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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEAS

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Astrology, 7:astrologers accept or reject these presented ideas. I will endeavor to give you certain facts asAstrology, 18:be wasting time if it experimented with these ideas for a while. Astrologers might discover someAstrology, 52:The reason for this is that in the descent of ideas from the plane of ideas, they become "reversed"Astrology, 52:that in the descent of ideas from the plane of ideas, they become "reversed" upon the astral planeAstrology, 62:to enable you to study with certain definite ideas clearly formulated in your minds. I have hintedAstrology, 62:service to refer to them again and to expand the ideas somewhat. I would have you carry them inAstrology, 86:correlating work and how much readjustment of ideas will be needed as the new astrology is workedAstrology, 92:activity takes form. It is the birthplace of ideas, and a true idea is in reality a spiritualAstrology, 97:form control. The Old Commentary expresses these ideas in the following terms: "The fire blazedAstrology, 98:is much to work out, is there not, in these ideas which I offer to you as suggestive considerationsAstrology, 99:ambition of a personality working out its own ideas and ambitious worldly projects or the spiritualAstrology, 102:the faint emergence of the latent embodied ideas have - after the turning of the wheel in twoAstrology, 102:realization. Aries, the "birthplace of divine Ideas," whether these ideas are souls brought intoAstrology, 102:the "birthplace of divine Ideas," whether these ideas are souls brought into incarnation andAstrology, 102:of Mercury, or whether they are the birth of the ideas of God in the form of the hierarchical plansAstrology, 110:of any specific zodiacal sign, covered by the ideas of recreation, regeneration, reorientation andAstrology, 110:your minds. At present, the readjustment of your ideas leads to inevitable temporary bewilderment.Astrology, 179:this stage is technically called), the following ideas may be found useful; I am simple hinting atAstrology, 262:been reared under the old order and with the old ideas and approaches to truth. They signify farAstrology, 266:group consciousness. A close study of the above ideas will prove fruitful in establishing methodsAstrology, 320:expression of human life. I have in the above ideas given you several hints of vital importance.Astrology, 325:and which extends the working out of the divine ideas as they exist in the Mind of God. When theAstrology, 335:The above indications may not conform to the ideas generally held, and appear to reverse also someAstrology, 349:as these three constellations do the three ideas of opposition-equilibrium-synthesis or universalAstrology, 350:you (even in this brief form) certain positive ideas of great importance, and will indicate certainAstrology, 413:triple relationship will be in the realm of ideas and in the world of consciousness and itsAstrology, 413:producing of events except in so far that all ideas work out into expression upon the plane ofAstrology, 413:to subjective forces, expressing themselves as ideas and vast thought currents. This is the factAstrology, 450:planetary centers. In view of this certain basic ideas can here be emphasized: The influence ofAstrology, 497:held dear. In this connection two of these ideas are basic whit the astrology of the soul isAstrology, 497:the nature of the vehicle of response. These two ideas are obviously revolutionary and when to themAstrology, 499:vaguely sense certain intuitive implications and ideas. Later, he will perceive intuitively theAstrology, 499:perceive intuitively the underlying structure of ideas and sense the basic synthesis which lifeAstrology, 510:and (if he perseveres) the verification of my ideas. If he will distinguish between the effects ofAstrology, 547:group structures of thought, embodying worn-out ideas and ideals must necessarily supervene;Astrology, 602:of Tabulation X, there are certain fundamental ideas which must be carefully borne in mind. Astrology, 683:alter ego,' nor is it advisable, but certain ideas may be suggested which - if brooded on - mayAtom, 31:them a general concept of the usually accepted ideas; I seek, then, to make some suggestions whichAtom, 64:the confining walls of its physical form. Our ideas about death [65] have been erroneous; we haveAtom, 65:with the physical body of a human being. These ideas can be applied to forms of government, formsAtom, 66:Those same great truths, and those same basic ideas, require a more adequate vehicle through whichAtom, 73:to express itself. To many of us these ideas may seem novel, fantastic, and untenable. Yet even ifAtom, 77:we may approach our subject tonight with certain ideas clearly formulated. We have seen that ourAtom, 82:to study this chapter in connection with the ideas that we are here formulating, being careful toAtom, 99:the form. If I can thus give you a few general ideas in line with what has been said earlier, IAtom, 138:Psychometry is the law of of ideas applied to the vibratory quality of force for theAtom, 145:upon the terms used to express fundamental ideas, and upon varying methods of organization. WhenAutobiography, 4:I want to point to some of the newer ideas which are coming out into the world of human thoughtAutobiography, 12:the mind of a child? Children do have definite ideas on life and circumstances, and they do belongAutobiography, 50:lay the ground so that their own preconceived ideas are justified; they know beforehand what youAutobiography, 