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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IGNORANTLY

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Discipleship2, 358:groups of disciples are working, blindly and ignorantly at first, but with a growing sense ofEducation, 112:of the life purposes, who act blindly and ignorantly, prompted by selfish desire, by love of powerExternalisation, 546:they do and the plans which they make, so often ignorantly and disastrously. You will note that myFire, 126:that must ensue should man tamper injudiciously, ignorantly or wilfuly with these fires. Should aFire, 622:force, and become a lost soul should he trespass ignorantly, and curiously, into their domain. HeFire, 713:and the man responds to the plan blindly and ignorantly. Later, as evolution proceeds, their workFire, 837:of all, and are responsible for much that is ignorantly termed "black magic." These twoGlamour, 96:and at first well-nigh impossible. Blindly and ignorantly men have to cope with this first pair ofHealing, 712:it is well-intentioned, but the technique is ignorantly applied and the end justifies not theInitiation, 35:many were swept in who fought blindly and ignorantly, being thus overwhelmed with racial karma andMeditation, 92:Dangers arising from the subtle forces that you ignorantly call evil; such dangers consist inMeditation, 121:are all the result of meditation unwisely and ignorantly practiced, the last state of affairs isMeditation, 192:Dark Brothers (or those who tamper with what you ignorantly term the powers of evil) tap forcesPatanjali, 194:itself when in incarnation, and with which it ignorantly identifies itself for long aeons;Psychology1, 315:ray upon which a man may be found. People are as ignorantly excited over being told which is theirPsychology2, 78:stage wherein thought forms are built, at first ignorantly, and then with deliberate selfishness.Psychology2, 539:of the kundalini force - if brought about ignorantly and prematurely - may produce the rapidRays, 576:and the requirements of his soul (as he somewhat ignorantly interprets them) are in constantReappearance, 114:of God be done." (Matt., XXVI, 39.) They say it ignorantly and often hopelessly; nevertheless, itReappearance, 123:psychic powers (today so stupidly approached and ignorantly used), yet these powers (when correctly
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