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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEA

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Reappearance, 7:prefix to verbs and verbal nouns) expresses the idea of "off, away, down." Avataram, (comparative)Reappearance, 7:The root AV seems at all times to denote the idea of Protection from above, and is used inReappearance, 11:it enables humanity to express some divine idea and this in time produces a civilization with itsReappearance, 15:unique or different; those who still hold to the idea are regarded tolerantly, or with amusement orReappearance, 25:purpose of it all, and the comprehensive divine Idea (as it existed in the mind of the Father) [26]Reappearance, 35:evil dwells." The final line then contains the idea of restoration, indicating the keynote for theReappearance, 35:and that the day will come when God's original idea and His initial intention will no longer beReappearance, 39:Humanity, there is but one purpose, one idea and one united expectancy. Reappearance, 43:the Christ - Chapter III - World Expectancy The idea of the return of Christ is a most familiarReappearance, 56:out to the uttermost. The generally accepted idea that He will return as a triumphant warrior,Reappearance, 76:place in relation to humanity. To express the idea symbolically, this energy creates a livingReappearance, 101:His workers. There is something of this same idea latent in the injunction given in The NewReappearance, 103:task it has been to take the newly presented idea and promulgate it among those men who areReappearance, 104:of that stream of thought-energy and of the idea which Vyasa, thousands of years ago, implanted inReappearance, 137:a full realization of the generally accepted idea that the world of men is on the rocksReappearance, 137:life of the race been at such a low ebb. This idea is largely due to the fact that humanity is notReappearance, 141:truth in its purity and to avoid the fanatical idea that anyone's individual interpretation ofReappearance, 141:only true and correct formulation of the divine idea, but Christ was forgotten behind the words;Reappearance, 149:as Love and as Will may be enriched by some new idea or quality for which we have as yet no name orReappearance, 160:responsibility, or with rejection of the idea and the consequent realization that we are notReappearance, 171:[171] familiarize the people everywhere with the idea of His coming, and bring about the requiredSoul, 82:is, as has often already been pointed out, an idea capable of very different interpretations. TheSoul, 85:a paralleling progressive development of the God idea to account for nature and the soul idea toSoul, 85:the God idea to account for nature and the soul idea to account for man. An anthology of the soulSoul, 90:the glands in our speculation and so carried the idea forward. The modern mechanistic teachings ofSoul, 96:were wont, as some still are, to laugh at the idea of Maya. Was not matter solid, permanent andSoul, 110:consciousness as the central life, while the idea of resistance forms the outer wall." "We haveSoul, 145:of Divinity. Edward Carpenter expresses this idea in the following words: "Dr. Frazer, in theSoul, 146:of [146] which we in this generation can form no idea.' I imagine Dr. Frazer is right in thinkingSoul, 154:in another way, and perhaps, will give us some idea of the trend of modern Western thoughtSoul, 157:celibate. Others, from what may be a mistaken idea of spiritual demands, reject the normal marriageTelepathy, 4:and frequently do even now. A basic mystical idea or some new revelation of truth is suddenlyTelepathy, 4:by the working adepts. He then presents the new idea, new discovery, or the new revelation to theTelepathy, 4:sought to bring through some constructive idea for the helping of humanity. He conceived of a worldTelepathy, 12:new age, and it will be of value to gain some idea of its significance and techniques. [13] ITelepathy, 14:intended to convey the transfer of thought, of idea, of wish, of imprint, and therefore of someTelepathy, 15:still demands elucidation, and in the idea which I have above conveyed to you, I have given you aTelepathy, 17:plus the name or noun form of that which was the idea to be conveyed. This embryo thought wingedTelepathy, 19:the factor which embodies the sensed or intuited idea. It will be apparent to you, therefore, howTelepathy, 23:He impresses them simultaneously with an idea or an aspect of truth. By watching their reactions,Telepathy, 25:the needed material with which to clothe the idea, the thought or concept to be transmitted; it isTelepathy, 26:on a large scale. Love of a cause, a party or an idea is becoming more and more prevalent,Telepathy, 26:illuminating energy which "lights the way" of an idea or form to be transmitted and received.Telepathy, 27:to the dual energies mentioned above. The idea, thought-form. or mental impression which must beTelepathy, 27:of force. It becomes actively responsive to the idea, impression, thought-form, symbol, words,Telepathy, 28:you send out. By sending forth the "clothed" idea, impression, etc., on a stream of love which yourTelepathy, 31:and identify yourself with its divine underlying idea. When you have reached this final stage, holdTelepathy, 36:thought-form which will accustom the race to the idea of telepathic work is proceeding apace, andTelepathy, 41:vague at the beginning, but as a thought, idea, purpose or intention of the sending agentTelepathy, Discip:might here be noted; you will thus gain some idea of the subtlety of the whole subject, of itsTelepathy, 48:wherein the impression begins to take form as an idea; from that point it follows the familiarTelepathy, 48:the familiar course of translation from an idea into a presented ideal; it then comes under theTelepathy, 48:and will lead to the expansion of the idea of right human relations which has hitherto - as aTelepathy, 50:family. It is also true, as an outgrowth of this idea, of all the three planetary centers:Telepathy, 71:terminology. Also, the average aspirant has no idea what is the nature of the awareness or theTelepathy, 102:from the Hierarchy; he much prefers that idea to the idea of registering impressions from his ownTelepathy, 102:the Hierarchy; he much prefers that idea to the idea of registering impressions from his own soulTelepathy, 139:if students can receive in a few pages a general idea and the basic concepts which underlie theTelepathy, 163:the planetary etheric body will be complete. The idea can be conveyed symbolically by the diagramTelepathy, 177:brought together by some recognized design or idea in the mind of some thinker - creates a materialTelepathy, 189:to impress the concrete mind; an intuition is an idea clothed in etheric substance, and the momentTelepathy, 189:they live so long) they assume physical form. An idea which comes from the intuitive levels of theTelepathy, 189:levels of the divine consciousness is a true idea. It is noted or apprehended by the man who has,Telepathy, 189:is the magnetic relation between the man and the idea which has made its apprehension possible. InTelepathy, 189:great creative process he must give form to the idea, if he possibly can, and thus the creative
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