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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Intellect, 42:the unfoldment in the minds of men of the God-Idea, and so led humanity forward along the path ofIntellect, 66:the soul craves. Whichever it may be, the basic idea is demanding what is wanted, and theIntellect, 70:page 192. This thought confines the whole idea within the realm of sensuous perception, but thereIntellect, 77:page 114. Thus, East and West teach the same idea and in the same symbology. Meditation is,Intellect, 93:of eastern mysticism, aspiration involves the idea of fire. It denotes a burning desire, and aIntellect, 93:hindrances which might keep him back. This same idea of fire runs through all books on ChristianIntellect, 96:form in nature; all forms veil a divine thought, idea, or truth and are the tangible manifestationIntellect, 96:to see below the surface and so contact the idea which gave birth to the form. Gradually, as heIntellect, 99:the steady holding of the mind on any desired idea. Contemplation. An activity of the soul,Intellect, 102:Emergent Evolution, page 37. Here we have the idea of the divine purpose, the universal mind, ofIntellect, 103:images built in connection with the presented idea. Then, if desired, the clear thinking of the manIntellect, 113:it is itself the expression of an idea, and that idea has behind it, in its turn, a purpose orIntellect, 113:it is itself the expression of an idea, and that idea has behind it, in its turn, a purpose orIntellect, 114:[114] To give some faint indications as to the idea and concept. This links the symbol... with theIntellect, 114:To limit and confine and imprison the idea and so adapt it to the point in evolution which the manIntellect, 114:man has reached. The true nature of the latent idea is ever more potent and complete than the formIntellect, 114:or meaning is the one which reveals the idea lying behind the objective manifestation. This idea,Intellect, 114:lying behind the objective manifestation. This idea, incorporeal in itself, becomes a concretion onIntellect, 115:the subjective sense and which is veiled by the idea or thought just as the idea is veiled by theIntellect, 115:is veiled by the idea or thought just as the idea is veiled by the form it assumes when in exotericIntellect, 115:be regarded as the purpose which prompted the idea and led to its emanation into the world ofIntellect, 119:mind to hold itself attentively upon a chosen idea has been the aim. We have, therefore, beenIntellect, 121:Evolutionary Naturalism, page 300. But this idea fails to satisfy the majority of thinkers and mostIntellect, 127:hasten the work of development. Dr. Otto in The Idea of the Holy says that man "must be guided andIntellect, 128:and into consciousness." - Otto, Rudolf, The Idea of the Holy, page 7. The word "numinous," we areIntellect, 128:arrived at a point where two things happen: the idea of the holy, of Being and of relationship toIntellect, 130:so to focus his thought upon a chosen theme or idea that he could close out all outer concepts andIntellect, 135:been called the Martha and Mary states, and the idea, through this metaphor, becomes somewhatIntellect, 136:absorbed in that which is the Reality (or the idea embodied in the form) and is unaware ofIntellect, 147:in the West have familiarized man with the idea that he possesses a mind; they have brought him toIntellect, 147:of illumination. In fact, we rather smile at the idea of an illumined consciousness and ascribeIntellect, 153:beautiful behind all forms. - Otto, Rudolf, The Idea of the Holy. His chapter is well worth carefulIntellect, 153:page 94. We are thus brought back to the idea of Wholeness and of Oneness with the Universe, whichIntellect, 163:form of a perception or conception, (nor as an idea or object of the reason), all of which byIntellect, 164:point of contact in the higher brain. [164] This idea Dr. Dibblee sums up in the words: "The pointIntellect, 168:ecstasy. "The absorption of the self in the one idea, the one desire, is so profound - and in theIntellect, 168:Mysticism, page 434. It will be noted how the idea of desire, of feeling and of dualityIntellect, 183:knows itself to be one with God. With this idea in our minds and with an understanding of the partIntellect, 191:of the Soul, IV, 25, 34, 22. Here again the same idea. The use of the mind, final withdrawal fromIntellect, 202:Beard, Charles A., Whither Mankind, page 41. Our idea as to what constitutes spirituality hasIntellect, 222:been taking [222] breathing exercises, with the idea of improving his health, from a teacher whoIntellect, 225:we choose, provided that we start with the basic idea of the Self seeking to contact and use theIntellect, 230:possible. But - this seems to involve the idea of duality. But I and God are one. I am God, andIntellect, 232:and have a definite relation to the chosen idea upon which we seek to concentrate. It is obviousIntellect, 238:and all can in time be traced back to an idea, and all true ideas emanate from the realm of theIntellect, 238:with the purpose aspect, or with the underlying idea which brought the outer form into being. ThisIntellect, 238:expressed for us by Plutarch in these words: "An idea is a Being incorporeal, which has noMagic, 11:word "law", as usually understood, conveys the idea of subjection to an activity which isMagic, 18:lies as yet beyond man's achievement, but an idea as to their relationship and their