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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEAS

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Discipleship2, 251:these two angles you definitely should have ideas. The angle of the individual. The angle of aDiscipleship2, 265:should not be). I will take one or two general ideas which emerge from an analysis of the whole andDiscipleship2, 265:and appears in various guises. Behind all the ideas lies the concept of seeing, of a Seeing One,Discipleship2, 279:and precepts; wisdom is revealed through ideas against which (very frequently) much mundaneDiscipleship2, 279:inhibits, as you well know, the free flow of ideas intuitively impulsed; it is with this free flowDiscipleship2, 279:impulsed; it is with this free flow of the new ideas that the initiate is basically concerned,Discipleship2, 279:initiate is basically concerned, because it is ideas, their right application and interpretation,Discipleship2, 280:for initiation has to learn is the nature of ideas and their distinction from contactedDiscipleship2, 280:his enhanced vision) that he confounds them with ideas and their intuitive perception. He has notDiscipleship2, 280:between abstract thoughts and intuitive ideas. Here lies the crux of his problem. Ideas are otherDiscipleship2, 280:ideas. Here lies the crux of his problem. Ideas are other than this, as far as the initiate isDiscipleship2, 280:civilization, the fresh stream of inflowing ideas have conditioned the dwelling places of man andDiscipleship2, 280:medium of these ever-living and ever-appearing ideas, humanity passes on to [281] something betterDiscipleship2, 281:to the life of the slowly manifesting divinity. Ideas, when intuitively contacted by the discipleDiscipleship2, 281:The Intuition - which contacts and reveals new ideas. The Abstract World - in which they are givenDiscipleship2, 281:- works first with the idea, then with ideas, then with the hierarchical Plan in a wide and generalDiscipleship2, 302:will note that all of these four hints or seed ideas (for much expanded thinking, leading toDiscipleship2, 303:be recognized and absorbed. The transmission of ideas in some form or another to the brain afterDiscipleship2, 303:The deliberate focusing of thought upon these ideas. As these ideas are considered and developed,Discipleship2, 303:focusing of thought upon these ideas. As these ideas are considered and developed, they areDiscipleship2, 304:They are second ray presentations of soul ideas. We are told that God geometrizes, when referringDiscipleship2, 317:in the above paragraphs given you a number of ideas which, though not new in their stating, are newDiscipleship2, 325:(if sincere and honest in their endeavor) master ideas and develop responses which it took themDiscipleship2, 341:between initiation and revelation." Four ideas emerge for the disciple as he studies this hint:Discipleship2, 344:with which you were presented, five divine ideas were given to you. They were apparently familiarDiscipleship2, 344:deep and hidden significance. Each of these five ideas controls one or other of the fiveDiscipleship2, 344:take up each of these supreme, governing ideas and endeavor to give you initiatory insight intoDiscipleship2, 344:governing concept. These concepts are divine ideas, brought down into human thought-forms, and eachDiscipleship2, 345:understanding of the first grouping of divine ideas. These five formulas hold within themselves aDiscipleship2, 345:of interpretation, whilst the larger group of ideas concerns the second and the fourth interpretiveDiscipleship2, 346:groups of thoughts or four groups of presented ideas. Even though I realize that I am repeatingDiscipleship2, 347:involve a planned creative activity. These ideas are not those, however, which can be used by theDiscipleship2, 349:all these deeply spiritual events. It is these ideas which must arise as the true occult studentDiscipleship2, 350:in the past, were admitted into the world of ideas, of intuitional perception or of buddhicDiscipleship2, 350:awareness; their task was to transform these ideas into ideals; thus, they presented spiritualDiscipleship2, 350:and brought into being, not by divine ideas but by the divine Will (their perception of that WillDiscipleship2, 358:in the Ashram can change his techniques, use new ideas upon receptive minds, and thus keep paceDiscipleship2, 358:humanity with which he has to deal. One of the ideas which a disciple should learn from hisDiscipleship2, 362:under its own momentum. These are some of the ideas which lie behind the particular hint which IDiscipleship2, 363:They are second ray presentations of soul ideas. Essentially, they are geometrical forms, lyingDiscipleship2, 366:of timespace consciousness. [366] Two major ideas emerge from a careful study of these threeDiscipleship2, 373:reader. I can, however, give you some ideas anent the five points of revelation which I haveDiscipleship2, 386:initiation with the glory of the whole." These ideas may give you a fresh viewpoint anentDiscipleship2, 389:in fact, only marshalling for your benefit the ideas, information and concepts which are already toDiscipleship2, 391:the immediate mode of turning the hierarchical ideas into ordinary human ideals are of importanceDiscipleship2, 401:therefore, the fresh significance that these ideas give to the three stages which accompany theDiscipleship2, 403:and the assembly of those new and more correct ideas which must inevitably be substituted for theDiscipleship2, 404:fear it is not possible for me to express these ideas with greater clarity. However, under the LawDiscipleship2, 411:to humanity and to the Hierarchy. With these ideas on group initiation, I leave the subject andDiscipleship2, 