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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTIFICATION

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Astrology, 57:full soul expression; monadic life. Goal: Identification with the Monad. Produces responsiveness toAstrology, 58:full life experience; soul life. [58] Goal: Identification with the Soul. Produces responsivenessAstrology, 58:Hierarchy; life experiment; human life. Goal: Identification with the Personality. ProducesAstrology, 62:in the purity of spiritual aspiration for identification with the will of God. There are one or twoAstrology, 124:to environment and to personality conditions (identification with form) into detachment from formAstrology, 175:with its human objectives, its selfishness, its identification with form, its desire and itsAstrology, 175:is then not part of the horse but is freed from identification with it and is the controllingAstrology, 179:Group consciousness. "I go forth." [179] Identification, governing liberation - Pisces. DivineAstrology, 312:and to the appropriation of form, and subsequent identification with it for many long cycles. It isAstrology, 321:and of this stage, mass sensitivity and mass identification with form and with forms is theAstrology, 438:may be it will not yet be a process of general identification) will produce the sixfold energyAstrology, 455:ray - 6th root-race - Love; the goal. Energy of Identification. Achievement of fusion. Six centersAstrology, 466:spiritual man institutes the process of initial identification with the spiritual entity on its ownAstrology, 467:knows, through transcended feeling and from identification with the seen Vision, the true meaningAstrology, 494:being - means understanding, inclusiveness and identification. Wisdom connotes skill in action asAstrology, 496:these three constellations produces finally the identification with that which is perceived to beAstrology, 496:to be the divine essence, underlying form. This identification with that which, is the subjectiveAstrology, 633:of the Most High. Spirit. Life. Energy. Will. Identification. Ray II The Holy Place. Hierarchy. TheAstrology, 634:through Ray VI, we move forward to complete identification with that synthesis and will, andAtom, 108:which are transient and impermanent. It is this identification with the not-self which leads to allAtom, 109:the impermanent and the unreal. This cycle of identification with the unreal parallels the stage ofBethlehem, 16:19). Individual effort, group opportunity, and identification with each other - this was theBethlehem, 17:to all of us to read. Individuality, Initiation, Identification - in these terms the message of theBethlehem, 17:to us a picture of the stages and method whereby identification with God can be brought about. ThisBethlehem, 17:Christ - The Result Individualism. Initiation. Identification. Christ lived His life in that smallBethlehem, 63:Rome as a solemn celebration; but in England its identification with the joyous old pagan Yule - aBethlehem, 82:of the entire nature so that a closer identification with that soul may become possible, until aBethlehem, 137:to a "joyful Resurrection," and to that eternal identification with God which is the everlastingBethlehem, 244:There is something in us that refuses final identification with the physical form, in spite of whatDestiny, 63:these nations or races, remain detached from identification with them until such time as such soulsDestiny, 65:spiritual values and hinder human development. Identification with all and participation in worldDestiny, 141:the first initiation of the soul, after complete identification with the personality within theDiscipleship1, 84:and its basic objective of a progressive identification with the soul of the disciple, with theDiscipleship1, 88:failure. There is only failure if there is identification with these astral conditions and aDiscipleship1, 101:in Our so-called safe retreats, the capacity of identification with all that is involved in worldDiscipleship1, 101:can only be adequately expressed in the word "identification." They need the staunch support of allDiscipleship1, 123:of human sympathy," you possess a capacity for identification with your brothers and for sharingDiscipleship1, 139:You suffer from attachment and from a too rapid identification with other people. This can beDiscipleship1, 149:the burden of the world, learning - through identification with others - a detachment which, asDiscipleship1, 235:if I might so express it, to cultivate a close identification with others and not to cultivate theDiscipleship1, 252:be that of a planned, peripheral attention, an identification with those to be instructed and lossDiscipleship1, 253:of Patanjali who deals fully with the subject. Identification with others and then the final losingDiscipleship1, 298:turns its attention to the soul, seeking identification with that soul. The alignment usuallyDiscipleship1, 312:magnetic through the written word, through identification with the one you seek to help, throughDiscipleship1, 343:the mental errors of others), the group identification required will greatly broaden yourDiscipleship1, 343:individual subordinated to the group good. This identification you have yet to learn. Members ofDiscipleship1, 346:you, its personality, into itself - a process of identification for which you must strive. This isDiscipleship1, 354:For you, the word which would bring light is identification as it is for... By means of thatDiscipleship1, 354:identification as it is for... By means of that identification the soul becomes at-one with allDiscipleship1, 354:more sensitive. You both need, however, a closer identification with humanity and release from aDiscipleship1, 