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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEALISTIC

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Astrology, 192:and the capacity to fight for an ideal. This idealistic concept and method of work is always theAstrology, 282:Neptune, the expression of the sixth Ray of Idealistic Devotion, is naturally rendered moreAstrology, 308:or directed manifestation. Neptune - 6th ray - idealistic one-pointedness. Devotion to anAstrology, 572:are necessary: the first group - emotional and idealistic - have a part to play in focusing theAtom, 15:The third line of thought we might call the Idealistic. It posits an evolutionary process withinAtom, 15:materialistic, the purely supernatural, and the idealistic - you have the three main lines ofAtom, 32:of approach to the problem, and we called it the idealistic concept. It recognizes the materialAtom, 43:yet they would both mean the same. Where the idealistic teacher would speak of "God [44] within"Autobiography, 169:not true. The pacifists took the orthodox and idealistic point of view that because God is love itBethlehem, 91:in no way alters the fact that behind all these idealistic experiments of the race lies this greatBethlehem, 122:the problem be met? Will one be regarded as too idealistic and as an impractical mystic andBethlehem, 276:these two are simply carried forward in an idealistic sense as man faces finality. Destiny, 8:recalcitrant of the nations has to discover some idealistic excuse to put before the other nationsDestiny, 31:whole and not of the individual; they are the idealistic but practical thinkers, influenced by theDestiny, 112:its disciples, has been the expression of the idealistic nature of man, or of his instinctualDestiny, 113:plus the effort, fanatically, to impose his idealistic dream (for that is all it potentially is)Destiny, 113:people who are not animated by certain definite idealistic aspirations for which they are ready,Discipleship1, 86:formulated ideals and their neatly expressed idealistic concepts) are oft glimmered by the futureDiscipleship1, 216:activity and change of focus will force your idealistic tendencies to find expression in teaching.Discipleship1, 248:The sixth ray expression of love is usually idealistic a fanatically applied; frequently, true loveDiscipleship1, 318:in your astral life, based on devotion and idealistic interpretation, you would work with greaterDiscipleship1, 415:found in your sixth ray astral body (the ray of idealistic, fanatical devotion) for it produces aDiscipleship1, 450:point. That the process of patient waiting in idealistic and prayerful idleness would finallyDiscipleship1, 619:of glamor," and that your wishful thinking and idealistic imaginings of yourself had to be revised.Discipleship1, 647:ray personality and astral body. This devoted, idealistic one-pointedness is an aid to you in yourDiscipleship1, 718:is governed by the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealistic Sensitivity and is a reflection - distortedEducation, 49:to all that has been done. If this seems idealistic and impossible to you, let me assure you thatEducation, 71:race, with group qualities and consciousness and idealistic vision. Education, 73:be predominantly mental, and at the same time idealistic, brilliant, coordinated, and aEducation, 109:life, to the present stage of aspirational idealistic humanity. This idealism and this prevalentEducation, 118:they can [118] function as high grade and idealistic persons. From the altitude at which they standEducation, 123:The fusion of a vast number of men into various idealistic groups. These will form in every realmEducation, 124:of personal interest, and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs.Externalisation, 33:the religions of the world and the groups of idealistic esoteric seekers after reality. TheseExternalisation, 135:are simply human beings and like other men - idealistic, mistaken, lovers of their country,Externalisation, 185:purpose than by the spirit of sacrifice. Even idealistic America can only be aroused into action byExternalisation, 190:should the democracies work? Utopian schemes, idealistic forms of government and cultural livingExternalisation, 190:and not be an attempt to satisfy some distant, idealistic vision. The new world order must beExternalisation, 208:The General World Picture This is no impossible idealistic dream, but an immediate possibility,Externalisation, 368:The appeasement and the pacifist attitudes - idealistic and impractical and finding their focusExternalisation, 431:right human relations, and a [431] spread of idealistic aspiration to all who are fighting thisExternalisation, 444:The world talked itself into a dreamy state of idealistic rhapsody about peace between the firstExternalisation, 453:also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of idealistic fanaticism. This inherent fanaticismExternalisation, 493:of an increasingly materialistic and non-idealistic civilization. Germany could not be trusted withExternalisation, 588:to its goal, perfection. This is not the idealistic perfection of