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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTITY

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Fire, 329:work, activity, and quality, and not in literal identity of form. As time elapses the work of theFire, 353:or the purposeful expression of the realized Identity of some great Self which colors the life andFire, 360:general publication details as to His specific Identity, His number and His scope of consciousFire, 419:and is the basis of the preservation of identity. It distinguishes: [420] The Logos and all formsFire, 420:assertion they are beginning to realize their identity with all other groups. When a planetaryFire, 421:he not only distinguishes between his own identity and the soul, as well as matter in form, but heFire, 436:sphere, a planetary Logos, is conscious of the Identity of that cosmic Existence we call a solarFire, 442:force that expresses itself as a unified Identity in the matter of a plane, and we might thereforeFire, 448:and threefold in manifestation. The fact of the identity of the deva evolution with the essenceFire, 561:matter. The ideas involved are: The Factor of Identity. Specific purpose is the practicalFire, 561:vary according to the nature of the emanating Identity. All thought forms - logoic, planetary, andFire, 571:greater Logos. This does not involve loss of identity, though the matter is too abstruse to expressFire, 571:Of one thing we can be sure, and that is that identity ever remains. Let me explain byFire, 572:we are merged with the whole, we do not lose our identity, but forever remain separated units ofFire, 572:or is. In like manner our Logos loses not His identity, even though He forms part of theFire, 622:Ego, and has with full knowledge established his identity with the Spirit aspect and not withFire, 637:or Agni, considering Him as a self-conscious Identity, the third Person of the logoic Trinity, andFire, 683:body of a planetary Logos and the self-conscious Identity of that planetary Logos Himself. TheFire, 684:of the vehicle. The Ego, or the self-conscious Identity is in essence and in truth Love-Wisdom, butFire, 702:and from this union was born a self-conscious Identity, the Ego. On cosmic levels, an analogousFire, 708:man and his appearance as a self-conscious identity on the physical plane, a working hypothesis isFire, 737:this high state of consciousness each separate identity, though self-realizing, shares in the groupFire, 751:as a part of a group, and not as a separated Identity, as does the ego in the three worlds.Fire, 766:at the heart of the egoic lotus, but this hidden Identity works under law, and in the earlierFire, 771:an outgoing or expansive display of energy. Each Identity concerned proceeds to sound a WORD. ThisFire, 807:of the solar Angels, or the true self-conscious Identity, man. If the student has in any wayFire, 974:a sutratma. It links a man's bodies to the inner Identity, or to that magnetic current which,Fire, 974:magnetic current which, emanating from the true Identity, the solar Logos, connects the Creator ofFire, 1003:it into activity, and a temporary separate identity, thus sending it forth to accomplish itsFire, 1006:matters attended to - desire adjusted and the identity guarded - both the solar Angel and theFire, 1135:passing out of the group soul into separated identity. These types of activity must be regarded asFire, 1136:in physical matter, of a great extra-systemic Identity. Nature is the appearance of the physicalGlamour, 102:dimly senses, not another duality, but a great Identity, a living Unity, which - for lack of aGlamour, 108:today, the astral plane. A growing sense of self-identity which was the awakening soul or self, theGlamour, 110:astral plane. At the same time the sense of self-identity or the consciousness that "I am," isGlamour, 116:that is the fact of the Soul, of the immortal Identity, the Warrior behind the scenes, theHealing, 126:this science of integration whose basic goal is identity with the One Reality, the discipleHealing, 392:into incarnation with no recollection as to the identity or the significance to him of the group ofHealing, 417:of these analogies lies the source of all, the identity of that Supreme Being Who thus expressesHealing, 511:thinking, perceiving, discriminating, analyzing Identity or spiritual Entity. This aspect of theHealing, 546:hate. As yet, the sense of universality and of identity with all is not to be found, except inHealing, 589:divine purpose and unified with Being (as identity and not as a quality), produces the egoic lotus,Healing, 594:is below, but that which is below loses its identity in that which is above," as the Old CommentaryHealing, 679:Sanat Kumara is in Himself the essential Identity, responsible for the manifested worlds, but soHealing, 698:superficial reader that the variation or the identity between the rays of the healer [699] and hisHercules, 68:the initiate, signifying his realization of his identity with the universal soul, and this heHercules, 88:by the Hebrews, because it marks loss of identity, whilst, the early Christians called it "theHercules, 124:when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divine aspects, matter and spirit,Hercules, 205:and to grasp for themselves the nature of that identity which we call the soul. The world settingInitiation, 109:They are merged at that time into one Identity, manifesting different aspects. Suffice it to say,Initiation, 179:recognizes in fact, and