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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEAS

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Intellect, 238:be stated to be the attainment of the world of ideas; from the angle of the soul, it is theIntellect, 238:individual soul with the world originator of all ideas. Through mind control, we become aware ofIntellect, 238:Through mind control, we become aware of the ideas which lie back of our [239] world evolution, andIntellect, 239:contact with, and right interpretation of, the ideas we succeed in contacting in meditation. Intellect, 239:with which he seeks to clothe the nebulous ideas, and in turn, through this clear thinking, impressIntellect, 239:of the Divine Life, and the quality of the ideas which govern His [240] activities in the world ofIntellect, 240:is, and frequently set in motion by some basic ideas, formulated by thinkers, good, bad andIntellect, 240:that "energy follows thought." From the realm of ideas (or of soul knowledge) energy pours through.Intellect, 241:of the Causes which produce objectivity. These ideas assume a mental form, first of all, and someIntellect, 241:an emotional reaction to the thoughts which the ideas have evoked, and the form is gradually built.Intellect, 242:type of emotional energy. In these two ideas of right interpretation and right transmission, and ofIntellect, 249:- with the mass of aspirations, longings and ideas of the mystics of all times, or, equally, theyMagicRemarks INTRODUCTORY REMARKS In the study of the ideas outlined in this book and their carefulMagic, 15:clarifying and the steady seeping in of right ideas and sound conclusions. The foremost thinkers inMagic, 15:between the world of form and the world of ideas. This leads inevitably to the emergence of theMagic, 15:known by the soul, emanating from the world of ideas, and being of the nature of those energiesMagic, 46:type of energy which produces the concretion of ideas on the physical plane. Strictly spiritualMagic, 77:men and women [77] can formulate intelligent ideas anent this interesting subject. We can aid inMagic, 96:works out into satisfactory usefulness. Those ideas and concepts (speaking in symbol) which comeMagic, 116:personality conceives of, and responds to these ideas. This is a point to be borne in mind in allMagic, 118:brains causing in apparent momentary clashing of ideas. Therefore like Pilate they say: "What isMagic, 118:the higher principles. In thinking out these ideas may come some helpfulness. You have anMagic, 141:Thought forms are created for the embodiment of ideas and these embodied forms are sent forth toMagic, 141:mental body, aspirants become aware of the ideas which the Masters bring through from the plane ofMagic, 141:indicate, create thought forms of those received ideas, and utilize them in their groups for theMagic, 141:thoughts sent him by the Master. To embody the ideas received in such form as will be suitable forMagic, 145:of all forms of life, which are but the embodied ideas of a cosmic or a human creator. StudentsMagic, 165:intelligent cooperation with his purposes and ideas, no matter how hard he tries. All that he canMagic, 168:will assume command. Increased responsiveness to ideas and increased capacity to vision the plan ofMagic, 178:nature and quality of the imparted thought and ideas. 3. They write because of the development ofMagic, 189:of his accomplishment and has no preconceived ideas as to his own value or usefulness. He lives,Magic, 227:and meditation succeeds in imposing its ideas and impressions upon the mind held "steady in theMagic, 250:the needed thought forms, and so express the ideas and purposes of the intelligent loving soul.Magic, 274:or mystery, but because all formulation of ideas about His life and purpose are impossible untilMagic, 280:the subordinating of his personal dharma and ideas to the need and service of that cycle. For himMagic, 283:race and impresses the outer Builders with His ideas. They also guide a Master of the Wisdom as HeMagic, 327:the foundations of doctrine, the origin of ideas and the growth of the God idea are being subjectedMagic, 327:disputation; to the rejection of old established ideas as to God, the soul, man and his destiny.Magic, 327:of thought have ever existed differing in their ideas and methods and the six Schools of IndianMagic, 327:technique and method, has elaborated the ideas and differentiated the six theories into aMagic, 327:of lesser propositions. Out of the medley of ideas, theories, speculations, religions, churches,Magic, 328:be recognized for what they are, and fundamental ideas so contrasted with the formulation of dogmasMagic, 329:to the world, and who - embodying the group ideas and demonstrating the group nature, manifestingMagic, 330:people who are part of neither band and whose ideas are largely disorganized by the recognition ofMagic, 332:emerging out of the two seemingly different ideas as to the nature of the atom, a recognition ofMagic, 337:in the evolution of thought the main trends of ideas at this time are rapidly approaching eachMagic, 339:One of the great schools of thought or trend of ideas which is destined to pass away is that of theMagic, 339:their purpose. This has been the formulation of ideas concerning God and His relation to man,Magic, 357:sensory experience. Through discrimination as to ideas and as to thought currents, man has learntMagic, 358:but an imperfect