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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEAS

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Discipleship1, 387:(this being the sumtotal of all the formulated ideas which have governed progress) and a gradualDiscipleship1, 402:on this. You will be able to enlarge upon these ideas yourself from your knowledge of the rayDiscipleship1, 425:upon the thoughts I earlier gave you as seed ideas for meditation. Take them now, however, as theDiscipleship1, 437:on the sixth plane, the astral. Contact with ideas, through an active intuition. These areDiscipleship1, 440:it do its work without your having any definite ideas as to what should be accomplished. The restDiscipleship1, 443:At the end of six months' application to these ideas and to this vision, you will comprehend theDiscipleship1, 445:which reveals these higher patterns or divine ideas. Do I know anything of this? I mean,Discipleship1, 454:the third month) I would have you reduce your ideas to form and on paper. Will you do this nineDiscipleship1, 459:study work assigned to the group. Might not the ideas underlying the Lord's Prayer unfold to youDiscipleship1, 468:after due effort to link up with them. Study the ideas which give utterance to your words and note,Discipleship1, 476:more with others and put your thoughts and ideas on paper in so far as they can be of service toDiscipleship1, 476:down of morbid thoughts and self-centered ideas and aspirations. I urge you, however, to registerDiscipleship1, 476:however, to register in writing the fleeting ideas, the dimly sensed teaching and the intuitionsDiscipleship1, 476:at increasing your responsiveness to spiritual ideas and in recording those ideas in words. . . Discipleship1, 476:to spiritual ideas and in recording those ideas in words. . . Discipleship1, 491:how much you have read and pondered upon the ideas therein conveyed? The thought may come to youDiscipleship1, 499:to intuit, and the ability to enter the world of ideas must be constantly developed. These conceptsDiscipleship1, 521:vital interest in the place of the old emerging ideas; and to substitute a definite physical planeDiscipleship1, 554:FRIEND OF LONG AGO: Will you take the following ideas into your consciousness and ponder on themDiscipleship1, 561:my heart. 5th month - The world must be saved by ideas. You will note, my brother, what is myDiscipleship1, 563:to deal with the theme of illumination through ideas. You are beginning to grasp a little theDiscipleship1, 563:beginning to grasp a little the significance of ideas. Now consider what these ideas can do forDiscipleship1, 563:significance of ideas. Now consider what these ideas can do for you, illumining your mind andDiscipleship1, 564:and preparation, I would ask you to take the ideas, cited below, into your meditation and toDiscipleship1, 572:First, brother of mine, let me readjust your ideas as to yourself. You are a sixth ray soul,Discipleship1, 590:be run? [590] You are full of plans and of ideas which you lay before many people but, my brother,Discipleship1, 600:what is written or said coincides with your own ideas, how gladly would you catch hold of my words.Discipleship1, 615:humble server, relinquishing all plans, all big ideas, and for the rest of this life (which is butDiscipleship1, 619:renewed group relationship with the same big ideas which have ever been your downfall in life andDiscipleship1, 628:expansion is constructively possible. With these ideas before you, you can realize the need I feltDiscipleship1, 651:to your usual diary notations, a registering of Ideas. You will find it fruitful and constructive.Discipleship1, 651:and constructive. Every six months, list those ideas so that they can be shared by your groupDiscipleship1, 651:materializing. This is one way wherein the new ideas will be disseminated and spread. Some one mustDiscipleship1, 658:and your emotional reactions and your own ideas loom so large that your wise, loving, intelligentDiscipleship1, 665:the suggestion and to conform to the outlined ideas as may seem best to you. I seek to give you aDiscipleship1, 668:to organize, and also the power to give form to ideas. Ponder also on this. I would call yourDiscipleship1, 669:spirit of service, I will give you later some ideas upon which you might work. I will not do so nowDiscipleship1, 680:approach problems from their own preconceived ideas of service and their own established idealism.Discipleship1, 681:about which he has evolved definite and distinct ideas. Are you, therefore, prepared to throw theseDiscipleship1, 682:[682] or by the imposition of their own ideas or by any authoritarianism, based on past procedure.Discipleship1, 683:world those thoughts and those formulated divine ideas, those concepts and significances whichDiscipleship1, 683:the recognition of true values, in fluidity of ideas, and selfless work for their fellowmen. ADiscipleship1, 684:right understanding and interpretation of ideas and correct formulation of these ideas. By itsDiscipleship1, 684:of ideas and correct formulation of these ideas. By its purity. This grows naturally out of aDiscipleship1, 687:to your personality interpretations, wishes and ideas which leads you to draw back from the wordDiscipleship1, 692:his disciples. Your recognition of the Master's ideas as goals to future endeavor. Your recognitionDiscipleship1, 696:are in a Master's group because of similarity of ideas, even though they sense and express thoseDiscipleship1, 696:ideas, even though they sense and express those ideas far less clearly than he does and see theDiscipleship1, 697:that reservoir has for its spring or source, the ideas, dreams, vision and aspiration of theDiscipleship1, 708:of future contact with the Master, with