not only in theory, his identity with the divine Manasaputra in whose bodyInitiation, 202:based upon: Unity of aim. Oneness of vibration. Identity in group affiliation. Karmic links of longIntellect, 81:have a place here. "The realization of this identity is effected by Yoga, that is, the intimate andIntellect, 94:releasing in their midst of the form of a fourth Identity, whose appearance was like unto that ofIntellect, 189:the fire of Knowledge (realizing its essential identity with the Supreme Light), is delivered fromIntellect, 194:the same assimilation into God, and awareness of identity with God, and the same subsequentIntellect, 194:disappeared. Unity with the Universe, realized Identity with the Whole, conscious awareness of theIntellect, 194:are realized as working smoothly together as one Identity - the Three in One and the One in [195]Magic, 10:whose realization is that of a self-conscious identity. This developed unit has eventually to beMagic, 28:and have led to a refusal to admit the essential identity in nature of these two. The world inMagic, 35:atom of substance and its power to preserve its identity and form, and carry forward its activityMagic, 128:their energies in idle speculation as to my identity. Of what moment is it? My province in relationMagic, 128:will not be broken and speculations as to my identity are fruitless [129] waste of time. Suffice itMagic, 392:existence in form. It is awareness of identity in relation to other identities, and this is equallyMagic, 392:is equally true of God or man. It is a sense of identity, however, which persists only during theMagic, 450:have led to a refusal to admit the essential identity in nature of these two. The world in which weMeditation, 32:permits of contact with other egos, yet retains identity; that merges itself with its fellows, yetPatanjalientirely controlled, there eventuates a state of identity with, and similarity to that which isPatanjali, 51:Lord of the bodies. The Ego The Self-realizing Identity. The Word God in incarnation. AUM The WordPatanjali, 52:became possible through certain factors: The identity of each individual soul with the Oversoul.Patanjali, 56:a newer and fuller way the nature of the inner Identity, of the soul within the form, the son ofPatanjali, 91:entirely controlled there eventuates a state of identity with, and similarity to, that which isPatanjali, 102:aware, in a full sense, of his direct Spiritual Identity. Patanjali, 225:make up the sum total of the expression of any identity, God or man, and the appearance of any manPatanjali, 250:or realization of one's own individual identity, characterizes consciousness in the three worlds.Patanjali, 251:of contemplation or the attitude of the real Identity towards the realm of the soul and can lookPatanjali, 259:lower state of consciousness and realizes his identity with the perceiver, with the thinker on hisPatanjali, 261:[261] object seen excites no response, the true identity is able to perceive that which hasPatanjali, 318:their sense of individuality, of their separate identity; it is this which makes them egos. In thePatanjali, 321:meditated upon interiorly, awareness of one's identity with the spiritual nature and one'sPatanjali, 369:for the fruition of the effects. 9. There is identity of relation between memory and thePatanjali, 394:of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination 9. There is identity of relation between memory and effectPatanjali, 418:entirely controlled there eventuates a state of identity with, and similarity to, that which isProblems, 96:birth, they preserved intact their own racial identity, their own peculiar way of life, their ownProblems, 98:and civilization but retaining a separate identity and not [99] becoming a true part of theProblems, 103:nation but retaining deliberately their racial identity, creating dissension among the nations,Psychology1, 3+4:radiation of the self-conscious spiritual identity which is that of a son of God, appearing throughPsychology1, 35:- Responsiveness. Awareness of identity. Soul. Life - Immutability. Emanation. Cause. Source.Psychology1, 54:in just the same sense as [54] a man is one identity, working sometimes through a physical body andPsychology1, 101:is to comprehend the relationship or the identity of that self with the soul. It is, however, fromPsychology1, 105:for students to endeavor to ascertain His identity. He works through movements and schools ofPsychology1, 111:be occupied with idle speculations as to the identity of the teacher. What matters it who he is?Psychology1, 111:What matters it who he is? Can you prove his identity in one way or another? And of what value isPsychology1, 331:to guard his interests, and to preserve his identity. Through the use of the mind, he begins toPsychology1, 380:emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all souls with the Oversoul, in thePsychology2, 29:with form until it loses itself and its own identity in a higher identification with the AbsolutePsychology2, 31:is so far removed from any individual separate identity that that particular factor has fadedPsychology2, 61:in the power to grow, to reproduce, to preserve identity of some kind, to flower forth into certainPsychology2, 181:will take place automatically as the group identity and integration becomes the dominant thought inPsychology2, 219:to expand his sense of awareness and identity so that the form aspects of life offer no barrier to
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