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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEAS

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Externalisation, 413:Himself? May it not be possible that our present ideas of God as the Universal Mind, as Love and asExternalisation, 433:streams of mental energy or of thought-directed ideas impinge powerfully at this time upon theExternalisation, 433:to a relinquishing of some of their separative ideas. Externalisation, 459:well-intentioned but impractical person whose ideas and world plans and suggestions as to the newExternalisation, 459:to blueprint the future. Their dreams and ideas deal with projects for which the world of today isExternalisation, 462:or group problems (their group, expressing their ideas and working their way) and who fail to seeExternalisation, 470:from the death of its civilization, of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of itsExternalisation, 472:Reconstruction These two convey the same basic ideas and thus complement each other. They proclaimExternalisation, 475:be fought? Should it conform to the sentimental ideas of the church-trained public and talk "Peace,Externalisation, 478:have not been compatible with their preconceived ideas of how love should be demonstrated. For theExternalisation, 491:yet known, and still less is understood. Certain ideas and suggested thoughts may be of real valueExternalisation, 510:doctrines or cling to any reactionary ideas. The [511] church as a teaching factor should take theExternalisation, 519:in contact with Them, and through the inflow of ideas and through revelation They definitelyExternalisation, 526:through the medium of thought currents and ideas and through them impose Its hierarchical conceptsExternalisation, 563:would be wise, therefore, to keep the following ideas constantly in mind; I will enumerate themExternalisation, 571:ceremonies, to ancient and obsolete but precious ideas, and his constant warfare on conditioningExternalisation, 573:situation and the presentation of those ideas which will eventually lead to a fusion of thoseExternalisation, 576:- and slowly and laboriously instill the new ideas, incite to better methods of human relations,Externalisation, 580:by public opinion; the fact that the new general ideas will in many cases be governed by theExternalisation, 583:innate talents and with certain firmly rooted ideas, endowed with irrevocable ideals and a brainExternalisation, 586:of the disciple is alert and active; the new ideas and the vital fresh concepts are foremost in hisExternalisation, 590:to a particular point in evolution) - these ideas the intelligent public can and will accept. TheyExternalisation, 601:of enlightened men everywhere by the spiritual ideas embodying the new truths, by the "descent" (ifExternalisation, 611:may produce a vital change in the preconceived ideas of humanity. That the major requiredExternalisation, 611:man. If you can succeed in presenting these four ideas to the world at large, thus overcoming theExternalisation, 625:of the funds. In the quarreling over ideas, religious theories and ideologies, the true assistanceExternalisation, 629:and the right use of money for forward looking ideas, such as the return of the Christ. Therefore IExternalisation, 632:during the next twenty years. The two major ideas which it was my task to bring to the attention ofExternalisation, 632:of the work which I have done. These formulated ideas are: The announcement of the existenceExternalisation, 661:human beings awaiting liberation. None of these ideas or hopes forms any part of His plan, nor areExternalisation, 670:to reach labor in all countries with these ideas, correctly presented. I have tried here to giveExternalisation, 677:as well you know, externalizations of subjective ideas and concepts and of phases of formulatedExternalisation, 678:1860. From that date on, great concepts and new ideas, and the modern ideologies and arguments forExternalisation, 679:discussion and the fight to further creative ideas, the tenets and the truths for which theExternalisation, 680:currents of the Christ, as He formulates His ideas, creates the thought-forms needed prior toExternalisation, 683:a somewhat exclusive interchange of scholastic ideas and personnel between the rare centers ofExternalisation, 697:and the thinking of many millions. Their ideas are already permeating world thinking. I wouldExternalisation, 701:evil process which involves the imposition of ideas, and which can be the method of the democraticFire, vi:of the English language) of abstract ideas and hitherto quite unknown concepts of spiritualFire, 41:tabulation on page 42 may make the above ideas somewhat clearer. Fire and the Aspects (TabulationFire, 73:attention, and open up before us reaches of ideas, which should eventuate in a wiser comprehension,Fire, 115:adequate form to be employed. A further chain of ideas may be followed up in the remembrance thatFire, 195:it is called touch. This touch conveys other ideas to the groping consciousness, ideas of size, ofFire, 195:other ideas to the groping consciousness, ideas of size, of external texture, and of surfaceFire, 196:the one definitely marking the correlation of ideas, or the relation between; it parallels theFire, 202:for careful pondering, and to emphasize certain ideas which may serve as the foundation thoughtsFire, 225:the Contents of the Pleroma or Completion, the Ideas in the Divine Mind, 28 in all, for Bythus orFire, 255:and of awareness. Finally, we must extend these ideas to a solar Logos, and see how completely theFire, 273:us, therefore, deal with it as follows: Certain ideas are involved in the thought of cyclicFire, 273:in the thought of cyclic progression, and these ideas it might pay us well to contemplate. 