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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Psychology2, 563:and a change in the motivating power. The same idea can be traced in connection with all thePsychology2, 564:indications of soul capacities. [564] Once this idea is grasped, the attitude of the skeptic andPsychology2, 589:as the ancient rule can be translated. The idea is that the average psychic regards the solarPsychology2, 603:of truth and of reality. He has only one idea in his head. His mind is not active, for his brainPsychology2, 621:by the activity but who have no faintest idea of what they are doing, carries with it definitePsychology2, 631:about conformity to the life purpose of the idea, the methods employed and the hatreds induced, thePsychology2, 641:ideal, or for the substitution of some new idea. Men and women in both hemispheres are swept todayPsychology2, 652:it has always existed. No changes in the basic idea are involved. The success of the presentPsychology2, 654:The third objective is the growth of the group idea with a consequent general emphasis upon groupPsychology2, 656:order of Initiation. Such is a broad and general idea of the objectives of the Plan and the aim ofPsychology2, 657:live, work, suffer and fight, but have no real idea of what it means, or of where they, as a race,Psychology2, 658:they are working under the inspiration of an idea; they are bringing about definite changes in thePsychology2, 662:time are engrossed with the imposition of some idea, or group of ideas, upon their peoples. ThisPsychology2, 662:bodies; but those who have promulgated the idea of brotherhood in these various organizations arePsychology2, 670:ideals, growing out of a dimly sensed idea, and are usually unjustly enforced and wrongly applied.Psychology2, 676:to straighten things out. It is no impractical idea, incapable of application. It is the plan forPsychology2, 678:and a right [678] activity. In this way the idea of the few will become the ideal of the many, andPsychology2, 691:can take place. Such is the Group objective and idea. May I now make an inquiry? Of what importancePsychology2, 700:depend also upon their willingness to accept the idea of the opportunity present each full moonPsychology2, 701:that the soul is the directing factor; some dim idea of the goal and of the purposes underlyingPsychology2, 704:angle and having visioned some illuminating idea, he begins to build the outer physical form whichPsychology2, 728:has already been made and the same general idea can be extended elsewhere and carefully developed.Psychology2, 732:world understanding and religious unity. The idea has been reassuring and we have rested back uponPsychology2, 740:those who respond to this message and idea; secondly, to educate such people in the laws of loveRays, 13:in terms of forces and energy will give some idea of the underlying synthesis of relationships andRays, 25:of the word "Rule" and give you some idea of its occult meaning. There is much difference between aRays, 27:the group stand. In this sentence, you have the idea of intellectual perception and of focusedRays, 35:of invocation and evocation is tied up with the idea. The lesser aspect is ever the invokingRays, 41:this. I know no other way in which to bring the idea before you. The experience undergone is notRays, 43:have succeeded in giving you at least a general idea of the possibilities lying ahead of theRays, 49:the sense of correlation are functioning, the idea might escape recognition. In all the teachingRays, 50:farsighted, unalterable, and serves the Eternal Idea. The stage wherein - after the fourthRays, 53:the OM are in conflict. This may represent a new idea to you, but it conveys an idea of an eternalRays, 53:represent a new idea to you, but it conveys an idea of an eternal fact. It may help you to gain anRays, 66:statement. Perhaps I can convey to you the right idea as follows: The initiate wastes no time inRays, 67:ideals and plans for service conform to his idea of correct activity, and with this group heRays, 73:left behind. St. Paul attempted to express this idea when he said: "Forgetting the things which areRays, 124:to you, and this for two reasons: First, the idea of the One Life is so prevalent, and so customaryRays, 142:of the sun as essential to healthy living; some idea of the human urge to light can be grasped ifRays, 143:light runs through all the world Scriptures; the idea of enlightenment conditions all the trainingRays, 143:world (limited though the application of this idea may be), and the thought of more light governsRays, 146:foregoing I have endeavored to give some faint idea of the relation existing between the HierarchyRays, 148:calls it) came into being. [148] The Head (the idea), the Heart (the ideal) and the Throat (theRays, 148:expression of the ideal, inspired by the idea) came into being; three great Centers emerged in timeRays, 168:major ideas appear in this easier rule: The idea of complete identity with all other selves. TheRays, 168:of complete identity with all other selves. The idea of the uniformity of their spiritualRays, 168:to the world when unity is established. The idea that - as a result of the two above achievements -Rays, 169:It is something far deeper, involving the idea of identification, of participation, and ofRays, 172:which approaches the closest to the initial idea, and until man has grasped his