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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IDEOLOGIES

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Astrology, 172:experiments and the study of great and basic ideologies; light on the material nature of the worldAstrology, 523:everywhere to be found between the varying ideologies and the major conflict between those whoAutobiography, 7:the struggle that is going on between political ideologies, between capital and labor and theAutobiography, 292:with us; members of all political parties and ideologies are also represented. We work togetherDestinyof Devotion or Idealism, producing the current ideologies. [4] The energy of Ceremonial Order,Destiny, 8:than ever before, and hence the many warring ideologies and hence the fact that - in defense ofDestiny, 9:the entire world is headed in spite of its many ideologies, each fighting with each other forDestiny, 9:oblivious of the important fact that all these ideologies may be temporarily adapted to the groupsDestiny, 9:the communistic regimes. Most of these groups of ideologies have latent in them much beauty,Destiny, 10:a particular ideology would cease fighting other ideologies for he would remember that the accidentDestiny, 11:picture as one of outstanding chaos, of striving ideologies and warring forces, of the persecutionDestiny, 21:that you endeavor to see the three major ideologies with which you have perforce to deal in termsDestiny, 22:world picture. Is it not possible that the ideologies which we have been discussing are theDestiny, 24:which are taking form as the three governing ideologies in the consciousness of the race. OldDestiny, 24:ideologies in the consciousness of the race. Old ideologies still persist; subsidiary schools ofDestiny, 24:and men become victims of the exponents of the ideologies - past, present and future. [25] Destiny, 45:the present conflict of ideas, and the opposing ideologies, and hence also the feud between the oldDestiny, 62:be apparent why the battleground of two great ideologies - the Fascist and the Communistic - hasDestiny, 97:everywhere to be found between the varying ideologies, and the major conflict between those whoDestiny, 108:in conflict, thus producing the differing ideologies. The result of this dualism is the externalDiscipleship1, 453:should emerge out of the present, major, world ideologies. The coming world education and whatDiscipleship2, 203:and following the many different professions and ideologies; it is therefore more trulyDiscipleship2, 295:along political lines and along lines of current ideologies. Even peoples long dormant are nowEducation, 90:United Nations. It has produced the conflicting ideologies which are seeking world expression; itEducation, 99:basic ideals, emerging out of the current ideologies, are beginning to make their impact uponEducation, 103:intended to be exponents of certain great group ideologies - Democratic, Totalitarian, orEducation, 103:Democratic, Totalitarian, or Communistic. These ideologies are, in the last analysis, materializingEducation, 106:which separateness, over-stressed national ideologies, aggressiveness and ambition have engenderedEducation, 108:New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies The World Situation and Ideologies BeforeEducation, 108:Situation and Ideologies The World Situation and Ideologies Before we take up the more technicalEducation, 108:reflect upon the world situation and the world ideologies from the angle of education. I would haveEducation, 109:world chaos; they have produced the conflicting ideologies, and the dramatic emergence of theEducation, 111:New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies As we study the way of man as he gropesEducation, 114:New Age - Chapter IV - The World Situation and Ideologies I dealt with this elsewhere whenEducation, 119:form of idealism - hence the great emerging ideologies. Ponder on this point, get a wider pictureEducation, 125:lines, and as the many ideas and the various ideologies present to him points of choice andExternalisation, 73:activity; and likewise that the three major ideologies (the totalitarian, the democratic, theExternalisation, 75:even disciples to express hatred of persons and ideologies, fostering the hidden seeds of hatredExternalisation, 83:intellectual plans and concepts (the so-called ideologies) upon the mass of the people. Parties,Externalisation, 114:schools have been deemed inadequate and new ideologies bear witness to the strength of the lifeExternalisation, 126:formulation and expression of the great world ideologies - Fascism, [127] Democracy and CommunismExternalisation, 127:by the name of Hitlerism or Nazism. All these ideologies are fostered by the desire of the massesExternalisation, 129:Forces of Light and all other people and their ideologies, with which you may not agree, upon theExternalisation, Esoter:World Picture In the second group of changing ideologies and of reaction to mass need, you willExternalisation, 178:other nations, biased by similar distorted ideologies and equally selfish purposes, stood with theExternalisation, 205:be found among the adherents of all the current ideologies and in political and scientific circles,Externalisation, 212:because I know that all potential theories, ideologies and governments are temporary states andExternalisation, 255:attitude of men is the crying need at this time. Ideologies must go; old ideals must beExternalisation, 285:are engaged with processes of thought and ideologies. What then is the true inner structure ofExternalisation, 407:center of Love