378:off from your co-workers or - when urged to identification by your second ray soul - the responseDiscipleship1, 381:effectively. See, therefore, that this group identification goes on with all the cooperation whichDiscipleship1, 429:obligation and the performance of duty, but no identification with people or circumstance. The soulDiscipleship1, 431:or self to the fragmentary self? The illusion of identification of that self with the little self?Discipleship1, 450:can be no separation in attitude or failure in identification. Disciples have to learn to identifyDiscipleship1, 565:word that is for me the meaning of that life is Identification. Sixth month... Let the actions ofDiscipleship1, 585:How does this stabilization come? Through steady identification with the desired vibration. One ofDiscipleship1, 587:and you need to learn the necessity for identification with those who are your co-workers. ThatDiscipleship1, 587:who are your co-workers. That means not only identification with the group objective orDiscipleship1, 587:only identification with the group objective or identification with the major principles of theDiscipleship1, 587:major principles of the group but it means also identification with the successes, the failures,Discipleship1, 626:descend and walk among your fellowmen in loving identification with them. It is only throughDiscipleship1, 648:has been lost to sight in accomplishment and identification. You will note how frequently I amDiscipleship1, 648:You will note how frequently I am using the word identification in my various instructions. TheDiscipleship1, 648:is a symbol of this release (from vision) into identification. Ponder on this. It is this clarity,Discipleship1, 649:a fusion and an expansion leading to a growing identification; this will change you from a securelyDiscipleship1, 674:heart." There is a later stage of still closer identification, where there is a blending of theDiscipleship1, 682:soul impression, then soul control and final identification with the soul, just so far does he moveDiscipleship1, 713:heart. There is a later stage of still closer identification, where there is a complete blending ofDiscipleship1, 717:of men and, from the standpoint of complete identification with matter (the mother), he becomesDiscipleship1, 757:has not yet made the grade. When this process of identification takes place, a moving forward ofDiscipleship2, 14:is the secret behind all power to achieve identification with any form of divine expression;Discipleship2, 30:back on that. There is no separation but only identification with the heart of all love; the moreDiscipleship2, 45:a life of physical plane concentration, and of identification with the forms of existence in theDiscipleship2, 94:make the group work, group relationships, group identification and group initiation a sound, activeDiscipleship2, 140:as it is expressed through love. A conscious identification with the Plan. Dedication to the workDiscipleship2, 198:and the intuition, as well as conscious Identification. It relates (in an indissoluble unity) theDiscipleship2, 266:how the key to understanding lies in conscious identification with all three, both sequentiallyDiscipleship2, 287:was inherent in his own nature. Because of this identification, he could not refuse the invocativeDiscipleship2, 287:all forms with which he may achieve a measure of identification. His will must go out in responseDiscipleship2, 288:of sacrifice or upon the "taking over," through identification, of the task of salvage, ofDiscipleship2, 292:functioning activity; this produces fusion and identification, and brings the pineal gland intoDiscipleship2, 304:that such processes culminate in a spiritual identification, proving past all controversy thatDiscipleship2, 310:of sacrifice, or upon the 'taking over,' through identification, of the task of salvage, ofDiscipleship2, 403:interpretation, we employ the rather vague word "identification:" The process in which the initiateDiscipleship2, 417:all but one. Loyalty must give place to identification, and the light is ever merged in darkness.Discipleship2, 444:for spiritual force; cultivate the power of identification with those you seek to inspire, for thisDiscipleship2, 449:be, for you, the moment when you switch your identification with that which you do, away from thatDiscipleship2, 463:with other people must involve complete identification with all their experiences, moods andDiscipleship2, 463:It does not. It should not. It involves identification (through the intuition) with underlying soulDiscipleship2, 467:The Aryan unfoldment will produce occult identification, the development of the head center, andDiscipleship2, 468:channel, pure and undefiled by any form of self identification, for a cosmic principle - that ofDiscipleship2, 512:compassionate wisdom which - through identification with the soul of those you seek to help -Discipleship2, 514:this through devotion instead of through wise identification. I have for you, however, no realDiscipleship2, 530:true understanding. True understanding involves identification with humanity. Your theories, yourDiscipleship2, 532:them to the soul whose nature is love and whose identification is with humanity and not with aDiscipleship2, 546:shine. You say, after some minutes of careful identification: [547] "Dim light am I and yet theDiscipleship2, 558:enduring. One possibility is that spiritual identification takes place and the relation can thenDiscipleship2, 570:think - by me. This is caused by your complete identification of yourself on mental planes withDiscipleship2, 570:mental planes with your spiritual objective - an identification which is true, sincere and lasting.
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