grasp as to the true nature of ideas and his application of the truths sensed isMagic, 358:That he often chooses unwisely, that the ideas governing group conduct are not of the highest, thatMagic, 358:to utilize the power of choice in the realm of ideas - man is steadily forging ahead towards fullMagic, 361:of the mind which is related to the world of ideas. The intuition or pure reason which is for manMagic, 362:dimensional. It is difficult to express these ideas in words that can be comprehended by theMagic, 365:the plan synthetically, to seize upon divine Ideas or isolate some fundamental and pure truth. Magic, 365:and form building propensities and discover the ideas which underlie the divine thought-form, theMagic, 365:his own thought-form building to these ideas. He has to learn to penetrate into the world of theseMagic, 365:to penetrate into the world of these divine ideas and to study the "pattern of things in theMagic, 366:these intuitions later, as he works them out, ideas or ideals, and bases all his work and conductMagic, 366:thought-form building, based upon these divine ideas, emanating as intuitions from the UniversalMagic, 366:plan, he learns to "bring through" the needed ideas. Through contemplation he finds himself able toMagic, 372:later be emphasized. In beginning to form your ideas on the subject, however, it is the part ofMagic, 386:mind stuff, is swept into activity by abstract ideas (the embodied thoughts of the divine mind,Magic, 400:because of the clamor they make about their own ideas, discoveries and theories, but because theyMagic, 406:as in the past, but groups who represent certain ideas. It is of profound importance that the workMagic, 411:are just beginning to influence western ideas. Through analysis, correlation and synthesis, theMagic, 416:their personalities, upon their own views and ideas, [417] or upon their methods of carryingMagic, 419:upon those who seek to cooperate with them. The ideas of any one person or leader as to how theMagic, 425:of any kind. The growth of the group and of its ideas will be slow and sure. The group existsMagic, 439:It governs however the death or cessation of old ideas and emotions, and its influence is thereforeMagic, 442:again be sought. It will be noted that all these ideas concern the work of energy in some form orMagic, 453:aspirant, and will then convey certain practical ideas which are susceptible of daily applicationMagic, 456:usefulness. So it is with the concepts and the ideas which give birth to a thought-form. TheseMagic, 456:so that he can further the manifestation of the ideas of the Creator. To do this he has to fulfilMagic, 457:as the intermediary between the plane of divine ideas and the mental plane. You see how this matterMagic, 458:the formula as presented to it in the world of ideas. You have thus the "presented-idea", theMagic, 463:demonstrates to us as the laws of nature. The ideas of ordered activity and of a conscious andMagic, 464:All that is forms part of the current of ideas emanating from the divine Thinker. All thoughts areMagic, 464:development where they are swayed by mass ideas, molded unthinkingly by tradition and publicMagic, 475:new forms and organisms, those expressions of ideas and those organizations which live their lifeMagic, 476:the nature of speech in relation to embodied ideas is being somewhat understood. Study the methodMagic, 476:with the launching of some idea or set of ideas upon the sea of public necessity. May it not beMagic, 477:effort to mould public opinion and bring certain ideas and concepts into the public consciousness.Magic, 478:of much speech-making and book-writing, ideas are now enabled to take form and so run through theirMagic, 480:which bars the way for the emergence of the new ideas, the new archetypal forms. These willMagic, 480:to carry practical suggestion, and to indicate ideas which aspirants everywhere would do well toMagic, 480:of salvation from the effect of form - embodied ideas must be considered, and I would like also toMagic, 482:the soul, who are the exponents of the new age ideas, and the custodians of that aspect of theMagic, 483:Cosmic Fire, but I intend to give some practical ideas and suggestions which will help the averageMagic, 483:high initiation, the case is different. The seed ideas he seeks to convey, the work he is empoweredMagic, 484:creator, so that he becomes obsessed by his own ideas, and driven by his own creation. In theMagic, 485:to embody his mistaken apprehension of the real ideas; he is still apt to express his likes andMagic, 485:of thoughts and the protection of formulated ideas. Some thoughts are ideas, clothed in mentalMagic, 485:of formulated ideas. Some thoughts are ideas, clothed in mental matter and keep their habitat onMagic, 489:of the contact with the world of spiritual ideas is at a standstill, for he cannot progress onwardMagic, 490:himself is becoming obsessed by his own embodied ideas, be they temporarily right or basicallyMagic, 490:or basically wrong. Forget not that all right ideas are temporary in nature and must eventuallyMagic, 491:creative [491] thinking; certain preconceived ideas (note the esoteric value of that phrase), willMagic, 491:the new horizons will be visioned and the new ideas can enter. This will entail a daily, hourlyMagic, 491:that the mind is so focused on the new spiritual ideas that the old thought-forms will fail to
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