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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Glamour, 55:That which he brings to the materializing of the idea and to its transformation into a practicalGlamour, 55:this distortion and this stepping down of the idea take place might be outlined for you as follows.Glamour, 55:Problem - The Nature of Glamor The passage of an idea from the plane of the intuition to the brain.Glamour, 55:the plane of the intuition to the brain. The idea is seen by the mind, "held steady in the light ofGlamour, 56:throws its light upward and outward, and the idea, nebulous and faint, emerges into theGlamour, 56:of the "soul's wide-opened eye," registers the idea with increasing clarity. The idea, revealed,Glamour, 56:registers the idea with increasing clarity. The idea, revealed, becomes then an ideal to theGlamour, 56:becomes actuated by the energy of the idea, vitalized by the recognition of the soul, and the ideaGlamour, 56:by the recognition of the soul, and the idea then takes its first real step towards embodiment. AnGlamour, 56:towards embodiment. An ideal is only an embodied idea. These are the first steps towardsGlamour, 56:the ego colors the man's interpretation of the idea. It colors the emerging thought-form.Glamour, 56:pure light is changed into colored light. The idea is then "clothed with color, and thereby theGlamour, 57:ideal. The rapport of the mind, with the sensed idea, is not stable. The quality of the developmentGlamour, 57:the disciple produces the next "veiling" of the idea, as it is called. The idea has become changedGlamour, 57:next "veiling" of the idea, as it is called. The idea has become changed through the ray coloringGlamour, 57:ways usually: 1. Through wrong Perception of an Idea. The disciple cannot distinguish between anGlamour, 57:Idea. The disciple cannot distinguish between an idea and an ideal, between an idea and aGlamour, 57:between an idea and an ideal, between an idea and a thought-form, or between an intuitive and aGlamour, 58:Aspirants must learn to distinguish between: An idea and an ideal. Between that which is embodied,Glamour, 59:of Glamor 2. Through wrong Interpretation. The idea, a vital entity or a germ of living potency, isGlamour, 60:in the light, yet what he is offering to the idea is but a poor thing at the best. This leads toGlamour, 60:Appropriation of Ideas. Misappropriation of an idea is based upon the drama-making faculty andGlamour, 60:little self. These lead a man to appropriate an idea as his own, to credit himself with itsGlamour, 60:as his. He proceeds to build his life around his idea, and to make his aims and his objectives ofGlamour, 60:others to recognize his proprietorship of the idea. He forgets that no one idea belongs to anyoneGlamour, 60:of the idea. He forgets that no one idea belongs to anyone but, coming as ideas do, from the planeGlamour, 60:a personality also, becomes subordinated to his idea of an idea, and his ideal of an idea. The ideaGlamour, 60:also, becomes subordinated to his idea of an idea, and his ideal of an idea. The idea becomes theGlamour, 60:to his idea of an idea, and his ideal of an idea. The idea becomes the dramatic agent of hisGlamour, 60:idea of an idea, and his ideal of an idea. The idea becomes the dramatic agent of his self-imposedGlamour, 61:impress of personality reactions upon the sensed idea and upon all who attempt to contact the sameGlamour, 61:and upon all who attempt to contact the same idea. The cure is a steady attempt to decentralize theGlamour, 61:currents of mental energy, colored by a basic idea, are placed there by the Hierarchy. When thusGlamour, 62:in a personal way [62] and attribute the idea to his own wisdom and power. You will note thereforeGlamour, 62:myopic. A fraction or a fragment of some basic idea impinges upon his consciousness and heGlamour, 62:at all. He therefore starts to work with the idea, distributing it in directions where it isGlamour, 62:leading to a wrong use or wrong direction of the idea. Its cause is a small and non-inclusive mind.Glamour, 62:of Glamor 5. Through wrong Integration of an Idea. Every disciple has a life plan, and some chosenGlamour, 63:with his fellow disciples, he touches some idea of importance, perhaps, to the world. ImmediatelyGlamour, 63:may have for him no definite use, and is not an idea with which he should be working. TheGlamour, 63:responsible for his so seizing upon this idea. All ideas sensed and contacted need not necessarilyGlamour, 63:not always realize. He therefore seizes upon the idea and attempts to integrate it into his plans,Glamour, 63:or life activity. They seize upon every idea that comes their way, and use no discrimination of anyGlamour, 63:unrealized and the disciple is glimmered by the idea of his own selfless interests. Its cure is aGlamour, 64:working always in the closest collaboration. The idea is contacted, but is wrongly clothed inGlamour, 64:and others in this group, seldom touch a pure idea, and hence seldom need to embody it. Glamour, 64:illusion descend upon a disciple! He contacts an idea intuitively and also intelligently (note theGlamour, 71:with) reality. An extension of the above idea into what we call racial glamor, using the word raceGlamour, 82:of oneself against the unreal. It is this idea which lies [83] behind the teaching given in theGlamour, 124:following stages, as you have oft been told: The idea - based on intuitive perception The ideal -Glamour, 