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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEALS

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Rays, 580:is producing an emotional vortex in which old ideals and institutions are seen divorced from theirRays, 582:and a fanatical mental adherence to mass ideals, with no understanding of their relationship to theRays, 588:these are transformed by the initiate into ideals for the service of humanity. The stage whereinRays, 592:energy transforms the divine ideas into human ideals, relating the knowledges, and sciences ofRays, 592:knowledges, and sciences of humanity to these ideals, thus making them workable factors in humanRays, 601:- education - medicine Philosophy - ideas - ideals Psychology - in process of modern developmentRays, 711:mind which, at this point, transforms them into ideals so that the divine ideas - implementing theRays, 712:to intuit these ideas, to present them as ideals to the masses, and thus precipitate the neededReappearance, 89:men and forms were dying on every hand; old ideals, organizations and [90] groups were passing awayReappearance, 102:a fashion that the ideas presented may become ideals to which eventually the life of mankind wouldReappearance, 175:Russia would gladly train the world in the ideals of communism, and would gather all the money inReappearance, 185:brought to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which will govern the new age. This is theSoul, 151:will emerge a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, aboutTelepathy, 48:greatly facilitate the presentation of those ideals which must and will condition the thinking ofTelepathy, 196:coming cycle - a cycle wherein the new ideas and ideals must be stressed and for which a fight must
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