his own ideas anent discipleship and his personalDiscipleship1, 708:The Master takes a group of people with fixed ideas (which they are entirely sure are correct,Discipleship1, 720:It would be well to reflect deeply on these ideas. To bring about and render effective this fieryDiscipleship1, 735:with the failures of other people or with their ideas about you, you will again fail to experienceDiscipleship1, 779:developed as a medium for transmission of the ideas which it is my dharma to make public. TheDiscipleship2, 12:but also because of the delicate sequence of ideas and the good choice of words; through this, sheDiscipleship2, 44:in the coming cycle - a cycle wherein the new ideas and ideals must be stressed, and for which aDiscipleship2, 67:of the personality nature, its disposition and ideas. The soul can be conscious of the limitationsDiscipleship2, 76:I write is agreeable to you, expresses your own ideas and is in line with your group thinking, thenDiscipleship2, 76:it. When what I dictate runs counter to the ideas of the disciples, or places a finger on aDiscipleship2, 82:of whom you have never heard with these same ideas in connection with the work that they may beDiscipleship2, 94:the same time the aspirant must realize that the ideas are of no real importance to him as anDiscipleship2, 105:controversy or any emphasis upon individual ideas, because no personality vibratory quality canDiscipleship2, 109:foolish thought-forms and by the preconceived ideas of well-intentioned aspirants. The Masters veryDiscipleship2, 142:the inevitable consequence, the germinating of ideas and the flowering of the new civilization andDiscipleship2, 142:seed within the world of men"; he distributes ideas, living and potential, in the held of theDiscipleship2, 143:awaited impression, as the trained analyzer of ideas, and finally as a transmitter of that whichDiscipleship2, 143:things," of the intentions, purposes and ideas which, at any given period, motivate theDiscipleship2, 145:Think on this. STAGE FOUR - The Analyzer of Ideas. You now analyze or think over with clarity theDiscipleship2, 145:with clarity the work you have done, and the ideas now in your mind, seeing them in a trueDiscipleship2, 145:problem of the day. Then, choosing one of the ideas which your theme-word has evoked, you thinkDiscipleship2, 146:nature. [146] STAGE FIVE - The Transmitter of Ideas. As the disciple, you have realized that aDiscipleship2, 146:that a knowledge of truth and the reception of ideas lays on you the responsibility to be aDiscipleship2, 146:engendered, or take the theme-word itself if no ideas have come to you, and in imaginationDiscipleship2, 147:At the end of each month, go through the ideas you have jotted down in your daily work and fromDiscipleship2, 148:OM. Refocus on mental plane. IV. The Analyzer of Ideas: Period of analytic thought. SummarizeDiscipleship2, 148:the world of thought. OM. V. The Transmitter of Ideas: Dedication of yourself to service. PledgeDiscipleship2, 153:you have been occupied with the consideration of ideas and with what those ideas can reveal whenDiscipleship2, 153:the consideration of ideas and with what those ideas can reveal when they are regarded as seedDiscipleship2, 153:ideas can reveal when they are regarded as seed ideas, shielding or containing a flowering - as yetDiscipleship2, 155:have taken the third initiation concern: 1. The ideas, purposes and intentions which motivate theDiscipleship2, 169:has been that of the apprehension and the use of ideas as applied to human living and as expressingDiscipleship2, 169:forward moving concepts; today the two ideas needed are light upon our way and practical goodwill.Discipleship2, 170:they can be made objects of human desire. Ideas are simply channels for new and desired divineDiscipleship2, 170:and desired divine energies; ideals are these ideas changed or reduced into thought-forms, and thusDiscipleship2, 170:thought-forms, and thus presented to the public. Ideas telepathically become ideals, which isDiscipleship2, 171:effort is to impress these minds with certain ideas which are necessary to human progress. PeopleDiscipleship2, 185:the presentation to humanity of the basic divine ideas; in this manner they mould human ideals andDiscipleship2, 186:can do this, he has to recognize and work with ideas himself, learn the mode of approach and theDiscipleship2, 186:and later how to translate these contacted ideas into practical ideals. As time proceeds, thisDiscipleship2, 186:that it is the true source or fount of all ideas and of the inspiration which makes their workDiscipleship2, 186:which will enable them to attain that source of ideas and to profit by its existence. Such ideasDiscipleship2, 186:of ideas and to profit by its existence. Such ideas are contacted usually at first in the form ofDiscipleship2, 186:churchmen of any of the world religions, these ideas normally receive a far too literal, andDiscipleship2, 186:train disciples to recognize the new, emerging ideas and translate them into the concepts whichDiscipleship2, 186:of precipitation, or the mode of conveying these ideas to the minds of the intellectuals in theDiscipleship2, 186:these concrete and receptive minds the presented ideas are transformed into ideals and then areDiscipleship2, 212:intellectual approach and the presentation of ideas appeal to them, and they constitute the activeDiscipleship2, 219:processes and through the modern conflict of ideas (producing thus a borderland between the areasDiscipleship2, 219:thousands of people. The pronounced contrast in ideas - as, for instance, the contrast betweenDiscipleship2, 232:the introduction of common sense and progressive ideas into theology, and the shift of the
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