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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTIFICATION

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Psychology2, 45:which is here called (for lack of a better name) Identification. Ray One "The Angel of the PresencePsychology2, 123:awareness. This group awareness and this [123] identification with the feeling aspect of all groupsPsychology2, 123:to suffering and who, because of their emotional identification with suffering, lay the blame forPsychology2, 155:is the demand of the mystic, or the longing for identification with reality which is the "wish" ofPsychology2, 157:to the stage of illumination and final identification with reality, when he is henceforth freedPsychology2, 173:In the "fall of a leaf" and its consequent identification with the soil on which it falls, we havePsychology2, 207:consciousness of the One Soul, withdrawn from identification with any aspiration of the form life,Psychology2, 215:up to that of complete group consciousness and identification as occurs when the final initiationPsychology2, 223:it leads to that understanding which tends to identification, through the wider choice andPsychology2, 316:Who is aware, but as time goes on, his center of identification shifts, and he becomes lessPsychology2, 328:the points of emphasis and the focus of the identification. Psychology2, 342:becomes the Path of Return, and desire for identification with form changes into aspiration forPsychology2, 342:into aspiration for self-awareness. Later, comes identification with Self on its own level ofPsychology2, 364:has a sense of duality. Nor is it the sense of identification which can characterize the occultist;Psychology2, 482:change the sense of duality into the sense of identification. The will of God can take the form ofPsychology2, 543:also the intellectual approach to divine identification. The keynotes which the mystic at presentPsychology2, 543:achievement of such an approved and appreciated identification that the man becomes what he is - aPsychology2, 544:(note that phrase) in the greatest processes of identification through initiation. The occultist,Psychology2, 574:in the other case, you have so close an identification between the head center in etheric matterPsychology2, 584:to spiritual vision and finally to spiritual identification. c. Touch Sensitivity This leadsPsychology2, 585:on the Earth. It is spiritual vision leading to identification. Psychology2, 600:Sometimes he died of the ecstasy induced by his identification with his vision. Nevertheless, IRays, 5:of pain, or of happy excitement are due to our identification with the objects of desire, with theRays, 40:received during the ages of close relation and identification with the third aspect, form, and theRays, 41:higher psychic sensitivity. It consists of pure identification with divine purpose. This is madeRays, 43:the life of the Triad - leading in its turn to identification with the Monad, as the personalityRays, 44:upon occult unfoldment, I have used the word Identification. This is the only word I have foundRays, 45:is being oriented towards a realized unity and identification with the life aspect of divinity, andRays, 45:"focused immovable Will." Right tension is the identification of brain and soul with the willRays, 45:the will aspect, and the preservation of that identification - unchanged and immovable - no matterRays, 45:of present attitudes and goals this teaching is. Identification with the soul and with theRays, 46:for all approach to, appreciation of and identification with, Being. This developed will expressesRays, 48:the thought of Tension and I defined it as the identification of the brain and soul with the willRays, 48:the will aspect and the preservation of that identification - unchanged and immovable - in allRays, 53:of manifestation. The goal of the initiate is identification with all forms of the divine life, soRays, 54:with those of higher rank who are approaching identification with Shamballa, are steadily and everRays, 58:group after [58] group as units with which identification must be sought. He finds his soul throughRays, 58:developments and to which we give the name of Identification. From the first identification, whichRays, 58:give the name of Identification. From the first identification, which is the higher correspondenceRays, 61:the significance of these simple words. Identification is realization, plus esoteric experience,Rays, 61:worlds of consciousness and the three worlds of identification. According to ray type thisRays, 62:fusion, and later towards the mysteries of identification. Let me quote: "As time progresses, andRays, 62:and these are Spirit and Matter. Their complete identification within his consciousness becomes hisRays, 63:that "substantial divine Reality" still awaits identification. It is this thought which underliesRays, 63:involves upon his part a vision of that plan, identification with the underlying purpose, and theRays, 64:world of fog. Yet he never leaves the place of identification, and all that he now does is carriedRays, 67:He works now under the inspiration of and identification with the life aspect - the united lifeRays, 74:with that plan produce, and which comes from identification - upon mental levels - with theRays, 79:is to admit mankind into realization of and identification