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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTIFIED

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Magic, 375:still persists, for the man is sometimes identified with his soul and sometimes with his formMagic, 376:way: The unity of form, wherein the self is identified apparently with the form, and is absorbed inMagic, 451:understanding of life and its purpose and are so identified with the life principle that they thinkMagic, 452:a consciousness which is strictly individual and identified. This aspect of the life principleMagic, 493:focused in one and sometimes in another, or is identified with the form or with the soul. TheMagic, 494:there. Just as long as our consciousness is identified with the form aspect, death will hold for usPatanjaliis in reality. 4. Up till now the inner man has identified himself with his forms and with theirPatanjali, 11:of Union 4. Up till now the inner man has identified himself with his forms and with their activePatanjali, 33:is to the soul. Thus is the lower man gradually identified with the spiritual man who is omniscientPatanjali, 35:and of the soul powers. He becomes consciously identified with the one reality, and this in hisPatanjali, 162:of every day. With these the seer has for long identified himself in the earlier and more savagePatanjali, 249:personal self are lost sight of, and he becomes identified with the soul of that form which hasPatanjali, 403:form during the cycle wherein form and soul are identified and considered the same. The second mainPatanjali, 412:For a long time man became that with which he identified himself to the exclusion of the truePatanjali, xii:no longer what his physical body makes him, when identified with it, the victim of the world. HeProblems, 104:is a child of the one Father and spiritually identified with all men everywhere. People know thatProblems, 105:history and who have developed a culture and identified themselves with a civilization which hasPsychology1, 13:they are not yet consciousness itself, nor so identified with the soul that consciousness of allPsychology1, 13:nature. In this unity, the soul is so closely identified with the matter aspect that it sees noPsychology1, 15:identify himself with the consciousness of that Identified Being (in the esoteric sense of thePsychology1, 3+4:we are on our way back from the unity of form-identified existence, through the varying unfoldmentsPsychology1, 37:by one of the seven ray qualities, that he is identified with his ray purpose - whatever it may bePsychology1, 38:conveyed in these terms. As long as a man is identified with the appearance, these aspects of thePsychology1, 38:of himself as the material form, and as identified with the outer appearance, to a realization ofPsychology1, 38:himself as an insatiable desire. He then becomes identified with his desire body, with hisPsychology1, 38:is torn by a sense of duality. Later, he becomes identified with still another of the appearances,Psychology1, 39:is now the dominant factor; consciousness is now identified with itself (or with its ray) and notPsychology1, 53:detached self-awareness, there appears that self-identified entity which we call a human being.Psychology1, 232:faith of their successors, and become eventually identified with religious beliefs andPsychology1, 249:nevertheless, with which we have hitherto identified ourselves, and we have forgotten that thatPsychology1, 249:immersed in form, and when the consciousness is identified (in time and space) with any particularPsychology1, 249:kingdoms in nature. The more the unit of life is identified with "the one who is conscious," thePsychology2, 14:life which can take place when the initiate is identified consciously with the One Life. BetweenPsychology2, 24:then the consciousness is no longer entirely identified with the physical vehicle, but it becomesPsychology2, 25:the [25] world of desire, and the soul becomes identified with another response apparatus, thePsychology2, 32:the spiritual Being is no longer held by them or identified with them. Each of the stages on thePsychology2, 35:prisoner, because His consciousness is in no way identified with the phenomenal appearance, norPsychology2, 55:the application of the law of karma (which is identified in time and space with substance andPsychology2, 77:characteristic of the self in relation to, and identified with, the not-self. Love of possession,Psychology2, 104:the personality. For ages, the soul has identified itself with the lower personal self, and throughPsychology2, 104:positions are reversed. No longer is the soul identified with the personality but the personalityPsychology2, 104:with the personality but the personality becomes identified with the soul and loses its separatePsychology2, 172:with the world of phenomena, though ours is identified with it until such time that we come underPsychology2, 316:primarily the field of his consciousness. He is identified for long with the field of experiencePsychology2, 316:and not with the real self. He has not yet identified himself with the conscious subject, or withPsychology2, 316:of the third initiation and are no longer identified with the vehicles of expression, then - on aPsychology2, 342:and adequate as time passes. The self within, or identified with, the form nature, Becomes slowlyPsychology2, 391:not theoretically but as a realized fact, as identified with that whole. It is a whole which isPsychology2, 462:forms and brooded over them until he is so identified with them that he has really no independentPsychology2, 499:unconsciousness. He remains, therefore, closely identified with his body, and because of thePsychology2, 557:unrolled like a panorama before his eyes; he identified himself with the episodes depicted and knewRays, 107:will of the whole. Individual purpose must be identified with group purpose, which is as much ofRays, 129:In other words: "Then let the group - which is identified with the soul - find its sustenance andRays, 141:immutable), of true spiritual will (completely identified with the purpose of the planetary Logos),Rays, 141:his attitude to all forms of life, and is also identified with the "isolated unity" of SanatRays, 166:itself" - as the ancient writings put it. It is identified and individual but has no implementingRays, 166:the Buddha, and then the Christ. They remain identified through the free choice with the "qualityRays, 304:from the angle of the initiate-consciousness. Identified as you are with the form aspect and withRays, 372:being. In the human center, the man becomes identified with himself; in the Hierarchy, he becomesRays, 372:with himself; in the Hierarchy, he becomes identified with the group; in Shamballa, He becomesRays, 372:with the group; in Shamballa, He becomes identified with the planetary Whole. When that takesRays, 412:progress of Sanat Kumara Himself, within His Own identified life upon the cosmic Path which emergesRays, 581:can undergo the Baptism experience, again a word identified with water. Simultaneously, largeSoul, 74:which thinks and wills. "Second, the soul is identified with the mind or with conscious experience;Soul, 86:so strongly molded thought in the Middle Ages, identified the ventricles of the brain as the seat
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