63:often tempted myself to publish one entitled, Ideas for Idiots and even made a beginning but itAutobiography, 72:their husbands, seldom wore them and laugh at my ideas. But in my day they were de rigeur. QuettaAutobiography, 95:in any case and certainly too tired to have any ideas as to skill in action. I was aghast, andAutobiography, 133:as a "searchlight" into my own affairs and ideas, into the world of surrounding affairs, and into aAutobiography, 137:mind woke up as I struggled with the presented ideas and sought to fit my own beliefs and the newAutobiography, 139:to dawn. I discovered three new (to me) basic ideas and eventually they all fitted into the generalAutobiography, 143:They did not emerge as clear-cut, formulated ideas but as truths which I was slowly recognizing, toAutobiography, 162:the signature of frail humanity expressing their ideas of God, His jealousy, His spirit of revengeAutobiography, 167:Tibetan (His carefully formulated and expressed ideas) as He dropped them into my mind. ThisAutobiography, 206:same things amused us; the same qualities and ideas interested us. We had no secrets from eachAutobiography, 217:talking over many things, laying her various ideas before us, finding out what was our point ofAutobiography, 223:by groups from Germany and France whose aims and ideas were anything but nice or clean. The fewAutobiography, 237:book because it takes certain basic, oriental ideas and phrases and introduces them to theAutobiography, 247:developed as a medium for transmission of the ideas which it is my Dharma to make public. TheAutobiography, 267:new schools, now forming, convey very different ideas to their students and very differentAutobiography, 274:harm as they distort the teaching and give false ideas about the Masters and the Path, but theirAutobiography, 280:of this group, there are certain fundamental ideas or governing principles which we would like toAutobiography, 280:conform to them? By what basic concepts and ideas is the Arcane School governed? [281] There areAutobiography, 286:own groups and give expression to their own ideas and modes of service without interference fromBethlehem, 3:of men. They recognize the intelligence of His ideas and sponsor them in their own philosophies.Bethlehem, 4:of the race. Those who can move in the world of ideas, of faith and of living experience testify toBethlehem, 29:can be given, the significance of the above ideas must be grasped, and certain great developmentsBethlehem, 43:and have our Being." (Acts, XVII, 28.) These ideas are interesting when we realize that out of theBethlehem, 45:of the world. Therefore, in summing up these ideas concerning the new birth into the kingdom, whichBethlehem, 47:He only dimly sensed what He had to do. The ideas developed as He grew older. After the firstBethlehem, 49:unfolding Plan in the steady growth of several ideas that are now dominant in the world. WithoutBethlehem, 80:right it has been for men to have accepted the ideas of St. Paul as given through translation downBethlehem, 83:each of them a Christ is born. Thus besides the ideas of Ransom and Sacrifice of Christ for us,Bethlehem, 83:of Christ for us, these theologians placed the ideas of sanctification and inner transformation ofBethlehem, 91:of the best minds of the age. The story of ideas, how they come and how they make their impact uponBethlehem, 91:is the story of history; but curiously enough, ideas constitute the one unpredictable element ofBethlehem, 91:made. It might be said with truth that without ideas there would be no history. In the enunciationBethlehem, 92:and teaching. Christ gave the greatest of all ideas - that God is Love, and that love couldBethlehem, 112:or Father Christmas? These names embody opposing ideas. Each of them symbolizes one of the twoBethlehem, 119:is more mental in its impact. It concerns the ideas whereby we live, and the thought life whichBethlehem, 122:as a result, and unless its inhabitants have ideas based on divine [123] essentials, the last stateBethlehem, 154:who can speak with any authority of Him and His ideas, because theirs is the authority of love andBethlehem, 167:with the objective laws in question, that his ideas become organs for the others." - The RecoveryBethlehem, 167:happening in the world of immediacy. All great ideas come forth from the world of divinity throughBethlehem, 167:of humanity is essentially the history of ideas - their coming forth through the medium of someBethlehem, 168:question, then, whether it is personalities or ideas which decide the fate of an age, the answer isBethlehem, 168:of an age, the answer is that the age get its ideas from personalities." (The Decay and RestorationBethlehem, 169:order, and a close study of [169] the ideals and ideas which today, without exception, underlieBethlehem, 169:our application of them. When these basic ideas are transmuted into world ideals by the consecratedBethlehem, 179:130. Into the argument for and against these ideas it is no part of this book to enter. The onlyBethlehem, 187:thought does not clash with primitive Christian ideas; but in regard to the propitiation for theseBethlehem, 195:in fact were so accustomed to the pre-Christian ideas of an expiatory sacrifice and at-one-mentBethlehem, 196:a definite demonstration of the way in which all ideas (intuitively perceived and infallibly right)Bethlehem, 239:deceive ourselves in the desire to have our own ideas endorsed by other minds. The words of Dr.Bethlehem, 246:upon religious matters. We have outgrown these ideas, and to them Christ Himself is a direct
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