was inevitable, they have carried the idea to a fanatical extent, and have stressed celibacy,Discipleship1, XII:This book is encouraging in that it offsets the idea that to be a pledged disciple one is,Discipleship1, 10:unwaveringly in the light of love. You have no idea of the potency of such an effort or of itsDiscipleship1, 26:make any needed application and expansion of the idea from the individual to humanity as a whole.Discipleship1, 27:The man or woman thus glamored sees only one idea, one person, one authority and one aspect ofDiscipleship1, 33:group of my disciples can do. You must avoid the idea that you are working in a unique way andDiscipleship1, 35:agents (such as myself) have to work. Any new idea, especially if it embodies a purpose which canDiscipleship1, 37:of patients. Note this last point. The group idea must always be remembered by the students as theyDiscipleship1, 67:importance: [67] The stage of pondering over the idea which is to be impressed upon the mind ofDiscipleship1, 67:becomes the living embodiment of the desired idea-vibrant, active and ready for service. When thisDiscipleship1, 67:you will try to see the living embodied idea, playing back and forth between the two poles. YouDiscipleship1, 68:will and the carefully expressed and formulated idea in the mind of the thinker. A certain portionDiscipleship1, 68:along that current, I send the impression, the idea or the thought-form which I seek to seeDiscipleship1, 69:is to carry forward into the New Age the idea of the bringing of glamor and of the great illusionDiscipleship1, 83:disciple is to apply the teaching given to the idea of promoting and increasing their worldDiscipleship1, 83:for training. This is the distortion of a true idea which, in its progress from the mental plane toDiscipleship1, 83:so unduly in your private thoughts this idea of being "accepted by a Master." This thought and itsDiscipleship1, 113:those chosen... Think deeply upon the embodied idea and carry your thoughts forward and onward andDiscipleship1, 115:to the requirements, not from any specific idea of pleasing me or even of producing furtherDiscipleship1, 116:love. I use no further terms to express this idea. That sentence should provide you with much foodDiscipleship1, 132:of a "free and independent soul" - a paradoxical idea and one which shows forgetfulness of the factDiscipleship1, 146:You have a capacity for clothing an idea in its appropriate garb. You could write a book whichDiscipleship1, 152:Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic I have an idea that the above statement will carry muchDiscipleship1, 154:but there you will not find them. It was this idea I had in mind when I told you in an earlierDiscipleship1, 160:and work through to the first: You live with the idea and you constructively embody it. This isDiscipleship1, 162:renewed effort to meet its demands. You have no idea how a fresh access of power will come to youDiscipleship1, 162:the superstructure, you must guard the original idea and the initial thought-form from all possibleDiscipleship1, 162:the task of preserving the original purity of idea and of purpose becomes onerous. [163] BeDiscipleship1, 172:Let me here give you a hint. If you use this idea in the planning of the work which you seek to doDiscipleship1, 198:would constitute a reviewing of my day with the idea of Light predominating? In a review, am IDiscipleship1, 217:of its success I seek your aid. Make the idea and the ideals of group work in the New Age yourDiscipleship1, 256:I use these words in order to express the idea of the soul's intention. Can you cast your mind backDiscipleship1, 286:physical plane. The following through of this idea or ideal: From the sensed intuition to itsDiscipleship1, 286:which will bring about the emergence of your idea or ideal into the light of the physical plane.Discipleship1, 288:is a scientific means of relating the idea, the ideal and its outer expression. Give as much timeDiscipleship1, 289:except in making free choice and in serving. The idea of freedom can itself constitute a prison.Discipleship1, 293:the next halfyearly work. You will gain a fuller idea of the group work and of your group brothersDiscipleship1, 326:concrete shell which can precisely express the idea. This you also quite markedly lack; you haveDiscipleship1, 356:more dynamically than heretofore. Grasp that idea and stand steadily with me in the work I seek toDiscipleship1, 367:all such concepts - can act as a prison. Her idea of liberty can be a chain, holding her down. ThisDiscipleship1, 372:kept living and vital or else your personality idea, your desire to hold people away from you, yourDiscipleship1, 384:of thought or feeling. Ponder then [384] on the idea of Life and Love as they exist apart fromDiscipleship1, 443:in your meditation work, thus building in the idea as profitably as you can and - during the day -Discipleship1, 457:of disciples have been subjected? Have you any idea how active has been the discipline to whichDiscipleship1, 512:[512] in his trouble, and sometimes a fixed idea of persecution descends upon him. Here again youDiscipleship1, 516:are still only playing around the fringe of that idea. For you, it is a symbol of a detachmentDiscipleship1, 552:the future, be made subservient to that basic idea of service through healing. The best way inDiscipleship1, 557:for you, the most important of them all. The idea is not negative, as you suppose. TheDiscipleship1, 561:3rd month - All that is, shews forth some seed idea. 4th month - A thought of God, some real idea,Discipleship1, 561:idea. 4th month - A thought of God, some real idea, must reveal itself within my heart. 