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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - IGNORE

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Bethlehem, 115:Christ. Some thinkers emphasize His humanity and ignore His divinity. Therein they are surely inDiscipleship1, 512:or critical? Are you prone to see the good and ignore the weaknesses and errors? Is there anDiscipleship2, 42:free from all impediments; it takes courage to ignore frailties which may be present, the tirednessDiscipleship2, 325:These are facts which the Hierarchy cannot ignore, nor do the Masters desire to do so, because itDiscipleship2, 475:to you a problem. I would also ask you to ignore it increasingly, and in the decisions which youDiscipleship2, 701:to your group brothers and to me, even if you ignore them and me and go your own way, followingExternalisation, 621:The only cure for the creeping inertia is to ignore the body and take your joy in the livingness ofExternalisation, 671:and socially - and which will and does basically ignore the spiritual values, putting the State inFire, 1052:which form Their bodies and centers. We must not ignore the three great waves of energy which sweepFire, 1262:upon the cosmic planes. Other vibrations they ignore. They are taught how to insulate themselves soHealing, 192:limitations which today control all forms; they ignore the time factor, and overlook theHealing, 270:that point, and it is no part of my program to ignore the wise discoveries of modern medicalHealing, 279:approach to the problem of healing, they ignore the beneficent aspects of developed medicalHealing, 355:to this end, you have to cultivate the power to ignore the outer forms and to concentrate on theHealing, 396:present mediumistic performances which simply ignore the man who is dead and give to the enquirerHealing, 526:usual so-called metaphysical healer is apt to ignore. Healers will be divided eventually into twoMagic, 313:into a brotherhood of humanity which will ignore all racial and national differences and will [314]Problems, 108:to benefit from the presented conditions and to ignore that which is evil and undesirable, thePsychology2, 745:- which are synthetic and eternal - and ignore all outer barriers, and separative differences inReappearance, 168:The only cure for this creeping inertia is to ignore the body and take your joy in the livingnessSoul, 73:the opposite side the materialists, striving to ignore the self or to regard it as a phantom, or
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