the visionary mystic, but theFire, 454:which will be no longer along devotional and idealistic lines but which will be an outgrowth of theFire, 640:use this expression in contradistinction to the idealistic alchemists of the past) will work withGlamour, 33:be the case by the effort of many devoted idealistic men to impose these distorted thought-formsGlamour, 156:- scientific achievement. The Astral ray - 6th - idealistic development. The Physical ray - 7th -Glamour, 257:and determined idea. Where this background of idealistic thought is lacking, then the results ofHealing, 191:a few years' time and will then supersede those idealistic but factually unsound and untrue systemsHealing, 271:approach to medicine. I am handicapped by the idealistic pronouncements of the pioneers in the newHealing, 272:that which is new and unproven, and some so idealistic, speculative and fanatical that they rushHealing, 282:factor; its over-emphasis upon the mind, its idealistic presentation of human nature, [283] itsHercules, 184:have the story. Having traced that wonderful, idealistic, evolutionary teaching down the last fiveInitiation, 2:of these pages as a spiritual appeal in an idealistic setting, a presentation of alleged facts, orIntellect, 53:process, appear to stand midway between the idealistic and materialistic views." - Webster's NewIntellect, 202:greatest number - such a civilization is highly idealistic and spiritual." - Beard, Charles A.,Patanjali, 20:nor high, can be vitalized by low tendencies or idealistic aspirations, with all the intermediatePatanjali, 183:the brain, higher thoughts, abstract ideas, and idealistic concepts. This means concerns higher andProblems, 13:will be deemed desirable, not only from the idealistic point of view but also from the purelyProblems, 14:for world citizenship. Is this too idealistic a picture? The guarantee of its possibility lies inProblems, 14:that thousands today are thinking along these idealistic lines; thousands are occupied withProblems, 18:of the German people. Given that and given right idealistic propaganda, the German people canPsychology1, 216:IV. Beauty or Harmony Uniformity of Color. VI. Idealistic Devotion Upward Tendency. 3. Animal III.Psychology1, 275:asylums. Our young people, especially the idealistic types and the clear-thinking boys and girls,Psychology1, 321:are governed by the Rays of Love-Wisdom and of idealistic Devotion. The vital life and physicalPsychology1, 362:to shine forth. The sixth ray produced the great idealistic religions with their vision and theirPsychology1, 389:religions and in the national aptitude for idealistic organization; the second ray, the egoic ray,Psychology1, 422:2. Love-Wisdom. 4. Beauty or Harmony. 6. Idealistic Devotion. Magnetism. Uniformity of color.Psychology2, 374:and is only now passing out. Therefore the idealistic, fanatical thought-forms, built up by [375]Psychology2, 375:and persistent. The world today is fanatically idealistic, and this is one of the causes of thePsychology2, 443:swung into fanatical orientations and is easily idealistic. The whole problem is furtherPsychology2, 444:but with right motive, because he is truly idealistic; who will fight intelligently to achieve it,Psychology2, 494:minds became of an increasingly forward-looking, idealistic nature; these, as they came to thePsychology2, 494:the emergence of the utopias, the fantasies, the idealistic presentations of future beauty and joyPsychology2, 494:Milton's Paradise Regained and the best Utopian, idealistic creative productions [495] of ourPsychology2, 495:consciousness of a very low order), up to the idealistic schemes and the carefully thought-outPsychology2, 552:(which brings in the higher stimulation) and the idealistic conceptions of the intelligentsia ofPsychology2, 601:the realm of mental perception or to bring his idealistic dream down into physical expression whichPsychology2, 623:a pronounced affinity between the fanatical idealistic will of the sixth ray - which isPsychology2, 625:thousand years - such groups are predominantly idealistic. This brings us to one of the mostPsychology2, 673:and writers, who will work along the same idealistic lines but with differing methods. ThroughPsychology2, 724:- can the inner condition, spiritual, potential, idealistic, subjective and sensed, be so clearlyPsychology2, 743:are practical intelligent people, not visionary idealistic mystics, working towards an object whichRays, 629:standard of living and physical comfort to an idealistic appreciation of the real spiritual values;Rays, 630:conditioning idealisms and ideologies. It is the idealistic tendency in conflict with pronouncedRays, 683:taught by the Theosophical Society) or to some idealistic project. It is finally an unlimitedSoul, 74:process, appear to stand midway between the idealistic and materialistic views." Perhaps, afterTelepathy, 19:the ajna center which is the recipient of the idealistic intuitional impressions; this ajna centerTelepathy, 190:nature has been to some degree subordinated to idealistic aspiration; this aspiration need not be
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