identicalRays, 175:shine forth." Two ideas then stand forth: the idea of invocation and of the result of thatRays, 177:a mystery to Him. He comprehends the divine idea and can now cooperate with it; He has reached aRays, 200:onward move within the Sound. Putting the idea into esoteric terms, the above sentence could beRays, 203:of which even advanced humanity has no faintest idea; we are touching upon goals and objectivesRays, 206:intelligently appreciate what is the motivating idea which the Planetary Logos - workingRays, 241:revelation. This may be a somewhat new idea to you for you are apt to regard revelation as a goalRays, 245:kingdoms. f. It is difficult for me to give any idea whatsoever of the purpose with which we areRays, 255:the majority of aspirants but a wide and general idea can take form and provide the immovableRays, 263:two preparatory injunctions will give you some idea of how abstruse is the teaching conveyed in theRays, 267:if I cannot somewhat clarify the entire complex idea. The words "Higher Three" refer to the threeRays, 275:and systematic work has been done, and the idea is familiar to the public, this activity Will formRays, 276:or the germinating of the seed of an [276] idea. Later, when the true outer work begins, itsRays, 277:so frequently used to express a similar idea, is in reality the mode whereby a dimly sensedRays, 277:upon the physical plane. It is this idea which lies behind the glibly used words "idea, ideal andRays, 277:idea which lies behind the glibly used words "idea, ideal and idol," and which is also responsibleRays, 277:upon the way of life. It is this basic idea which governs the Council Chamber at Shamballa andRays, 287:the needed words in which to express the sensed idea or to clothe the concept. It is thereforeRays, 289:in producing a perfect expression of the divine Idea. It is to the knowledge of this relationshipRays, 290:purpose of it all, and the extent of the divine Idea as it existed in the mind of the "Father,"Rays, 308:times he builds that which can house his living idea with its conditioning qualities; at times,Rays, 341:should give you [341] a somewhat different idea anent the whole subject of initiation. The conceptRays, 341:aspirant. In the past, and in order to get the idea of initiation into the minds of the people, theRays, 344:Some well-meaning aspirants interpret the group idea as the instruction to them that they shouldRays, 344:- their own group or groups. This is not the idea as it is presented in the Aquarian Age, so closeRays, 348:has no faintest resemblance to the truth; the idea that a man of a nice disposition and possessingRays, 363:The only way in which I can give any faintest idea of the higher reaches of the initiateRays, 389:are also subject to limitation. The general idea of all aspirants is that They represent Those WhoRays, 394:participation. All this should give you some idea of the synthesis which expresses itself throughRays, 403:united meaning (each phrase contributing an idea), if due reflection is brought to bear upon them:Rays, 403:the goal These phrases may give some vague idea of a process, based on "reception, then direction,Rays, 416:items of information will give you a general idea of the significant connection between ourRays, 437:it attempts to keep people subjugated by the sin idea), and by the intensely forward-lookingRays, 446:must begin at this stage to have some more exact idea than has hitherto been the case as to theRays, 450:if you will, which will convey a general idea to your minds. We can learn much through the use ofRays, 469:in the creative activity of divinity. The divine idea must become the possible ideal, and thisRays, 484:the Mind of God and returned to earth with an idea. To this idea they gave form and became creatorsRays, 484:God and returned to earth with an idea. To this idea they gave form and became creators upon theRays, 486:a mental decision, wish or determination. The idea is more literally the focusing of energy uponRays, 492:that they need to rid themselves of the usual idea of sacrifice as a process of giving-up, orRays, 507:terms and words. I have but conveyed the general idea - the collaboration of all the seven rays inRays, 513:he silently utters it. It is the quality of his idea which will bring the right effect, and not theRays, 517:has to overcome the tendency to use it with the idea of physical plane results in hisRays, 522:unavoidable omission owing to the fact that the idea of evolution was unknown until relatively veryRays, 547:too vast for us to consider here, but it is an idea upon which you could well ponder. [548] OneRays, 664:Lemuria, with the coming in of the mental idea and mechanism, the low grade animal life (which, toRays, 692:of the theme in your consciousness. The idea of crucifixion is associated in your minds with deathRays, 699:in the East and in the West. This is a sacrifice idea associated with the concept of pain, agony,Rays, 713:sequence can be seen closely related to the idea of revelation. On the mountain-top of Ascension,Rays, 729:Initiation VII - The Resurrection There is no idea more cultivated subjectively by humanity thanRays, 731:the consciousness of immortality, because the idea or concept of mortality is not contained withinRays, 732:fear and to confirm in peoples' minds the idea that incarnation and the taking of a form is the
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