and Light. Political and social ideologies and world religions, the Will of God andExternalisation, 409:as they express themselves through major world ideologies, these Approaches of the divine to theExternalisation, 451:decision, and on mental levels to those ideologies which are of benefit to the whole of humanity.Externalisation, 476:or of hate between the exponents of differing ideologies but something far more serious. TheExternalisation, 520:"Fire of God" which brings to an end cycles, ideologies, organizations and civilizations when theExternalisation, 536:a new and comprehensive way, producing the great ideologies; it aroused their massed desire, andExternalisation, 625:quarreling over ideas, religious theories and ideologies, the true assistance of the One HumanityExternalisation, 666:workers, and members of all the differing ideologies which are prevalent in the world today are toExternalisation, 668:belong to no one group of people and to all the ideologies. The chaos produced by indifference, theExternalisation, 677:- have distorted the truth and produced the many ideologies which have wracked the world during theExternalisation, 677:The man in the street today has absorbed ideologies to an unforeseen extent, and the attempt toExternalisation, 678:on, great concepts and new ideas, and the modern ideologies and arguments for and against aspectsExternalisation, 679:chaos and the many conflicting schools and ideologies, with their attendant movements andGlamour, 129:and of social order, as expressed in the newer ideologies. They are powerfully conditioned by theirGlamour, 129:today into major currents and dominating ideologies, and to these every intelligent person mustGlamour, 132:interpreted ideas in the form of limited ideologies has had a sorry effect upon men. They need toGlamour, 134:study is made of the basic foundation of all the ideologies without excepting any, it will beGlamour, 134:expressing themselves through the current ideologies, will serve their [135] purpose and eventuallyProblems, 25:power in government and in determining practical ideologies is rapidly passing into the hands ofProblems, 64:United Nations. It has produced the conflicting ideologies which are seeking world expression; itProblems, 69:world vision; they are conditioned by narrower ideologies, by a greater struggle for nationalProblems, 134:rulers have disappeared in the aftermath of war; ideologies and cherished beliefs have failed toProblems, 134:security. Some seek it in the formation of new ideologies; some look for it along political linesProblems, 169:the people. Now, under cyclic law, political ideologies and national and international planning arePsychology2, 707:the widespread response to widely different ideologies, the economic pressure leading to materialPsychology2, 736:are partisans of certain basic and well-known ideologies which we can roughly divide into thePsychology2, 737:who, under the regimes endorsing the three above ideologies, live, love and seek to understand aPsychology2, 744:three general lines. Between the three major ideologies: the Fascists, the Communistic and thePsychology2, 744:of good will belong to all the nations, groups, ideologies and religions on both sides of thePsychology2, 746:such as attack on persons, peoples, nations and ideologies of force and coercion and of separativeRays, 17:the higher spiritual values, to the trends and ideologies which are everywhere appearing, and toRays, 306:of destruction would be concerned with the major ideologies which down the ages have conditioned orRays, 307:or may [307] condition humanity. These ideologies produce potent effects in the three worlds. ThisRays, 307:races, with world religions and great political ideologies and with social organizations whichRays, 551:work in the emergence today of the great world ideologies. I am necessarily considering theseRays, 579:ideological tendencies of mankind. These world ideologies (of which there are many present in theRays, 580:glamors, thus permitting the new and better ideologies to emerge in the consciousness of the race. Rays, 580:for the world situation at this time; great ideologies, potent groupings of workers and thinkersRays, 580:passing. I cannot here enlarge upon the various ideologies which are presenting themselves to theRays, 581:humanity into a tumultuous awareness of clashing ideologies, which has precipitated a reflectedRays, 581:initiatory energies, which is crystallizing the ideologies present today in the humanRays, 582:of thought, a reaction to imprisoning ideologies, and a fanatical mental adherence to mass ideals,Rays, 583:The sudden and powerful emergence of the world ideologies. A basic transformation within the astralRays, 596:can be seen in the rapid formulating of the many ideologies which have taken place since the yearRays, 597:then talk of ideas, concepts, philosophies and ideologies. When it demonstrates upon the astralRays, 602:for the rapid formation of great conditioning ideologies. This fifth ray energy is the importantRays, 604:for [604] the war was in reality a clash of ideologies and has been far more the result of man'sRays, 610:reactions of humanity and of the current ideologies. It is essential that the issues become stillRays, 611:appears on pages 741-760): The crisis of the ideologies. The awakening of humanity to betterRays, 626:other groups are fighting for their various ideologies and complicating the problem. TheRays, 630:to adopt violently conditioning idealisms and ideologies. It is the idealistic tendency in conflict
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