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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Fire, 853:C. W. Leadbeater had a dim apprehension of this idea when he referred to those boat loads of EgosFire, 853:moon chain. He has of course materialized the idea far too much; if the same fundamental idea isFire, 853:the idea far too much; if the same fundamental idea is expressed in terms of force and of theFire, 854:of the mental plane, so as to give students some idea of the vastness of the subject, and theFire, 859:case, while in the figure eight lies hidden the idea of duality: [860] The four of the quaternary,Fire, 860:the ring-pass-not.) We must note also, that the idea of twelve in connection with the centers isFire, 860:student studies this condition, and links up the idea of the three tiers of petals in theFire, 893:the symbology a little further can connect this idea with the "eye of Shiva" which sees and knowsFire, 897:statements which will give the student some idea of the close attention which should, andFire, 906:internal macrocosmic and microcosmic fires, some idea may be gained as to the true significance ofFire, 929:of producing forms on earth which embody an idea, work along similar lines. The analogy is perfect.Fire, 943:but it is only upon the physical plane that any idea can be given as to their nature and work.Fire, 956:or as a means for the manifestation of an idea. Students will do well to consider these points withFire, 956:parallel His work as: The one who conceives the idea. The one who clothes the idea in matter. [957]Fire, 956:who conceives the idea. The one who clothes the idea in matter. [957] The one who energizes theFire, 957:idea in matter. [957] The one who energizes the idea, and thus enables the form to preserve itsFire, 967:in that state begin to build the form for his idea, and thus materialize the plan of his Ego. TheFire, 968:man to vitalize and hold in coherent form his idea. Most of the thought forms created by averageFire, 969:the man proceeds to build the form for his idea. He begins first to organize the material requiredFire, 969:divorced from the one who is giving it form. Any idea of enough strength will inevitablyFire, 970:of the little evolved. Having grasped the idea, and having with care discriminated the motiveFire, 970:care discriminated the motive underlying the idea, thus ascertaining its utilitarian purposes, andFire, 970:statements: He has, first of all, to hold the idea sufficiently long for it to be faithfullyFire, 970:other, the second stage is entered upon. The idea is conceived. [971] Fire, 971:into various stages. The man broods over the idea; he ponders upon it, thereby setting up activityFire, 971:called a pulsation in the organizing form of the idea, and it becomes alive. It is yet but nebulousFire, 972:will be seen that too common manifestation, an idea wrongly conceived and nurtured, and thereforeFire, 972:plan, being but a grotesque distortion. The idea now is reaching a critical stage, and should beFire, 972:according to the quality of the embodied idea, [973] and will be seen pouring towards the rapidlyFire, 973:seen pouring towards the rapidly objectivising idea from the particular center involved. We mustFire, 1005:has created. The devas who form the body of the idea which has failed in its purpose form a drainFire, 1005:it that the motive or desire lying back of the "idea," now clothed with its first sheath, retainsFire, 1013:form in this case as any other particularized idea, and [1014] the greatest act of conscious magicFire, 1020:will save him from their work. The embodied idea has now form and shape upon the astral plane; butFire, 1023:will open up before the thinker who extends this idea to the planetary Logos and His work of formFire, 1024:for him that vital energy which will drive this idea into objectivity. As the different types ofFire, 1024:the vibrating astral and mental sheath, and the idea of the solar Angel is attaining definiteFire, 1037:all similar to the one hundred year spiral. Some idea as to the Mahachohan's cycle of emanatoryFire, 1067:because, having located the essence, they had no idea how to deal with it when released, nor (as weFire, 1089:from on high. We [1089] have in this concept an idea analogous to the entering in of those Monads,Fire, 1094:managed to convey in the symbol of the wheel an idea of the triplicity of all atomic activity: TheFire, 1101:of inestimable value. In order to keep the basic idea of this Treatise corresponding in its variousFire, 1103:manifestation, and the "individualized" [1103] Idea becomes daily more dominant. The "Ahamkara"Fire, 1107:occult teachers, which names convey [1107] the idea of the active enterprise which is theirFire, 1117:immensity play the part of atoms. Thus some idea may be gained of the unified purpose underlyingFire, 1118:It is not possible to give students an adequate idea of the beauty of the egoic lotus when it hasFire, 1119:but pictures which serve to convey some small idea of the beauty, and the intricacy of the divineFire, 1135:lower self, or not-self. In illustration of this idea, it might be pointed out that when the animalFire, 1145:- Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind Some idea of the complexity governing the periodicalFire, 1145:enumerate these factors and thus get some idea as to the complexity of the matter: The