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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEAS

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Psychology2, 736:and the communistic group. Such are the major ideas to which the leading [737] nations of the worldPsychology2, 738:borders, free from attack, or to impose their ideas upon their fellowmen or nations. In a world ofPsychology2, 741:words and phrases; next, to discover men of like ideas and so organize their minds that each willPsychology2, 741:factors in the world are always simple. Simple ideas work out when complex and complicated onesPsychology2, 745:barriers, and separative differences in mental ideas and material ways of living. To approachPsychology2, 746:which means responsiveness to the new ideas which are expressive of the spirit of fusion, ofPsychology2, 747:to set the needed example by submerging our own ideas and personal desires in the good of thePsychology2, 748:through people whose tongues are critical, whose ideas and attitudes are separative and who arePsychology2, 749:they live. [749] Educate them in the following ideas: The principles of good will and the mediumRays, 26:hints as to their underlying significances and ideas. But they are not so simple. To sum up,Rays, 28:principle. In the group application of these ideas the same basic and profound development mustRays, 33:will be dependent upon your grasping a few basic ideas and then proceeding to make them factual asRays, 46:esoterically understood. It embodies the ideas of orientation, implacable determination, ability toRays, 48:for which our languages have no words, and with ideas which are not yet to be found among theRays, 50:as expressed through the formulation of ideas. Here you have an instance of the inadequacy ofRays, 50:instance of the inadequacy of modern language; ideas are formless and are in effect points ofRays, 63:of the Spiritual Triad - to work in the world of ideas and to create those forms of thought whichRays, 64:demand "sounds forth within the world of God's ideas and towards the desert, a long time leftRays, 101:of the fourth Rule. In this Rule two main ideas are to be found, both of them connected with theRays, 101:new meanings for humanity, and many of the old ideas will vanish, Death, to the average thinkingRays, 106:between these two because (if I can bring such ideas down to the level of the intelligence of theRays, 108:duties (as a Master of the Wisdom) is to anchor ideas in the mind of man and carry down into theRays, 109:latter are responsible for precipitating the ideas deep into the human consciousness. Secondly, IRays, 121:The forms through which these new and impending ideas must take shape and manifest have yet to beRays, 125:of the obvious and seek to express certain ideas which will strain your mental perception, evokeRays, 127:to demonstrate their freedom from the slavery of ideas, from a fanatical reaction to any truth orRays, 144:behind what is called postwar planning and the ideas of reconstruction and of world rebuildingRays, 161:entire group of seven centers. A study of these ideas may carry illumination, but I would againRays, 167:right and true comprehension; we are studying ideas for which we have, as yet, no adequateRays, 168:can energy be wisely emanated. Three major ideas appear in this easier rule: The idea of completeRays, 175:invoked, when we see His star shine forth." Two ideas then stand forth: the idea of invocation andRays, 175:I know not how else to express these ideas. It is a blinding conviction of an unalterable will,Rays, 203:Members of the Hierarchy; we are dealing with ideas and concepts for which we have no adequateRays, 214:speech is the result of certain inner sources of ideas, of thought and of imagination; it is theRays, 214:are eradicated and certain approaches to ideas are not developed. This is done by a process ofRays, 239:place; some will follow later. The following ideas may serve to clarify the whole concept in yourRays, 245:into being by humanity, acting as the medium for ideas from the superhuman kingdoms, and thenRays, 278:in the rule) might be defined as follows: The ideas conveyed are those of an aspirant to theRays, 285:the following sequence of words, embodying ideas: Symbol, Meaning, Significance, Light, regardingRays, 287:It is therefore impossible to put the divine ideas into their ideal form and then bring them downRays, 296:with organism rather than organization, with ideas rather than ideals, and with essential truthRays, 299:the service of humanity), of methods and of ideas; and all this in spite of the fact that theRays, 304:is that you are all imbued with the ordinary ideas anent these familiar words, and therefore it isRays, 311:all are equally divine. Understanding of these ideas may come if, for instance, you realize thatRays, 323:By that I mean that certain preconceived ideas are already present in men's minds and many of theseRays, 363:apparent. Just as those who read and study these ideas are occupied with concepts and thoughtsRays, 388:Ashram as it affects the Masters Themselves, two ideas automatically emerge: [389] The Masters areRays, 409:for the general public and thus only a few ideas were indicated to point direction. Now, in ARays, 446:which is: The recognition and receptivity to Ideas. The creative faculty of conscious thought-formRays, 452:the mind nature; also, in order to express these ideas, we have practically to create