generalMagic, 22:of form. But when one endeavors to convey an idea of his quality, character, and nature one isMagic, 26:means of knowledge of which average man has no idea; they penetrate or include within their radiusMagic, 50:unified nature of the form and work that some idea as to the work of the soul, the middle principleMagic, 58:us realize from the start the simplicity of the idea intended to be conveyed by my remarksMagic, 64:of the value of his meditation work, whilst the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulse lies backMagic, 76:in modern English, the sages of old embodied an idea. The Old Commentary from which these words areMagic, 90:synonymous terms. The thought of the man and the idea of the soul have found a point of rapport,Magic, 90:"Service". He grasps, gropingly at first, the idea of the unity of the Life, and its manifestationMagic, 102:See to it therefore, and bring this idea in your evening review. I would like to urge each one whoMagic, 115:the consciousness of the man of a little of the idea on which our Logos bases all He does. TheMagic, 115:action is love in activity, and the fundamental idea on which He bases action connected with theMagic, 131:idealists by the Great White Brotherhood. The idea is sounded forth by Them. They choose a man or aMagic, 131:or a group of men and cast into their minds some idea. There it germinates and is embodied by themMagic, 131:the world who - grasping the main outline of the idea - crystallize it and build it into moreMagic, 142:This is another way of expressing the same idea. If this is realized and the science of thisMagic, 143:word create a thought form which will embody the idea we have in our minds. Then too will our wordsMagic, 145:Rule, - sound and light, - and one paramount idea emerges. The soul is to be known as light, as theMagic, 151:do its work and fulfil its mission. Study this idea with care, for it holds the secret of creativeMagic, 171:Master in the heart, and not run off with the idea (so flattering to their pride and personality)Magic, 197:for the students simply to grasp the general idea and the skeleton of the teaching. Magic, 235:plane" should also be looked up and a general idea gained as to its nature and its function as theMagic, 248:working of magic. Curiously in these phrases the idea of location is omitted and only the timeMagic, 261:evolution is summarized. On the mental plane an idea takes form. On [262] the desire plane sentientMagic, 263:just that word, for it expresses an abstract idea. Each person of every degree has his devotion,Magic, 266:thought will be sure and inevitable. When the idea is clearly grasped, the attention closelyMagic, 268:their thought-form and the manifestation of the idea. They spend much time following the orthodoxMagic, 278:the waters of living substance in motion by his idea and impulse, bending the builders to hisMagic, 290:are many and varied; but all lead back to the idea of unity, and of the Oneness of allMagic, 290:on the subjective side. The second basic idea is that the response of the etheric vehicle of allMagic, 320:but the above rough paraphrase will convey the idea to the illumined; these rules [321] sum up theMagic, 327:the origin of ideas and the growth of the God idea are being subjected to research and study. ThisMagic, 360:our planet, to our planetary Logos, but the idea can (needless to say) be progressed to include theMagic, 360:and the mineral kingdom - abstruse as the idea may seem to those of you who have not theMagic, 364:an integral part of the whole. It enforces the idea that energy is a life fluid circulatingMagic, 367:will lead to results, and little by little the idea will seep through to the concrete levels of theMagic, 368:matter into activity; thinkers seize hold of the idea. This is a hard thing to learn and difficultMagic, 413:relatively negligible, we call it good. Then the idea and not its expression controls. As timeMagic, 417:world grasp of conditions and possess a general idea of what is going on in the differentMagic, 426:to see error, or failure to measure up to an idea; falsity, impurity and weakness will beMagic, 428:of sound. But all will be subordinated to the idea of service and the uplift of humanity. Also theMagic, 431:not tell you now, but this will give you some idea of the reality of the work that is going on. ItMagic, 447:the various grades of matter until the embodied idea has clothed itself with mental matter and withMagic, 448:deliberately, for it will serve to convey the idea that any thought-form is regarded by us as aMagic, 448:popularly sometimes "the working out of an idea", or the "carrying through of a project"; it isMagic, 448:God or man) comes into existence. The embodied idea or thought (the former being potentially farMagic, 454:energy - another way of expressing the embodied idea. As time progresses, they pass on to otherMagic, 455:The "formula" therefore might be regarded as the idea emanating from the divine Thinker; it mightMagic, 457:of all true meditation work? Register the idea, received by the soul intuitively, and recognize theMagic, 457:of vital importance. Reduce the vague and misty idea to its essentials, discarding all vainMagic, 457:of the finished product. Latent within the idea which has been materially conceived, but which hasMagic, 458:is as yet only the "formula" - the conceived idea, the latent yet dynamic concept. It is potent
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