first andFire, 1167:studies them in their totality) a broad general idea as to the Law and its modifications, itsFire, 1198:seventh type of force from out of the many. Some idea of the relative point in evolution of theFire, 1208:which each hierarchy has to pass, and some idea of the significance of this and their relativityFire, 1217:this unit closer to its own center. Perhaps some idea of the great beauty of this law as it worksFire, 1219:the physical plane sheaths or vehicles. The same idea must be applied to the units devoid of aFire, 1232:is not perfected. Man himself - a great idea and a specific one - knows not the nature of thatFire, 1233:it is itself an expression of an idea, and that idea has behind it, in its turn, a purposeFire, 1233:it is itself an expression of an idea, and that idea has behind it, in its turn, a purposeFire, 1233:To give some faint indications as to the idea or the concept. This links the symbol in its exotericFire, 1233:To limit and confine and imprison the idea and so adapt it to the point in evolution which theFire, 1233:man have reached. The true nature of the latent idea is ever more potent, complete and full thanFire, 1234:interpretation is the one which reveals the idea lying behind the objective manifestation. ThisFire, 1234:lying behind the objective manifestation. This idea, incorporeal in itself, becomes a concretion onFire, 1234:plane of objectivity, and as stated above, an idea lies behind every form without exception and noFire, 1235:the subjective sense and which is veiled by the idea or thought just as the idea itself is veiledFire, 1235:is veiled by the idea or thought just as the idea itself is veiled by the form it assumes when inFire, 1235:be regarded as the purpose which prompted the idea and led to its emanation into the world ofFire, 1236:is the exoteric symbol of an inner subjective idea which is possessed of quality and attributes andFire, 1236:yet shall define the purpose behind the soul or idea, whether logoic or human? All these threeFire, 1250:that they "alchemise themselves" on to it. Some idea as to the meaning of this phrase may be gainedFire, 1251:of that which is visualized which negates the idea of duality, - that which visualizes and thatFire, 1262:ray can touch them. Students can get some idea of the lower correspondence to this as they studyFire, 1264:equilibrium serve best to convey the necessary idea. PATH V. THE RAY PATH Attributes - A sense ofGlamour, 7:up the meaning of the symbol in some synthetic idea, concept, meaning or name. Glamour, 7:This involves arriving at its underlying idea, which may be expressed in its name; at its [8]Glamour, 8:should, when doing this, bear in mind that the idea connotes the higher or abstract intent; thatGlamour, 9:you pass to the stage of grasping the basic idea [10] of the symbol, and from thence to a syntheticGlamour, 11:A conceptual consideration of its underlying idea, of what it is intended to teach, of theGlamour, 11:symbol with the needed quality through which the idea can make its presence felt, in order that theGlamour, 11:felt, in order that the intuited qualified idea may find proper form on the physical plane. Deal,Glamour, 12:You then become aware of the concept or idea which the sign or symbol embodies. You comprehend itsGlamour, 13:to interpret and the power to express the idea underlying the symbol so that others may share itGlamour, 13:that is not the inadequate symbol of a divine idea? What have we in our outer manifestation but theGlamour, 13:yourself but the outer expression of a divine idea? We must learn to see symbols all around us andGlamour, 13:and then to penetrate behind the symbol to the idea which it should express. There is however aGlamour, 13:of service to you as you attempt to arrive at an idea and thus study conceptually the many symbolsGlamour, 14:forming a triangle) represent such and such an idea or truth or teaching. This is recorded in yourGlamour, 14:expresses for us in the familiar words, that "An idea is a Being incorporeal, which has noGlamour, 14:form and express through that form a concept or idea. As you work inwards, you are also becomingGlamour, 14:becoming aware of the nature of the motivating idea through the study of its form and itsGlamour, 14:field of ideas of analogous nature in which the idea embodied in the symbol finds itself. ThisGlamour, 20:Nothing could be further from the truth. That idea is itself part of the glamor of the presentGlamour, 21:people know, but their definition includes the idea of a huge elemental form which bars the way toGlamour, 21:which bars the way to the sacred portal, or the idea of a fabricated form, constructed sometimes byGlamour, 21:None of these definitions, however, give a true idea of the reality. I would point out here thatGlamour, 29:it not - a bewildered man, who has a potent idea of some kind or another, but who finds it quiteGlamour, 30:and groups, all of them colored by an analogous idea, into groups of idealists fighting each otherGlamour, 54:world of ideas and he seizes upon some idea or group [55] of ideas and endeavors to make them hisGlamour, 55:leads him deep into the realm of illusion. The idea, or ideas, which he has contacted are, if heGlamour, 55:to their interpretation is inadequate. The idea which has emerged in his consciousness, through the
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