130:mental illusion might perhaps be described as an idea, embodied in an ideal form, which permits noGlamour, 130:ties and limits and imprisons the man. A good idea may consequently become an illusion with greatGlamour, 130:if the Hierarchy itself is not conditioned by an idea and, therefore, is itself a victim of generalGlamour, 130:to the seven major groups of ideas which are the IDEA of God for any specific point in time,Glamour, 130:Each of these seven formulations of God's Idea has its specific contribution to make; each of themGlamour, 130:contribution to make; each of them is a true idea which has its part to play in human or planetaryGlamour, 130:the other six expressions of the same divine Idea, working out as ideals upon the mental plane,Glamour, 130:that there can be no narrowing down to one idea with its ramifications as happens among men. ThereGlamour, 130:this, for, to the members of the Hierarchy, the idea and its effects are not only interpreted inGlamour, 131:few idealists are personally in touch with the idea which has given birth to the idealism. They areGlamour, 131:in touch with the human interpretation of the idea, as formulated by some disciple or intuitive - aGlamour, 131:therefore, be defined as the consequence of an idea (translated into ideal) being regarded as theGlamour, 131:to relate the various implications of a divine idea with each other. When visioned and grasped in aGlamour, 131:for a partial and inadequate ideal and thus the idea cannot arrive at full expression, because itsGlamour, 131:Glamor Where there is a real grasp of the whole idea (a rare thing indeed) there can be noGlamour, 131:rare thing indeed) there can be no illusion. The idea is so much bigger than the idealist thatGlamour, 132:and a vague interpretive reaction to an idea, we find emerging fanatics, vague idealists, sadisticGlamour, 132:vague idealists, sadistic enforcers of the idea as grasped, one-pointed and narrow men and women,Glamour, 132:seeking to express their interpretation of God's idea, and limited, cramped visionaries. SuchGlamour, 132:reality and such visionary showing forth of the idea has been both the pride and the curse of theGlamour, 132:misuse of the divine faculty of touching the idea and transforming it into the ideal that the worldGlamour, 132:men. They need to learn to penetrate to the true idea which lies behind their ideal and toGlamour, 132:LOVE. It is, for instance, no illusion that the idea which finds expression in the statement thatGlamour, 132:and religious characteristics, then the basic idea receives only limited application. Hence theGlamour, 132:which are nevertheless based on a true idea - each and all without any exception. It is again noGlamour, 133:who have recognized as much of the truth of the idea as they are capable of expressing and who haveGlamour, 133:have you think for a moment that the embodied idea, which we call an ideal, is in itself anGlamour, 134:the race, at any particular time, to reach. The idea before the race today is the re-establishingGlamour, 134:Today, under the name of Brotherhood, the same idea is seeking mental form and the establishment ofGlamour, 134:of a renewed spiritual relationship (the idea) through training in right human relations (theGlamour, 134:which we are now passing and the dimly sensed idea will - as a result of dire necessity - imposeGlamour, 134:excepting any, it will be discovered that this idea of integral relationships (often distorted inGlamour, 134:the current situation as an illustration of the idea taking form as the ideal and, alas, brother ofGlamour, 134:An ideal is a temporary expression of a basic idea; it is not intended to be permanent but simplyGlamour, 171:progress in connection with the individual, the idea can then be extended to the group, theGlamour, 171:Thus gradually we shall approach the great Idea to which we give the name of God, the Macrocosm. WeGlamour, 193:and this we call the result of the intuition - idea or truth, its perception and its reproduction.Glamour, 194:light are equally so, and in this equality of idea - light, substance, soul - you have the key toGlamour, 196:tower or beacon." These terms convey the idea of altitude and of distance which are soGlamour, 225:members of the Hierarchy, and then only with the idea of holding back the glamors until such timeGlamour, 225:desire and material good by substituting the idea of a heavenly substitute. The work that is [226]Glamour, 226:the group can arrange to work apart but with the idea of the work being group work firmly realizedGlamour, 245:He does this in conformity with some visioned idea, some cherished ideal, some sensed divineGlamour, 250:This is the true eye of vision and involves the idea of duality (of the see-er and that which isGlamour, 256:purpose in life. Therefore, it is the dominating idea or line of mental activity with which theGlamour, 256:as he performs a breathing exercise. This idea must embody some purpose, some planned activity andGlamour, 257:and the world of forces into which the idea has to be launched, then the student can safely followGlamour, 257:sent out) is qualified and conditioned by some idea. It is here that the average aspirant fails soGlamour, 257:thought, expressing some sensed and determined idea. Where this background of idealistic thought isHealing, 7:so as to make each sentence convey some real idea and give some real light on the problems which
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