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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTITY

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Astrology, 7:depriving you of individuality and of self-identity - yet show you how you are part of a greaterAstrology, 8:Speculation about the nature, the history and identity of that entity is useless and of no value.Astrology, 136:but becomes humanity itself, losing his personal identity in the good of the whole yet retainingAstrology, 136:good of the whole yet retaining his spiritual Identity. From self-service, he proceeds to worldAstrology, 145:soul. In Leo, the individual awakens to his own identity, concentrates his purpose, learns theAstrology, 194:they are part of the life expression of an Identity, immeasurably superior [195] to and moreAstrology, 272:is here an esoteric reference to the essential identity of Son with the Father, the "undying One,"Astrology, 285:when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects - matter andAstrology, 309:him; he is then profoundly conscious of his own identity, and this makes him dwell definitely in aAstrology, 314:Me." He then left the Fixed Cross and the Identity which had hitherto been His and identifiedAstrology, 479:place, the perceiving consciousness recognizes identity and the rule of the square is ended. TheseAstrology, 509:soul. The spiritual man, aware of his identity says in this house: "I am the eternal cause of allAstrology, 527:energies rightly employed. From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity ofAstrology, 527:of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interests and activities. From the angleAstrology, 566:Leo - This is the sign of self-conscious identity. This is testified to by Christ in the words HeAstrology, 595:subdivide into septenates, yet preserve their identity. These seven energies, emanating from theAstrology, 607:Informing Entity - the Being Who is expressing Identity through one or other of the seven stars ofAstrology, 628:which lies behind and which is greater than the Identity in time and space to which we give theAtom, 25:to which a man, as a unit, belongs, that great Identity of which we are each a part. ThisAtom, 89:part of a group, but that, after merging his identity with the group - although never losing it -Atom, 89:again with the consciousness of that great Identity Who is the synthesis of them all. Thus heAtom, 89:recognition which will lead him to sacrifice his identity in the service of the group, and to mergeAtom, 103:whereby he becomes aware that he is a separated identity, that he is the indwelling impulse withinAtom, 113:longer give his time to the culture of his own identity, but will seek to understand that greaterAtom, 113:but will seek to understand that greater Identity of which he is a part. This is really what allAtom, 149:self-consciousness, nor their own individual identity, and their own spheroidal life remains, butAutobiography, 78:denial; it is the voice of the inner Spiritual Identity saying: Return to your center, or source,Autobiography, 254:have, from their contact with me, ascertained my identity. They have known for years who I am. ButAutobiography, 254:country in the world have speculated upon my identity and many of them have guessed it accurately.Autobiography, 254:distress. After many years of protecting my identity, she made this slip and it has, therefore,Autobiography, 265:(a necessary stage) there is the occult fact of identity with the divine. 3. Esoteric Schools inAutobiography, 268:none of his individualized and particularized identity - he is a dedicated contributor to the Plan,Bethlehem, 56:teachers and saviors, for there is a curious identity in events and occurrences. We have foughtBethlehem, 130:of personal prestige, usefulness or sense of identity. It is not enforced or demanded by the groupBethlehem, 276:conscious of his own responsibility and his own identity; to live for ever because one isDestiny, 35:narrow-minded religious devotees recognize their identity with all other people and express thisDestiny, 35:identity with all other people and express this identity through right relationship, we shall see aDestiny, 47:emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul. This willDestiny, 86:by Leo which ties her to Great Britain through identity of vibration. This France will have toDestiny, 102:energies rightly employed. From the angle of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity ofDestiny, 102:of identity of forces, leading inevitably to identity of interests and activities. From the angleDiscipleship1, XIII:the initials and the disciple. Questions as to identity will not be answered at any time. It is theDiscipleship1, 9:This will happen automatically, if the group identity is the dominant factor in the thoughts ofDiscipleship1, 78:speculative questioning of some of you as to my identity and of spurring others of you on toDiscipleship1, 79:[79] you are already interiorly convinced of my identity. You have not voiced your belief in thisDiscipleship1, 79:to you and hold that I should have withheld my identity, then that too will be revealing and willDiscipleship1, 79:an innate weakness which discovery of my identity will have drawn forth; if you are burdened by theDiscipleship1, 601:particular situation which is simply that of identity. Forget this not, and confuse not the issue.Discipleship1, 601:issue. It is not one of authority. It is one of identity. You are at liberty naturally as aDiscipleship1, 628:wrong sense. This attitude produces a sense of identity and of selfhood which hinders