5th month -Discipleship1, 562:this also in line with your deepest and highest idea? Discipleship1, 565:which will be your elucidation of the intended idea? Did you notice, my brother, the value and theDiscipleship1, 583:adherence to a line of thought, [583] to an idea, a group, a person or an attitude or to aDiscipleship1, 590:your own group and thus demonstrate your own idea. 4. Do you really desire to organize a group andDiscipleship1, 612:have functioned in a glamorous world of your own idea of service and of what should be done, butDiscipleship1, 627:must be continued for another year. Have you any idea, my brother, with what care I watch the workDiscipleship1, 640:into your life and your relationships. This idea has much value and usefulness to you, for it hasDiscipleship1, 658:so at times and to comfort yourself with the idea is only a form of self-illusion and a way ofDiscipleship1, 669:which is today of such interest to you - the idea of death and proving the fact of immortality.Discipleship1, 685:clearly and so get into their consciousness the idea of contribution, watching their thought lifeDiscipleship1, 693:them you will find they may change somewhat your idea of what constitutes discipleship but theyDiscipleship1, 697:demonstrates. I wonder how I can make the idea clear to you? Let me first call your attention toDiscipleship1, 702:"the Life and the lives." You have the analogous idea and its sequence of effects in theDiscipleship1, 702:an Ashram to you and so leave you with a clear idea of the difference between a Master's particularDiscipleship1, 705:will embody the light and love, as well as the idea of the group in conformity with group vision.Discipleship1, 711:putting it but it serves to express the general idea. A Master does this because the need of theDiscipleship1, 719:[719] with the future. You may perhaps gain some idea or picture of the conditioning life ofDiscipleship1, 720:intention to fire the entire world with the new idea of the "spirit of relationship," beginningDiscipleship1, 732:group are themselves unable to react to the idea and to preserve, among themselves, rightDiscipleship1, 743:* The Ashram * The Disciple An extension of this idea lies behind much that I have taught anent theDiscipleship1, 747:of Probation and not deluding yourself with the idea that you are on the Path of Discipleship? AreDiscipleship1, 770:telepathically get some aspect of the projected idea. In such cases there is always glamor,Discipleship1, 770:does give them some general, even if distorted, idea of the Plan, but is apt to revolt theDiscipleship1, 770:Accepted disciples who get the Master's idea and plans in far greater completeness, but fail oftenDiscipleship1, 772:at this time. Ponder with care upon this idea. It is not possible for members of the New Group ofDiscipleship1, 780:consequent harm has ensued, thus lowering the idea of the Hierarchy and the nature of adeptship inDiscipleship2, 12:is to apply the teaching I may give to the idea of promoting and increasing their world service,Discipleship2, 19:may profit by them, stimulated by each presented idea and thus evoke together the over-shadowingDiscipleship2, 46:is largely one of hope, coupled with the idea that it is your physical limitations which preventDiscipleship2, 50:process of anchoring upon earth a new religious idea or concept, a seed thought or germ of a newDiscipleship2, 83:they are far more widely read than you have any idea. Out of the apprehension of truth by manyDiscipleship2, 84:been a worker in any of them, which may be a new idea to you. When she finishes her job there is noDiscipleship2, 94:upon the fact of your individuality, the group idea cannot take form as a group ideal. The sense ofDiscipleship2, 107:usually composed of people possessing some basic idea upon which they are all agreed and which theyDiscipleship2, 144:Ashram Transmitter Expression Determination Seed Idea Attachment Discipleship2, 145:life, getting all you can out of it. This evoked idea may and should vary from day to day but willDiscipleship2, 145:related to the monthly theme. Then study the idea in connection with yourself, the disciple, activeDiscipleship2, 145:will find an interesting distinction. Make the idea practical, enabling it to "qualify" you orDiscipleship2, 145:the 0M, with the intent of making the sensed idea a part of your very nature. [146] STAGE FIVE -Discipleship2, 146:to others. Ponder on this. Now take the idea which the theme has engendered, or take the theme-wordDiscipleship2, 146:to humanity - when opportunity offers. Think the idea through mentally, emotionally, andDiscipleship2, 146:doing the work of the Ashram) breathe out the idea as a formulated, living thought-form into theDiscipleship2, 148:Recipient of Impression: Statement of highest idea received. Relation of theme to present worldDiscipleship2, 148:conclusions practically. Breathe out the idea into the world of thought. OM. V. The Transmitter ofDiscipleship2, 152:I wonder if it was so registered by you? The idea behind that meditation was the free flow ofDiscipleship2, 152:it had only one objective: the impartation of an idea and the presentation of a possibility. TheDiscipleship2, 157:abstractions. Look for the underlying abstract idea in this Invocation. It is there. From yourDiscipleship2, 159:first degree of the Lodge on Sirius) have any idea as to the nature of the purpose which underlies
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