1. TheFire, 274:vehicle - Form Repetition. When we carry these ideas on to every plane in the solar system, andFire, 277:center. It is to be noted at this point that the ideas dealt with in connection with cyclicFire, 277:apart from the concept of consciousness. The ideas of [278] time, of space, and of activity (fromFire, 281:we have seen that they are simply forms of ideas to express the cyclic activity of an entity. TheFire, 294:must carefully be kept from reducing all these ideas into a rankly materialistic concept. It mustFire, 294:and Repulsion is of vital moment. Two main ideas must always be borne in mind: [295] That the termsFire, 295:the group, and the totality of groups. These ideas can be applied to the three grades ofFire, 298:alter ego," nor is it advisable, but certain ideas may be suggested which - if brooded on - mayFire, 302:and is governed by certain fundamental ideas that must be carefully considered and contemplated.Fire, 309:work. Before, however, following up these ideas it might prove of value to us if we sought toFire, 315:by lack of adequate terms, but the main ideas only are those I seek to deal with, and the one weFire, 337:themselves, and seek to see them defining these ideas in their own words. Fire, 400:levels and beyond the systemic. Through the ideas here imparted it may be possible for the studentFire, 408:in any way possible in this treatise. Certain ideas stand out clearly against the background ofFire, 431:the fourth in this sequence of planes and ideas. Second Cosmic Plane - Seven Cosmic Logoi. FourthFire, 432:to enlarge further. I might, in summing up these ideas, point out that the immediate futureFire, 433:the utilization of matter, with the embodying of ideas, or of entities, whether cosmic, systemic,Fire, 436:anent it, beyond pointing out certain general ideas which may be of value in the contemplation ofFire, 500:as far as he is able to work out analogous ideas in relation to the Heavenly Man and the solarFire, 503:power it is needless to enlarge. All these ideas and concepts are of value only in so far as theyFire, 554:of His consciousness. In carrying out these ideas in connection with man and the thought formsFire, 557:shall we be able to formulate any ideas anent the cosmic astral plane. Second. That the entire sexFire, 561:clear as may be, this very complex matter. The ideas involved are: The Factor of Identity. SpecificFire, 566:out by the student himself. In extending these ideas to a solar Logos, many questions of interestFire, 566:to meditate thereon, yet in the formulation of ideas, and their apprehension by thinkers may comeFire, 573:After grasping and conceding these three basic ideas, we can now proceed to the working out of theFire, 596:all that can be known is but forms ensouled by ideas. Secondly, that in the knowledge of theFire, 625:- physical, astral and mental - are built. These ideas of force and the sheaths are the basis ofFire, 632:and profound. We will now leave these basic ideas, and deal more specifically with the devas withFire, 633:in his dense, physical body. Let us get our ideas as clear as possible on this matter; in theFire, 666:They have Their own method of expressing these ideas, the medium being color which can be heard,Fire, 701:all that can be known is but forms ensouled by ideas. Secondly, that in the knowledge of theFire, 723:these groups so as still further to clarify our ideas: 1. Cosmic Avatars: They represent embodiedFire, 734:the relation of the Son to the Mother. If the ideas formulated in this treatise have been carefullyFire, 798:seeking outer response. When all aggregates of ideas are interpreted in terms of force and energy,Fire, 798:simultaneously by the initiation. The two ideas are inseparable, yet nevertheless the second ideaFire, 799:the central Life or Existence seeks expression. Ideas and thought-matter together produceFire, 803:it is latent heat or sensation. Both these ideas, therefore, convey the idea of duality. AnFire, 874:and build them into form. The present ideas anent Sex must be transmuted and raised from theFire, 877:circle of petals stands for one of these three ideas, and each circle again embodies these threeFire, 929:to the greater energy, and his small plans and ideas will be merged in the greater ones. He will noFire, 969:response is automatic and inevitable. Some ideas of a large and important nature, which have arisenFire, 987:subordinating Their individual purposes and ideas to the great general scheme. The black magicianFire, 1003:a meditation long enough, and formulating his ideas clearly enough to bring about ultimateFire, 1003:enough. Second. Through the thoughts and ideas of the man fitting in with the plans and purposes ofFire, 1012:eye is developed. The forms visualized, and the ideas and abstractions which are, in the process,Fire, 1028:himself to create forms for the clothing of his ideas. We now return once more to the realm ofFire, 1050:students the expansion of the imparted ideas. Three impulses inherent in the three periodicalFire, 1119:They reveal to the student certain ideas as to the nature of fire. In concluding what is to be saidFire, 1127:and the form is "burnt upon the altar." These ideas can also be studied in their larger aspect; a
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