integration.Discipleship1, 691:stimulates them as a group, because they have identity of vision and dedication; this enables them,Discipleship1, 701:This response comes through the recognition of identity of purpose, of origin and of nature, butDiscipleship1, 701:of purpose, of origin and of nature, but not identity in the field of expression. You can see,Discipleship1, 702:other. They are related to each other through identity of vision and of vibration, plus mutualDiscipleship1, 717:unity" lies one to which the name of "isolated identity" is given. It is with this stage we areDiscipleship1, 717:individuality is that of the disciple; isolated identity (with the soul) is that of the disciple upDiscipleship1, 718:of the Aryan [718] consciousness. Isolated identity is related to the Atlantean consciousness, fromDiscipleship1, 718:is a reflection of the will-to-know. Isolated identity is connected with the astral plane, isDiscipleship1, 786:have, from their contact with me, ascertained my identity. They have known for years who I am. ButDiscipleship1, 786:country in the world have speculated upon my identity and many of them have guessed it accurately.Discipleship1, 787:1943 Beacon. After many years of protecting my identity, she made this slip and it has, therefore,Discipleship2, 34:to have you realize the unity of all life, the identity of purpose and the close sense ofDiscipleship2, 209:and demonstrating their past, present or future identity with humanity, the fourth kingdom inDiscipleship2, 227:many world religions, he is still the same great Identity; reflect and speculate upon the possibleDiscipleship2, 284:and when the continuity of awareness and of identity is seen as an aspect of Being. This formulaDiscipleship2, 288:and unclaimed; he must sacrifice his identity in the identity of the Ashram and its workers, andDiscipleship2, 288:unclaimed; he must sacrifice his identity in the identity of the Ashram and its workers, and laterDiscipleship2, 288:of the Ashram and its workers, and later in the identity of his working disciples out in the worldDiscipleship2, 336:the group; this need not involve similarity or identity of location, but must involve similarity ofDiscipleship2, 458:constant communication and possessing identity of goal and of purpose is what the world needsDiscipleship2, 497:learns to preserve his divine sense of "unified identity" whilst merging, at the same time, withDiscipleship2, 642:relinquish in this work the sense of personal identity. Until I give you permission, do not holdDiscipleship2, 660:egoic lotus. Having done this, recognize your identity with all souls who constitute - in theirDiscipleship2, 725:blind obedience but because from free choice and identity of purpose (as far as they can realizeEducation, 25:of separateness, and the illusion of distinctive identity - that illusion which makes us say "IEducation, 26:of the part with the Whole, with no loss of identity but with no recognition ofExternalisation, 16:esoteric bodies will have to proclaim their identity, when the leaders and workers and secretariesExternalisation, 200:nations and between these blocs there would be identity of purpose, unity of effort and theExternalisation, 289:ascertained through right relationship and identity of origin. It is the revelation of the life ofExternalisation, 373:in this ideal necessitates no loss of national identity or individual culture. That must remain andExternalisation, 400:deity, through affirmation of the fact of human identity of nature with the divine, to a belief inExternalisation, 687:with the buddhic vehicle of the Buddha. The identity of the two vehicles is symbolic of the entireFire, 52:annihilation; this involves, not loss of identity, but the cessation of objectivity and the escapeFire, 128:of these analogies lies the source of all, the identity of that Supreme Being Who thus expressesFire, 154:planes and subplanes from losing their material identity. Here we can see the beginning of thatFire, 190:astral plane he finds his brothers note; through identity of emotion he comes to the recognition ofFire, 190:he comes to the recognition of his brother's identity. [191] On the mental plane he begins to findFire, 200:and that of his monad; he recognizes their identity, utilizes their vibration, and passes rapidlyFire, 201:in all its various grades, recognizes his identity in time and space, and for purposes of existenceFire, 218:achieving sudden realization of his essential identity with Those Who utter the words. As the soundFire, 238:the problem as to who that geometrizing [238] identity may be. So the problems persist, and all theFire, 238:and The periodicity of the Universe. The identity of all souls with the Oversoul. When scientistsFire, 240:of an earlier manifestation of the same cosmic Identity, or the relatively perfected quality workedFire, 240:set in motion again by the desire of that same Identity to circle once more the wheel of rebirth.Fire, 252:eventually Their separated identities in the One Identity, retaining simultaneously fullFire, 279:not coordinate, or deduce and recognize separate identity. It resembles human consciousness in thatFire, 279:of mutual attraction is the preservation of identity in cohesion. A human being in objectiveFire, 279:it must be borne in mind that even in cohesion identity is preserved. [280] A Heavenly Man, throughFire, 283:other cells so as to preserve individuality or identity, yet each held to each by a centralFire, 301:race. In order to apprehend even cursorily the identity of manifestation of a planetary Logos in a
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