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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTIFYING

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Astrology, 192:First, the disciple has definitely to cease identifying himself with either his own humanAstrology, 618:the needed changes in the form nature without identifying himself with it or being himself affectedAutobiography, 280:aware of the universal Whole, instead of identifying yourself with a tiny fraction of that Whole;Bethlehem, 113:could not contradict Himself; and thus identifying Himself with perfection, He gives us aDiscipleship1, 130:for you to learn that when you can avoid identifying yourself so closely with people, refrainingDiscipleship1, 180:love would greatly help you. The understanding, identifying aspects of love are yours in greatDiscipleship1, 377:of World Servers grasp it, pondering on it and identifying yourself with it. At present, you graspDiscipleship2, 619:first ray personality militates against your identifying yourself with the world of relativity inExternalisation, 384:[384] with the sensed divine objective and identifying your will with the Divine Will. This centralFire, 832:upon the personality. The Monad, which has been identifying Itself with the Ego (its outerFire, 1013:and has a desire for objective existence, thus identifying himself voluntarily with substance,Glamour, 114:of illusion, the reason is that the soul is identifying itself with those forms and therefore withGlamour, 263:which these produce. This he ascertains not by identifying himself, stage by stage of descent, withHealing, 126:arriving often at complete discouragement, identifying himself with that which is undesirableHealing, 501:of nature. When the disciple or the initiate is identifying himself with the soul, and when theInitiation, 81:disciples of all groups, consist in their identifying themselves with some form, and in theirIntellect, 75:we learn are those we bring upon ourselves by identifying ourselves with a succession of forms -Magic, 268:plane activities. They wear themselves out by identifying themselves with the form they haveMagic, 385:this direction is taken when he begins to cease identifying himself with the form, and recognizesMagic, 559:must hold himself free as much as he can from identifying himself with that which he has created orMeditation, 290:The pupil had succeeded in doing three things: Identifying himself with the figure within thePatanjali, 104:himself [104] from all forms, and in identifying himself with the formless. He has arrived at thePatanjali, 152:and [152] sorrow is caused by the spiritual man identifying himself with his objective forms in thePatanjali, 169:nature and its powers is the cause of the soul's identifying itself with the organs of perception,Psychology2, 332:he discovers the way of approach by service. Identifying himself with his group upon his own rayRays, 61:and forward the Plan, once he has succeeded in identifying himself with that revelation. Until thisRays, 168:can then be used. Glibly the neophyte talks of identifying himself with others, and eagerly he
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