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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDENTITY

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Psychology2, 267:of the soul, and the soul is the central identity or fundamental focus upon the mental plane of thePsychology2, 324:of the field of knowledge. This soul is the identity which is time-conscious in the true sense ofPsychology2, 390:with the egoic ray, enabling that spiritual Identity which we recognize as standing behindPsychology2, 391:have done their intended work, this spiritual Identity can work in service to humanity and inPsychology2, 416:resolved through the recognition of the physical identity of the animal nature and the uniformityPsychology2, 421:in thought and training his sense of self-identity - all these are sound helps towards thePsychology2, 458:thread is that of another person, or identity - discarnate and most anxious for physical planeRays, 45:yet preserves its own recognized and achieved identity. On this level of pure impersonality and ofRays, 56:OM is such that the personality as a separate identity disappears, the soul emerges in all itsRays, 68:the initiate by himself and in his own essential identity cannot so respond. The individual must beRays, 106:the divine expression: the sense of individual identity and the sense of universality. These areRays, 106:of the aspirant) it is realized that there is no identity apart from universality and noRays, 107:as follows: The evocation of the will involves identity with the larger purpose. The little will ofRays, 168:appear in this easier rule: The idea of complete identity with all other selves. The idea of theRays, 168:wield. Yet this is not so in reality. Where true identity is achieved, there is no sense of thisRays, 292:be seen. Being emerges and union with the One. Identity is known - not on this plane but on thatRays, 310:- that beautiful, intangible, qualitative Identity which has motivated and implemented the man inRays, 341:he is conscious. Only the man whose sense of identity is beginning to expand and become inclusiveRays, 453:in reference to the conscious self-aware Identity, or to the self-contained, self-initiatingRays, 455:- a consciousness which still preserves identity whilst merged in the whole. Another qualificationRays, 502:for one second loses his sense of conscious identity. He is aware of the point of focused tensionRays, 504:The disciple is aware constantly of his own identity. He is conscious of a fixed point of tension.Rays, 505:factors and yet preserves inviolate its own identity. This latter realization is the result ofRays, 707:not mean that they will assert their spiritual identity and claim initiate status. This they couldReappearance, 70:of the divine Mind, as it is embodied in that Identity to Whom we give the name of God. No longerSoul, 82:being, our individual self, the soul. This identity of the Brahman and the atman, of God and theSoul, 102:as 'implanted in the cavity of the heart.' The identity of the atman in us with the atman of theSoul, 120:The following comparative table shows this identity of location. CENTERS - GLANDS Head center -Telepathy, 184:Consciousness is not only the sense of identity or of self-awareness, but it concerns also the
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