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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Patanjali, 150:off. The Sanskrit words here give a twofold idea. They infer first of all that certain types ofPatanjali, 160:Though pure, he looks upon the presented idea through the medium of the mind. Reference has alreadyPatanjali, 161:this great maya of illusion, 2. The presented idea. The thought conveyed here is that every formPatanjali, 161:of life in the three worlds is a "presented-idea," and that these presented ideas are thereforePatanjali, 161:brought them into being. Later he discovers the idea which they embody and, tracing themPatanjali, 190:of symbols or geometrical forms ensouling an idea or thought and this concerns the mental plane.Patanjali, 190:The translation by Johnston gives the same idea in very beautiful words and the method isPatanjali, 190:in that language a term will stand for an entire idea and will require several phrases in order toPatanjali, 190:a thought, and according to that thought or idea so will be the form and life-purpose. 2. ThoughtsPatanjali, 210:of some kind which veils or hides a thought, an idea or a truth and it might be laid down thereforePatanjali, 211:objective [211] form veiling a divine thought, idea or truth, the tangible manifestation of aPatanjali, 211:into an adequate instrument of expression. The idea is also carried forward into the daily life, inPatanjali, 211:to see below the surface and to touch the divine idea. This is the fourth of the Rules and concernsPatanjali, 217:In these sutras concerning posture, the same idea lies latent. The physical plane and the mentalPatanjali, 224:and these are recognized as subject to the space-idea and the time-element. It should be borne inPatanjali, 228:mind's power to hold itself in the light -," the idea being that once the condition of quiescencePatanjali, 234:absorbed in that which is the reality (or idea embodied in the form), and is unaware ofPatanjali, 234:object) and the embodied spiritual essence (or idea) are usually confused in the mind of thePatanjali, 244:back of the form considered, or to reach the idea which is responsible for the form. This processPatanjali, 245:symbols or of words. In one of the Puranas the idea embodied in concentration is expressed mostPatanjali, 248:absorbed in that which is the reality (or idea embodied in the form), and is unaware ofPatanjali, 248:great Hindu teacher, Kecidhvaja, expresses this idea in the following words: "The soul has thePatanjali, 250:Group consciousness somewhat expresses the idea, just as separated consciousness, or realization ofPatanjali, 250:is sanyama achieved. This is a most difficult idea to express for we have not in the EnglishPatanjali, 252:of the Sanskrit terms. Briefly, the idea involves the conception that the nature of the soul isPatanjali, 262:of a summation of the previous sutras. The idea conveyed is that of the achievement of a constantPatanjali, 263:perfected concentration, all give some idea of the mind condition under consideration. The aspirantPatanjali, 265:are seen. The matter-side of the manifesting idea is dealt with, and that which can be contactedPatanjali, 265:of their mission. A symbol is an embodied idea, the working out in objective existence of somePatanjali, 267:acquired, manifesting or latent. Much the same idea is covered in this sutra as in the previousPatanjali, 269:This is a very general paraphrase of the idea involved and is in the nature of a summing up of thePatanjali, 271:object) and the embodied spiritual essence (or idea) are usually confused in the mind of thePatanjali, 280:shape forms which correspond to the thinker's idea and those forms persist as long as the mind ofPatanjali, 289:and its usual interpretation has given the idea that meditation upon the elephant will give thePatanjali, 309:the student considerably if he can grasp the idea of the relative localities in the body which arePatanjali, 327:desire. The mind vibrates in response to this idea and simultaneously produces a correspondingPatanjali, 348:lacking the expression fully to convey the idea) the condition of the third or form aspect throughPatanjali, 349:kingdom. Then the fourth expression conveys the idea of the unity, the coherence of the three, soPatanjali, 349:Two words are used by translators to convey this idea of compact cohering force, i.e., the diamond,Patanjali, 350:is equally expressive, conveying as it does the idea of electrical force. All that we can know ofPatanjali, 361:and the commentary upon it, he will gain some idea of the nature of these worlds of form and theirPatanjali, 390:sphere, - a term synonymous with the Christian idea of the condition of being a lost soul. ThesePatanjali, 414:remote from each other and leading (as the idea is carried forward to a logical conclusion) to aProblems, 14:must be a world consciousness, motivated by the idea of the general good, one in which higherProblems, 15:century, indicate the crystallization of the idea. History portrays the fierce determination ofProblems, 26:with all phases of life, with every kind of idea and all kinds of relationships. The creative powerProblems, 36:and its type of thinking. In each age, some idea functions and expresses itself in both racial andProblems, 61:quarrels and differences will be offset and the idea of the One Humanity will take their place.Problems, 65:living. Cooperative goodwill is surely the first idea to be presented to the masses and taught inProblems, 71:interrelated, working in complete unity of idea and intention and knowing and understanding eachProblems, 95:it