425:an earlier instruction I pointed out that three ideas were involved in grasping the significance ofDiscipleship2, 443:and you must not block that channel with your ideas, your plans and your physical plane activities.Discipleship2, 478:of preparation emerge clearly in the three ideas underlying the meditation suggested below. MyDiscipleship2, 487:give you "the freedom of the city." One of the ideas which disciples would find it helpful to graspDiscipleship2, 493:older disciple, A.A.B., who transmits to you my ideas. Through me, however, and through yourDiscipleship2, 521:will to that of Shamballa. Such are some of the ideas which can govern your spiritual thinking,Discipleship2, 530:are likewise being tested in [530] the world of ideas, and you particularly are faced with an acuteDiscipleship2, 536:upon this theme and consequent clear exposition. Ideas become individual possessions as you thinkDiscipleship2, 547:for the clarification of problems, teaching or ideas. That will take place automatically once theDiscipleship2, 566:to study the nature of the will. A disciple's ideas on this subject are apt to be far removed fromDiscipleship2, 589:must create the forms which these subjective ideas must utilize. I make these few suggestions toDiscipleship2, 653:ashramic light, you can proceed to take three ideas or symbolic sentences as your theme forDiscipleship2, 659:[659] also a willingness to impose your own ideas and your judgment upon others when, my brother,Discipleship2, 661:upon these qualities. Most of the thoughts and ideas which will come to you in this connection willDiscipleship2, 670:vague as it appears. It should provide you with ideas for reflection. For the remainder of yourDiscipleship2, 679:who do not see things your way and - when their ideas do not coincide with your conception as toDiscipleship2, 681:will arrive at understanding. Contribute your ideas and suggestions to the reservoir of plans atDiscipleship2, 681:Free yourself from the glamor of inherited ideas and national concepts and prejudices. The worldDiscipleship2, 690:down of ancient prejudices and preconceived ideas, so that that which is new and totally differentDiscipleship2, 691:said indicates your need to [691] relate these ideas to universal concepts; that is for you theDiscipleship2, 692:you almost fanatically to adhere to certain ideas and concepts which were emotionally aroused andDiscipleship2, 697:persistence. Quality. Future Mastership. These ideas are suggestive and would prove fruitful andDiscipleship2, 726:and are negatively responsive to the collective ideas of forward-thinking men, for you do noDiscipleship2, 726:the remainder of this life. If you accept these ideas and cooperate willingly, you will do much toDiscipleship2, 735:which brings about trial. People struggle with ideas, with attaining the goal of their currentDiscipleship2, 737:significance, and at the same time reduce your ideas to written form for your own clarification andDiscipleship2, 742:minds of those around you. You play around with ideas all the time; you experiment all the time,Education, xii:of the new and coming educational methods and ideas. The objective is to elucidate the culturalEducation, 2:spiritual development which is the world of ideas, of intuitive perception, of spiritual insightEducation, 2:I seek only to give you some brief and general ideas which will serve to indicate to you the trendEducation, 5:deal. The higher abstract mind, the custodian of ideas, and that which is the conveyor ofEducation, 5:is en rapport with the soul. With this world of ideas philosophy has professed to deal. We mightEducation, 13:their very sensitive response apparatus to group ideas and the dominant thoughts of their time andEducation, 15:the race. Reading has to do with the clothing of ideas with form and is related to the first stepEducation, 15:with the individual's conscious self-relation to ideas, and his use of words in writing is theEducation, 15:of the grasp he may have of these universal ideas. Arithmetic (and the power to add, to subtract,Education, 15:man to bring through and express these visioned ideas in his own particular form. Arithmetic has aEducation, 16:is complete. Thus, symbolically, the three basic ideas are held in elementary education, thoughEducation, 17:and will register also the thoughts and the ideas current in its environment. At present, it isEducation, 20:right use of the mind, with its power to intuit ideas, to respond to impact, to translate, analyze,Education, 20:fill our united lives with interest, concepts, ideas and beauty, through the written word, theEducation, 21:is the aim of all true education. The nature of ideas, the modes of intuiting them, and the lawsEducation, 21:his visions and his dreams and brings his ideas into being. This he does through the activity ofEducation, 22:can man work with intelligence in the world of ideas and of patterns; not yet is he sensitive toEducation, 23:thus far so as to instill certain of the basic ideas which should underlie the educationalEducation, 35:and the brain. These laws are the means whereby: Ideas are intuited. Ideals are promulgated. MentalEducation, 37:the initial training and the foundational ideas which will enable him to become a self-directed,Education, 41:functions, and its ability to formulate concrete ideas based on material perception, materialEducation, 44:Finally, we shall seek to see what are the basic ideas (beginning with the recognized instincts)Education, One of:their voices heard and evoke attention; their ideas are followed - rightly or wrongly - withEducation, 46:our theory of history upon the great and good ideas which have conditioned the nations and made
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