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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTIFICATIONS

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Astrology, 220:to that of the Experiencer. Old identifications cease; new trends toward higher, subtler and moreAstrology, 220:trends toward higher, subtler and more spiritual identifications begin to appear and then NeptuneExternalisation, 691:channel must be kept entirely clear of all lower identifications. This might be termed a method ofFire, 1246:has before him four very peculiar and esoteric IDENTIFICATIONS. This entrance takes place after heFire, 1246:connection with our planetary evolution. These identifications eventually bring about within theFire, 1246:transcendence of the atmic sheath. These four identifications are connected with the fourfold lotusFire, 1246:possible to say more along this line. These four Identifications are only undergone upon thisFire, 1246:Path and are each preceded by three lesser identifications which make a totality of twelveFire, 1246:identifications which make a totality of twelve Identifications, corresponding to theFire, 1246:which is manipulated in the process of these identifications is largely that pouring through theFire, 1247:of the Dragon, via Libra. Method - Twelve cosmic Identifications. Hierarchy - The sixth. Symbol - AGlamour, 101:stands relatively free from deception and wrong identifications and interpretations. You will havePatanjali, 143:of ignorance and its accompanying erroneous identifications and reactions. As the hindrances arePsychology2, 30:and developed through the first of these identifications persist and color the consciousPsychology2, 30:a term) all the results of the lesser identifications, the various differentiations andPsychology2, 32:Consequently all possible actions and reactions, identifications and focusings, awarenesses andPsychology2, 57:aware of the true significance of those great Identifications which enabled the Carpenter ofPsychology2, 318:of the wishes of the soul. But as man's basic identifications remain as yet in the centers ofPsychology2, 503:This condition of mixed recording, of erroneous identifications, etc., leads to much difficulty.Rays, 357:true astral plane, from the angle of personality identifications, but only what might be regardedRays, 372:He is then aware for the first time that other identifications - lying beyond the planetaryRays, 372:is conditioned by the quality of His previous identifications, which are in their turn conditionedRays, 406:produces the desired capabilities - with greater identifications within the solar system. Beyond
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