and have perpetuated it. If we can get some idea of the significance of these problems,Problems, 152:as Love and as Will may be enriched by some new idea and quality for which we have as yet no nameProblems, 178:to the world problem; they have as yet no idea of the numerical strength of those who are thinkingProblems, 180:- in their own lands - to reach others with this idea, through the medium of the press, the lecturePsychology1, xx:(and incidentally himself), and to give some idea of their technique of work and modes ofPsychology1, xxi:facts, and underlying all the teaching, was the idea of a great Life with Its own psychology andPsychology1, xxiv:to the divine Trinity must be noted. A general idea of the entire symbolic picture is of value.Psychology1, 5:cannot be estimated, but unless there is a key idea interjected into the whole field of thought, itPsychology1, 8:inner side of history, not only shall we gain an idea of the divine qualities emerging from thePsychology1, 10:with a fellow aspirant or meditate. Extend the idea, then, from the student in a group to the groupPsychology1, 11:lead to a liberation from the form life. The idea that a renewed effort towards the goal ofPsychology1, 12:groups, and students today who can grasp this idea have the opportunity to do some of thisPsychology1, 12:able to do this intuiting, and to concretize the idea. Groups of students meditating synchronouslyPsychology1, 20:- a process leading to an eventual being. This idea is ancient and true. We find reference to thePsychology1, 20:of manifestation of the Trinity of aspects. This idea can best be apprehended if one remembers thatPsychology1, 24:of the ideal - that which is the originating idea. This fourth Lord of creative expression willPsychology1, 29:the consciousness of our present humanity as the idea of collective awareness was from thePsychology1, 52:in order to produce an expression of that sensed idea. It is responsible for much of thePsychology1, 56:with the tiny consciousness of the atom, some idea of a possible subjective unity begins dimly toPsychology1, 59:which are formulated in an endeavor to convey an idea of order, of plan, of universal synthesis, ofPsychology1, 59:forms and are the forms through which the divine idea can be carried forward to completion.Psychology1, 64:purpose therefore is to produce death, and some idea of that purpose may be gleaned if we studyPsychology1, 70:minor rays (as they are called, though with no idea of there being lesser or greater) is toPsychology1, 77:the most use in enabling the student to form an idea of the fifth ray characteristics and mission;Psychology1, 82:of personal authority to enforce an individual's idea of the ideal. The need today is for soundPsychology1, 93:faiths. From this grew, automatically, the idea of a persistent entity called the soul, which couldPsychology1, 94:allied nervous system, or shall we accept the idea of a conscious dweller in the form? Does ourPsychology1, 122:not) followed some particular object, person or idea. With it passes, therefore, those whom we termPsychology1, 124:all [124] seven types are of course found. This idea is brought out in the four castes in India,Psychology1, 133:the intelligent working out of the divine idea and Plan. When the "Desire of all nations" shallPsychology1, 159:we might say that Ray I embodies the dynamic idea of God, and thus the Most High starts the work ofPsychology1, 159:upon which the form must be constructed and the idea materialized, and (through the agencies ofPsychology1, 159:cycle proceeds upon its way) materializes the idea and purpose of God the Father, under thePsychology1, 159:a unity as is a human being who conceives an idea, uses his mind and brain to bring his idea intoPsychology1, 159:an idea, uses his mind and brain to bring his idea into manifestation, and employs his hands andPsychology1, 160:zodiac, are but intended to give the student an idea of a world of energies in which he has to playPsychology1, 174:other. It has been interesting to note how the idea of the controlled and beneficently appliedPsychology1, 175:the Minds behind the scenes. They respond to the idea of general good, of human equality, of thePsychology1, 176:masses everywhere have little or no idea of things spiritual, they can be more easily brought toPsychology1, 176:brought to believe in the one God and to the idea of a universal faith than to any other idea. ManyPsychology1, 176:the idea of a universal faith than to any other idea. Many thousands of them are frankly agnosticPsychology1, 177:does nature move; but the concept and the idea will be universally recognized, universally desired,Psychology1, 191:expression of a solar Life. Now take this broad idea and make it personally specific by referringPsychology1, 226:the higher three kingdoms. People today have no idea what effect this radiation (due to thePsychology1, 226:of fire and by the pressure of the "divine idea." Esoterically speaking, we have, in the mineralPsychology1, 278:that their very antiquity gives the lie to the idea that this attitude marks a step forward on thePsychology1, 286:teaching have gone sadly astray. The false idea has crept into their presentation of truth thatPsychology1, 291:is making itself felt competitively. Until the idea of brotherhood dominates the race, we shall seePsychology1, 313:material form on earth, because today the group idea is rapidly gaining ground, and the nature ofPsychology1, 326:must lose sight of the foolish and erroneous idea that aspiration is really an emotional attitude.
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