with the will or purpose of Deity. TheRays, 82:we have no word but the unsatisfactory one of identification. This state of being is something veryRays, 106:individual realization, and this realization of identification with both the part and the wholeRays, 108:or realization, as the mystic feels it, or identification, as the occultist terms it, but somethingRays, 110:of inclusiveness and the tendency to spiritual identification should be developed in humanity as aRays, 141:clues. To the development of this system of identification the initiate of the degree of Master ofRays, 141:after that great initiation, the term "system of identification" would appear more appropriate. Rays, 169:is something far deeper, involving the idea of identification, of participation, and of syntheticRays, 172:is that of comprehending the nature of identification. This concerns (in the first instance) theRays, 172:the consequent and resultant state of being. "Identification with" is the phrase which approachesRays, 172:theoretically that "there are no other selves." Identification (to use the only word available forRays, 173:the same quality. Oneness, unity, synthesis and identification exist today as word related toRays, 198:initiation. It relates also to the still higher identification of the Christ with those initiatesRays, 225:is expressing the nature of the Monad, where identification with the purpose of deity hasRays, 226:Duality is no longer recognized. The stage of identification with the life aspect and theRays, 226:purpose, plus the establishing of complete identification (as a group) with the divine will. ThisRays, 269:Capricorn and Aquarius. The Act of Identification. This involves what has been called a "moment ofRays, 279:between the center of universal awareness or identification and the form-expression in the threeRays, 280:the Spiritual Triad upon its own three levels of identification. To this might be added the factRays, 282:development I have given the inadequate name of Identification. This is a word which involvesRays, 282:a one-pointed, rapier-like assumption of identification takes the place of the inclusivenessRays, 283:(if I may so call a factual expression) of identification - direct the lowest aspect of cosmicRays, 283:that to which they are irrevocably related. This identification is therefore the highest expressionRays, 283:is the transformation of consciousness into identification. More than that I may not say. ToRays, 283:or symbols. In this line of approach through identification, the Master builds that of which theRays, 291:It is this living realization of Being and of identification with the planetary Logos upon theRays, 291:of Individualization, of Initiation, and of Identification. The relation between the listening ofRays, 299:of World Servers for the sake of recognition and identification, cannot be broken or in any wayRays, 313:to concerns something higher still - the Self-identification of the soul on its own plane and theRays, 326:the Master of the Wisdom, leading to states of identification and levels of awareness which lieRays, 358:that focused power produces glamor where wrong identification is involved, but only reality andRays, 358:astral plane for the disciple who is withdrawing identification; there is a field of service forRays, 359:is the transfer of his life and his point of identification from unprincipled substance andRays, 360:all limitation has been removed, all wrong identification with physical forms is now impossible,Rays, 372:unity again. Individualization, Initiation and Identification are the three main stages in theRays, 406:only concerned with those higher processes of identification which indicate an advanced state ofRays, 406:work is to further progressive development of identification. They begin with the identification ofRays, 406:of identification. They begin with the identification of the Monad within our planetary sphere withRays, 420:by a mysterious process called "multiple identification." Note how the adjective here conveys theRays, 427:Sagittarius Hierarchy The fifth Method Prismatic identification Symbol A colored cross with a starRays, 468:it in the Plan) is his will. There is a growing identification in purpose. Therefore, self-will,Rays, 469:leading to initiation, realization and identification. These are the three stages of initiation.Rays, 517:of Power which will make possible his complete identification with spirit, via the antahkarana.Rays, 532:possible future and the eventual processes of identification. It might be added that the factualRays, 729:and he knows nothing but love, unity, spiritual identification and a universal awareness. BecauseReappearance, 26:It is this living realization of Being and of identification with the divine intention of GodSoul, 112:is still only a simple correspondence and not an identification, since the former are notTelepathy, 56:and spiritual impression. Through the door of identification the Hierarchy passes to universalTelepathy, 70:nature of this higher awareness, and the term "identification" seems somewhat unsuitable) whichTelepathy, 74:by words), he will pass through the door of identification. This is a perfectly meaningless phrase,Telepathy, 109:of events, apprehensions of happenings, and identification with personality reactions. 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