a newRays, 498:Evocation are the three major ideas for you to hold in mind as we proceed with this study. TheRays, 507:has." It has not been easy to put these abstruse ideas, expressed in the most archaic language andRays, 546:is simply an agent who can be impressed by ideas and instructed along some particular line whichRays, 567:three lower cosmic planes. With these abstruse ideas we need not concern ourselves. Let us studyRays, 567:and their conditioning rays, we will divide our ideas into three parts: [568] The type of energyRays, 588:abstract mind) becomes potent as the conveyor of ideas; these are transformed by the initiate intoRays, 589:aspirant parallels this. These thoughts and ideas must be borne in mind as we study the remainingRays, 592:thought." This energy transforms the divine ideas into human ideals, relating the knowledges, andRays, 594:with its presentation of great conditioning ideas. Psychology, with its effort to account forRays, 595:understanding, and when he refuses to admit new ideas and new modes of behavior. Fortunately, theRays, 597:upon the mental plane, we then talk of ideas, concepts, philosophies and ideologies. When itRays, 601:Science - education - medicine Philosophy - ideas - ideals Psychology - in process of modernRays, 602:of consciousness and will then enter a realm of ideas which are not yet easy for the disciple toRays, 618:as a sum total is concerned, the conflict of ideas and of emotional desire is today so acute thatRays, 627:the playground of untold numbers of conflicting ideas, a diversity of groups and of clashingRays, 628:because of the conflict of races, nations, ideas, political theories, immature development, corruptRays, 628:that we are concerned with the same trends and ideas which are to be [629] found in each individualRays, 629:information which falls in with its preconceived ideas and prejudices; the mature aspect ofRays, 641:In the war raging today between conflicting ideas, it is essential that this cleavage be madeRays, 656:seven Paths (pages 395 - 427) you may glean some ideas about these later initiations; they wouldRays, 678:which is supernatural and subjective. Do these ideas make the concept of initiation more useful toRays, 688:purified; the mind is responsive primarily to ideas, intuitions and impulses coming from the soul,Rays, 711:lower mind. They are: The impulsive energy of ideas, coming to him from the abstract mind andRays, 711:transforms them into ideals so that the divine ideas - implementing the divine purpose - may becomeRays, 711:to the mind (already receptive to the energy of ideas) some faint glimmering and brief revelationRays, 711:and brief revelation of the purpose of the ideas which underlie all hierarchical activity on behalfRays, 712:but steadily - begin themselves to intuit these ideas, to present them as ideals to the masses, andRays, 712:the Mahachohan is responsible for the inflow of ideas into the consciousness of the disciple, theRays, 713:thoughts, the abstract concepts, the fleeting ideas of which all disciples are aware are at thisRays, 713:confronting Him is not the distribution of ideas or the use of the intuition in grasping the stageRays, 713:As a searchlight, bringing into the light those ideas and intuitions which are needed, so theRays, 717:from this cloud of knowable things (the divine ideas, working out as intuitions in all the manyRays, 718:of possibility. I then lifted these three ideas on to wider levels and endeavored to show how theRays, 744:place of birth - they regard some one of these ideas as true and all the others as false and wrong.Rays, 752:the prejudices, the animosities and the fixed ideas which have prevented synthesis, which haveReappearance, 15:is a new world, if not yet a better world; new ideas are occupying people's minds and new problemsReappearance, 23:the death of its civilization, [23] of its old ideas and modes of living, the relinquishing of itsReappearance, 48:minds of enlightened men everywhere by spiritual ideas embodying the new truths, by the "descent"Reappearance, 59:may produce a vital change in the preconceived ideas of humanity. That the major requiredReappearance, 59:man. If we can succeed in presenting these four ideas to the world at large, and thus in overcomingReappearance, 76:direct. It is the history of the presentation of ideas, brought to the attention of humanity andReappearance, 92:if they are prompt to recognize new emerging ideas; they are the custodians of this energy and itsReappearance, 102:of the men of Their time certain required ideas and concepts of truth. When They come, Their aim isReappearance, 102:the immediate need in such a fashion that the ideas presented may become ideals to which eventuallyReappearance, 102:or statement as to the progressive revelation of ideas which great and illumined minds, authorizedReappearance, 129:under the influences of great and fundamental ideas. That is the next historical presentation. TheReappearance, 133:have been brought about by the incoming new ideas, focused through the world intuitives andReappearance, 139:human spirit. The same old forms of words and of ideas are still handed out to the enquirer andReappearance, 145:the churches presenting a synthesis of these two ideas which have been summed up for us in theReappearance, 149:limited. May it not be possible that our present ideas of God, as the Universal Mind, as Love and
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